Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favourite Day

Happy Monday! You might think I’m nuts, but Monday is my favourite work day of the week. I find I’m most productive and it tends to go by quickly. Although my oats tasted great today, they did not look it! Check it out. IMG_1162
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain oats
-honey pecan spread & almond butter
-kefir IMG_1159
Ugly, yes, but satisfying, too!

One of the girls at the office hosted an Italian bridal shower for her sister over the weekend and brought loads of the leftover cookies in to share. DOH! I had these 2 plus one more that missed the photo shoot. IMG_1163
It was pretty hard to resist them all day because they were all the types of cookies that I grew up with and haven’t had in some time. I managed to stay away, though!

Seeing as I munched those treats I decided to eat my fruit salad before hitting up the gym: IMG_1165
This is the end of it, but it was so good that I made another batch when I got home from work! It was yoga day in the gym today so I decided on a ½ hour jog (6mph) and a 10 minute incline walk (4mph, 7% incline). This way I was out of their way in good time.

Time: 40 minutes
Avg Hr: 164
Max Hr: 183
Calories Torched: 442
Distance: 3.59 miles

I’m sorry to make you look at chilli again, but I promise this is the end of it! IMG_1166
My hubby took a big bowl for his lunch, too! That didn’t quite satisfy me so I had some almonds, too: IMG_1167 IMG_1168

Dinner was inspired by what Andrea had for dinner last night. She roasted asparagus wrapped in bacon and served it over a bed cheesy polenta. I had no bacon but I did have asparagus and polenta! I used 2 wedges of LC cheese in my polenta and also grilled a chicken breast. Kale chips brought up the side: IMG_1171

Yumma! Dessert was an “Erica” granola bar: IMG_1172

I went to a make up Pilate’s class tonight. It was brutal! I’ve never had this instructor before and she was like a drill sergeant. Not only did I work hard, but there was this young little thing beside me wearing white tights. During one set of moves (which took 15mins) I had the misfortune of discovering that she had no underwear on. Really? Really?! Some of the positions we contort ourselves into require underwear!! Good Lord.

I’ve just finished another bowl of fruit salad with a side of Greek yogurt with a little apple cinnamon honey swirled in. The picture’s not too good, but here ya go! IMG_1173

I’m off to watch Dirty Jobs, then bedtime! Catch ya all tomorrow!

Bye for now!


  1. underwear? Who wears no underwear when doing any type of physical activity? That is just wrong!

    Your fruit salad looks so so good. I want to make some tomorrow.

    Love your blogger inspired dishes!! I swear 3/4 of my meal ideas come from daily blog reading ;) Have a great night

  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no undies! I would have seriously taken offense! I wouldn't wanna see that during any form of physical activity lol. Some people are too free.

    Eats look good as usual...especially that polenta. mmm.

  3. no underwear? that girls must have been trip'n on something to forget that!

    the fruit salad looks great, as do those cookies!

  4. haha oh gah no undies! OH NO!!!
    girl LOVE your dinner-and mondays are my fav too! YAY FOR MONDAYS

  5. no underwear??? woooo!!! that's wild!!!

  6. oh that fresh fruit looks so good!

  7. I'm a fruit salad junkie, and next week I think I'll make more. It's like a drug to me. I guess if that's the extent of my addictions I'm doing ok!

    I have a hard time resisting baked goods at work. there haven't been too many lately, probably because of the overload at x-mas, but they're sure to show up in the summer as people will bake on their holidays. YIKES!

  8. Italian cookies are SO hard to resist :-)

  9. Nice job getting in all those fresh fruit salads!

  10. Pilates: Underwear Required! Yikes!

    The fruit salad looks so fresh and delicious!! I'm loving your meals! ANd great job on the workout. I love Monday too!

  11. Aww Krista! And thank you for the shout out, love!!

  12. I never want to find out the underwear status of a person by being shown up front and in person. However, it tends to happen a lot in a sorority house haha :)

  13. No need to apologize--that chili always looks delicious!

  14. Even though Mondays are usually my least favorite day, I have to admit that they do seem to go by pretty fast! That fruit salad looks divine, Krista!

  15. I am totally cracking up at the "young thing in white tights". So unfortunate for you, and yet a funny story. Some people just don't think about things eh?


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