Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dessert For Breakfast

I made myself a seriously decadent dessert, I mean breakfast, this morning!

Noggy Blueberry Bread Pudding

-2 slices WW bread
-1/2 cup blueberries
-1 Tbsp agave
-1/4 cup egg Beaters
-1/2 cup Vitasoy Hollynog
-1 tsp cinnamon

*Preheat oven to 375 degrees
*break bread into pieces and place in a greased oven proof casserole
*combine all other ingredients in a bowl and pour over bread
*bake for 30-35 minutes

Seriously good stuff! After my food had a chance to digest a bit, I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill. The HRM worked much better this time around-thanks for the tips! I wet the band a little more and tightened up the wrist strap. Voila! No pauses in recording! Here are my stats:

Time: 35:10
Time in Zone: 34:37
Avg HR: 170
Max HR: 180
Calories burned: 349

I hopped off and played about 10 minutes of the Outdoor Challenge on the Wii with the kids to cool down. By the time I had a shower and put my face on, it was lunch time! Seems like a really fast morning!

Lunch was pretty much a repeat of yesterday-stir fry. The only differences today were that I added a bit of left over chicken breast to the tofu and used mango chutney instead of the pomegranate one.

Very tasty, indeed! I also ate a medjool date filled with almond butter for a bit of a sweet end. Not photo, though!

It wasn’t long after lunch was done that my brother brought my niece and nephew by for a visit. The kids pulled the outdoor challenge back out and had a good time with it. After they left, we decided to hit the rink for some public skating. We haven’t been yet this year because DS is on the ice every Saturday & Sunday, but there’s a big tournament on in town this weekend so there was no hockey. Now, I don’t skate very well at all. Both my kids can lap me with their eyes closed and my hubby has been playing hockey since he was 5, but he learned to skate at the age of 3. I am SO jealous because they make it seem so easy and I just can not get the hang of it. I do try my hardest because I really want to get good, but after 20 minutes today, my feet were positively SCREAMING at me. I actually wanted to get on my hands and knees and crawl off the ice they hurt so badly. Fortunately for me, my hubby tried out his brand spanking new skates today, so he was off the ice not long after I was. It never felt so good to get my (fake) Ugg’s back on!

Once home, I made a frothy cup of java...

Then I parked my rear end on the couch to watch some tube. I wish I had thought to bring my camera in the room with me because Pepper and Charlie decided to curl up in my lap for a nap! WAHOO….2 of them have finally made nice. My older cat is coming along…he’s stopped hissing, anyways!!

My hubby and the kids decided that they wanted a store bought lasagna for dinner so I nuked a ravioli Smart Ones frozen dinner and ate that with a half cup of steamed edamame. I'll admit to a few bites of the store bought one...usually, I find that they taste horrible, but this one wasn't too bad!

PHEW….filling meal! No sweet end for me just yet! Maybe later. My parents should be arriving shortly for a visit and then I plan to watch Canada play at the Juniors. We have a ferocious team this year!! Hope you all enjoy your Staurday evening, no matter what you have on the go!

Bye for now!!


  1. I so want your breakfast. How can you go wrong with a bread pudding for breakfast? I mean really! It's almost incentive to buy eggs or egg whites! HA!

    And I'm jealous of your public skating - mostly because I haven't been on the ice myself since the summer. It makes me sad, and almost want to go public skating, but then I remember how much I don't like it.

    Enjoy the game. GO CANADA!!

  2. May I come over for breakfast????? :-D

    Ahh, hope your feet feel 100% better!!

    Have a lovely Saturday evening!!

  3. Ow- that breakfast looks so good! A lot of breakfasts are kind of like desserts- I mean muffins are really cupcakes without frosting, right? hehe.

    Sounds like you had a great/atheletic day! I haven't been ice skating in forever!

    Love the edamame with dinner- so good!

    Have a nice night ;)

  4. That breakfast is AMAZING! I need that in my life asap!

  5. That is the best breakfast ever!

    I LOVE froth!

  6. Ok, your breakfast needs to be my breakfast! I am saving this recipe for a dreary winter day. In other words, you should expect me to make it sometime very soon ;o)

  7. woooooo..... your breakfast looks amazing!!!! really good way to begin the day :D

  8. That breakfast is BEAUTIFUL. Love it.

    I always have bites of the store bought whatever it is that my family is eating too, even when I make my own dish. I just need to try a nibble!

  9. I chose your bread pudding for the Holy Yum award. Hope you don't mind me stealing the pic. Feel free to display and/or share about your award. Congrats!

  10. This looks so good, how many points is the bread pudding?

  11. I want to be at your house for breakfast!! Wow... that looks amazing


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