Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Allegro Cheese – My Review

Recently I was the very lucky recipient of a box full of Allegro cheese for my family and I to sample. 100_8047_thumb[1]

Over the past week we have had the pleasure of taste testing all 4 varieties. We tried each cheese “as is” as well as using it in sandwiches, salads, meals, etc. Below you will find the Krista’s Kraving’s households thoughts and opinions. Read on…

4% Cheese Slices


These individual slices were very handy come sandwich making time. They’re cut to perfectly fit a slice of bread or bun. They had a nice, distinct flavour that reminded DD of Swiss cheese. The kids actually enjoyed eating them right out of the package. My only complaint here is with the packaging, not the cheese itself. Each slice is separated by waxed paper….. 100_8123

….which is a great idea, but I found the pieces of paper to be smaller than the slices of cheese so they were hard to pull apart without the cheese ripping. This is nothing that would prevent me from buying the product, though.

RATING: 4/5 (and only because if the dividers, not the actual cheese)

4% Probiotic Block


We all found this block to be very, very similar to mozzarella. It has a nice “chewy” consistency…rubbery, but in a good way! 100_8090 It’s mild enough to be eaten alone, but would also be wonderful with an apple or cut into cubes and added to a cheese platter. It grated beautifully: 100_8091

And although I don’t have a photo, it melts nicely, too. I plan to use it on pizza in the future! This one received 2 thumbs up from all 4 of us!


7% Probiotic Soft


This one was my personal favourite! I love brie and this was just like it. I was delighted by the smooth, creamy centre that contrasted perfectly with the firmer rind. 100_8114 Again, this was mild in flavour and would pair well with both sweet and savoury. It’s also soft enough to spread if the rind is removed. 100_8115


4% Probiotic Herbs and Spices


Have you ever tried Havarti with herbs? That what this cheese reminded me of. YUM! As with the mozzarella block, this one grated and melts like a charm. It’s another that would go very well on an appetizer tray. Cheese and crackers? You bet! Because it has a strong flavour, you’d probably want to pair it with something on the milder side. Ham, turkey, roast beef and eggs would all go well. 100_8181


So, how does Allegro compare cost wise with other cheeses? I found that it was slightly more expensive, but considering that I have trouble digesting lactose, I wouldn’t personally blink an eye at a few cents. I also found the quality of the cheese to be excellent.

I hope this review perks your interest and makes you want to try this brand out. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed! I want to thank Melanie again for the opportunity to try these different brands of Allegro cheese.

Bye for now!!


  1. Oh that's SO fun that you got to try CHEESE! YUM! :)

  2. what a great cheese review girl :) if i loved cheese i would be all about this!

  3. Great care-pacakge there. The soft cheese really looks divine. Too bad I've been avoiding dairy these days!

  4. YUM! I have seen taht cheese befoer and it looks so good!! thanks for the reviews, krista!

  5. I LOVE cheese! Allegro cheese sounds really good! Glad you all liked it! :)

  6. This cheeses seem to be popping up more and more lately. They had samples at the grocery store the other day. I had an herbed one. I was impressed! Might just have to buy some next time.

  7. Lucky you, these all look incredible! That brie-type cheese would probably be my fav too! :)

  8. Oh wow, all of those cheeses look phenomenal! So many possibilities of how to use em'. Thanks for doing such a in-depth review :o)

  9. Do you know where to buy this cheese is the Vancouver, BC area?


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