Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catered Lunch

Halleluiah….It’s Thursday. Which means tomorrow is FRIDAY! Bring it on. These early mornings are killing me for some reason this week and I am so ready for a sleep in come Saturday. 100_8200
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-chocolate honey
-pecans 100_8199
Thursday = yoga in the gym so no workout for me. All worked out perfectly, though because work held a staff lunch so I went to that. For $7.00 we were served a winter harvest soup which included ingredients such as bacon, zucchini, carrots, rice, tortellini, kale, etc: 100_8204
There were fresh WW honey buns: 100_8203
And a mixed fruit cup. 100_8205
I ate these items in stages as I had to run a few errands over lunch. I brought my thermos to keep my soup hot and ate the bun on my way to the store. When I got back to my desk I enjoyed the soup and later in the afternoon, the fruit. The food was homemade, fresh and delicious, but I thought the servings a wee bit meagre for the money. No regrets, though!

Other eats over the course of the day were: 100_8206 100_8201 100_8202
When I got home from work I spied a parcel on the table for me. I knew it had to be the goodies that Allie sent me for a little blogger exchange we did. She was nice enough to agree to send me some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea (which I can not find in Canada!) and included many more awesome items! 100_8192
Sorry for the less than stellar picture! I was pretty excited to see 3 seasonal Clif bars, a Kind bar, a Gnu bar and lotsa teas! I couldn’t hold the camera steady. THANKS, Allie!

Dinner was a rushed affair again. DD had skating lessons from 5:30-6:20 and DS had a game across town at 6:30. I baked some chicken burgers for the fam and heated myself some quinoa stew with a toasted Ezekiel muffin on the side: 100_8207

I only ended up eating half of the stew and the second piece of bread got a coating of jam for the road. :/ I popped into the grocery store while DD was on the ice and grabbed a pack of these to eat at the rink for dessert: 100_8208

Oh boy…do I love these! I haven’t had any in years so they were a fabulous treat. Before I go, here’s a photo of DD at her lesson. 100_8215

See the concentration? LOL!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hooray the package arrived!! In a week exactly--wahoo! Shaking with excitement, huh?! :) I hope you enjoy all the goodies especially the SCSR tea!

    Oh the teal teas are instant green you can mix it with a bottle of water. I usually add some stevia too but it's fine without sweetener too.

    Maltesers remind me of London.

  2. Yummy eats, Krista! Especially that soup from lunch...delish! Your package from Allie looks great! And it's so much fun to get stuff in the mail!

  3. Wow thats a pretty impressive meal for a work lunch, definitely jealous! have a great friday and weekend Krista!!!

  4. How is that chocolate spice tea? I have been eyeing it for months! I also really want to try 4'Oclock Tea's Chocolate Earl Grey
    Berry flavor!!

  5. that soup looks great, love soups that have a lot ingredients and a touch of meat! :D

  6. what a great blogger package! and i love that chocolate honey! it sounds amazing (and looks it too!)

  7. Hi!
    i bought a bunch of the celestial seasonings holiday teas at christmas, including the sugar cookie sleigh ride on ebay! ( see what us canadians have to do to get our tea! ) i have an extra box if you'd like it! i also a few other flavours too :)

  8. What a great lunch spread! At my work we would have got pizza....not nearly as good as your soup and roll!


  9. Yayy for fun blogger exchanges! Allie is a sweetheart. Love the worky lunch (although I agree, seems a little light for $7)- the fruit looks especially delicious! I hope you get in lots of rest this weekend--I need a bundle too!

  10. Looks like a fun package you recieved! I find it odd I could not find sugar cookie sleigh ride tea either. My grocery store carried all of the other holiday tea flavors!

  11. what a great package! yay for the seasonal clifs! they are delish!!! my fav is the pumpkin spice :)

  12. I was highly anticipating the weekend for some SERIOUS sleep too--early mornings definitely catch up with you--I just gotta keep fueling up with good food, and it looks like you have been doing the same! :-)

  13. oh I haven't tried pecans in my oats yet - great idea!

  14. Hey.. thanks for the 'welcome' back! ;) As always everything looks sooo good.. yum! I love those malt balls too.. they are just TOO good! I tend to stay away 'cause I can inhale an entire pkg in about 30 seconds flat.. haha!!

  15. aww yummy work lunch! whenever you talk about yoga it always reminds me that i reallly need slash want to take a yoga class :)

    have a great weekend girl!


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