Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Toy

Is everybody enjoying the weekend so far? Hope so!! My day included a little bit of hockey, a little bit of shopping and a little bit of relaxing. Nice. I went with a tropical themed breakfast this morning in an effort to banish the cold weather that we’ve been having. GEDC7469

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • banana
  • crushed pineapple
  • dorset cereal
  • shaved coconut GEDC7468

I had some time to chill before we needed to leave for hockey practice. It was nice to be able to sit around for a bit. I dropped the fam off at the rink and hit the grocery store to stock up on some items that the stores on my end of town don’t carry. By far the best deal was $1.00 Clif Bars! YEAH! GEDC7473

We got home from the rink around 1:30 which gave me enough time to whip up a quick lunch before heading out to the mall with DS to buy party supplies for tomorrow. I toasted a WW bagel and topped it with some Allegro cheese, egg whites and hot sauce. A few BBQ flavoured mini rice cakes also made it on my plate: GEDC7474

After we were done gathering mini sticks, balls, packs of gum, etc, I made my way to Blacks to purchase my new toy. And boy am I ever excited to use it! Let me introduce you to my brand new, shiny purple Canon Power Shot SD980 IS camera!!! GEDC7476

WAHOO! I used it for some random shots before I put it on the charger and so far it seems to take great pictures. I can’t wait to test it out in different situations.

The fam had lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread for dinner tonight. I went with 1/2 a roasted kabocha that was topped with tomato sauce, salt, pepper, parmesan and herb seasoning and grated Allegro cheese. GEDC7478 I also had a small garden salad on the side that was dressed with some white balsamic vinegar and a tiny piece of garlic bread. GEDC7479

T’was a great meal!

So, today’s my Mom’s b-day and the ‘rents will be here soon. That means I must disconnect and get her present ready to go! I also have grab bags to assemble a little later on. What a Saturday night! ;)

Bye for now!!


  1. SWEEEEET!!!! I love purple!! It's gorgeous, Krista. Canon ALL THE WAYYYY!!!!!!!! Your life will never be the same :)

  2. oh what a great looking bagel sandwich - so creative!

  3. What a cool, new toy! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. wow what a great dinner!!!

  5. it's such a pretty camera... i've never seen it purple.... really nice! and that kabocha ......mmmmmmm...... I can smell it!!!

  6. I think CLIF bars are one of the best bars to fill you up--awesome that they were only a buck! That camera rocks, and the color is gorgeous! I really like Canons, but I have a Nikon now. Have fun with it!

  7. Have fun playing with your new camera. I love playing with mine, taking pictures are so fun!

  8. Your dinner looks sooooo gooooood!!! I'll have to try to replicate that! I love that cute shell-shaped bowl!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!!

    Awwww thanks love, yes I am so proud of him!! He is a great kid!!!

    U must try seaweed salad and when you do, let me know what you think!!

    Have a great day!! The camera you got rocks, love the color!!!


  10. oh my gawwd that acorn squash looks INSANE!!! make me one nowww

  11. I bought the Clif&Luna bars that were a $1 too! Superstore anyone?


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