Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009….In Pictures

I thought I’d put a picture post together on some highlights of our year. ENJOY!!


We celebrated DS’s 7th birthday. He chose Burger King for the party and had a blasty of a day with some school friends! jan


My hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day at a fund raising dinner dance with my parents ; feb


This is the month that I turned 35! 100_4592

And the kids and I spent the March break enjoying a few adventures that included a trip to the museum. march mar


DS started his ball hockey season in which his team won the championship! april


This was a big month. My hubby and I had our 11th wedding anniversary. I do have a photo, but I can’t get it to download! DD also turned 10. She celebrated with a sleepover: may2

And a pie in the face!! may1

May is also the month I had my first blogger meet up with Angela from Oh She Glows.



This month saw DD perform in her 6th dance recital: june1

And my second blogger meet up with Ruth from Plentiful Plants.



We participated in Jessica’s Footprint, a fund raiser for childhood brain tumour research. july1

We also bought our Jeep. july


Blogger meet up #3!!! Erin was a lot of fun and I was pretty happy to have had the chance to catch up with her on her trip to Toronto!



DS and his hockey team had fun with a few fundraisers including this beer bottle one.


DD competed in 3 cross country races:



This month saw me dress as a hockey player for Halloween. Apparently I did a great job in looking like a guy!! oct


DS played in his first hockey tournament.



I participated in Project Feed Me collecting food for our local food bank: Project Feed Me dec

And Santa arrived much to the kidlinks pleasure! nov1 nov

And there you have my 2009! Hope you enjoyed the recap!!

Bye for now!!


  1. You have the coolest family! You have such a young body, face, and spirit--I would have never guessed you were 35. Cheers to being healthy, huh?

  2. Fantastic post, Krista, you and your fam are so much fun! It looks like it was a wonderful year, and here's to 2010 being even better! :)

  3. Krista your kiddos are adorable! It looks like you had so much fun in 2009!

  4. This post was AMAZING! And not just because I was in it ;) I loved seeing the recap. Your family is such a special part of your blog. How hot is your husbnd?! Wowza.

  5. What a great post! I love remembering all these things you and your family did this year!!!

  6. Looks like you've had a fabulous year, Krista! :)

  7. awww 2009 was such a great year for you AND for you and your fam!

    love the hockey pictures! so intense :) hopefully we'll see him in the NHL someday!

  8. That beer bottle picture cracks me up! Looks like a great 2009 - hope you have an even better 2010 :)

  9. I swear one year I am totally ASKING for a pie in the face for my birthday.

    Loving all the pictures. You have the most adorable kids and you make one ANGRY and super convincing hockey player. IMPRESSED!

    Happy 2010 Krista!

  10. What a truly great looking year! Good luck for 2010--I can't wait to see what you and your family do this year :-)


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