Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Achy and Stiff

Let’s just begin by saying that after yesterday’s strength sesh in the gym and 2 killer Pilate’s classes I got out of bed very gingerly this morning. Oh, the pain!!! You know its bad when it hurts to sit down….and get up! LOL! At least my kids were entertained by my hobbling about this morning! IMG_0477
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-peaches & blueberries
-International Delights French vanilla coffee “creamer” IMG_0476
This breakfast was 100% pain free!

I ploughed my way through a stack of paperwork at my desk this morning. I was happy to see the back end of it! There was no delicious food in the staff kitchen like yesterday so I broke around noon and ate a Clif Bar for a snack: IMG_0478

Regardless of my aching muscles, I went to the gym at lunch. Not sure if that was smart or not, but I just did cardio so I’m thinking no harm was done. First I did a 12.5min walk at 4mph with a 7% incline, then I ran for 12.5minutes at 6pmh with a 1% incline. Lastly, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 more heart pumping minutes. And I made sure to stretch really good at the end.

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 164
Max Hr: 182
Calories Torched: 500
Distance: 4.3 miles (combined)

Lunch was not only tasty, but filling. I brought some egg whites which I nuked and then set between a sliced Ezekiel English muffin which had a nice layer of goat’s milk brie on it: IMG_0480 IMG_0481

Later on in the day I ate a bowl of mixed fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, grapes and honeydew). I had been looking forward to this all day! IMG_0482
I swear there’s honeydew under there!! I’ve been buying the trays of pre cut fruit the past few weeks because I’m WAY more likely to eat it if it’s already been prepped for me. Obviously I need my very own sous chef! LOL!

Dinner came early once again as we all had to be out the door shortly after 5pm. DS had hockey practice and then right after it was to the church for his First Reconciliation. My hubby helped coach again and then stayed at the complex with DD for her swimming lesson. Tired yet??? HA! All I wanted was pancakes so I made a batch using a hungry girl recipe. I had no dairy so I used a tbsp of almond butter in place of the cottage cheese. To top them off I used PB2 and chopped hazelnuts. The pancakes also had blueberries folded in: IMG_0483

I’m glad I went ahead and made these because they were SO satisfying. I grabbed the last 2 vegan chocolate chip cookies for the road…


At hockey practice tonight all the boys had Canadian flags taped to their helmets. DS informed me they did that to show some Canadian pride! Love it. Here are a few shots he let me take!

IMG_0495 IMG_0494

I dragged him off the ice at 6 so he could change and head to the church. The rink and church are practically side by side which is why he got to go on the ice at all. The kids behaved well which can be tough at 8. They sang a few cute songs before meeting individually with the priest. I took a few picture’s but they’re fuzzy and he looks possessed! See for yourself… IMG_0498

LOL! He really does enjoy singing and it’s a pleasure to watch him. My hubby and DD aren’t home from the pool yet so DS and I are watching Aliens in the Attic again. It’s a pretty cute movie so I don’t mind. I’m feeling really wiped out so I think it’s gonna be an early bedtime for me. Here’s to hoping I’m not so stiff in the morning!

Bye for now!!


  1. oh my gosh! What a long day! Isn't a little (good) pain the next day awesome? Makes it feel like its REALLY working ;) What a lunch! goat’s milk brie?? oh my gosh that sounds awesome. I love doing brinner! I just had eggs! Get some rest!

  2. I haven't been achy and stiff in a long time. Something is telling me that I need to challenge myself a bit more... ;) Hope you'll be less stiff tomorrow! :)

  3. Sorry about your achy and stiff're right, it's the worst when it hurts to even sit down, lol! I hope you're feeling better soon! By the way, I started using a little flavored coffee creamer on my oats like you do -- fantastic idea, Krista! I love it!

  4. aww the boys are so cute with their maple leafs!

  5. I so need a sous chef! I would eat so much better if I had someone prepping everything. I hate the prep process.

  6. I kind of love the muscle pain, this means it's working :) I just started my abs challenge, haven't felt anything yet.. waiting :)
    pancakes for dinner? woooo... I bet they're good!

  7. What is first Reconciliation? Is that first confession? I was so nervous for that.

    I have mega Cuisinart blender, and without it I don't think I could make the baby's. It gets pretty warm, and I have to hold on to it so it doesn't shake of the counter at first! I can understand why one would smoke.
    The beets are candy cane, yes. Their real name is Chioggia. They're an heirloom and I think they're one of the prettiest veggies in my garden, next to the Atomic Red carrot. I'm pumped for garden season!

  8. Aliens in the Attic is such a cute movie!! Love it!!!!

    Oh I love hungry girls recipes as you know, pancakes for dinner sound amazing, one of my other friends on another blog had amazing pancakes for dinner last night also!! Was it pancake dinner night and nobody told me? lol!

    Ginger Products are so good! I dont know how Im using the peanut sauce I got yet, a stir fry dish Im sure!!

    U would like Kombucha! It does look scary but its good and you even get a little buzz from it! score!!!

    Love ya! xoxo

  9. Your meals look delicious! I love breakfast for dinner- especially pancakes!
    I eat Ezekiel english muffins all the time because they are so thick and hearty! I would love to try the goat's milk brie and egg combo!

  10. I used to get SO unbelievably sore from volleyball--glad those days are over!!!

    I love seeing the fresh fruit, it gives me spring fever!! :-)

  11. i used to get soo sore from cheerleading! like stunting and tumbling..its hard on the body!
    mm love those pancakes! ahh!

  12. you are a busy bee! :) Such a great idea to add coffee creamer to your oats.. bet it gives them an amazing flavor. Happy almost Friday!

  13. I've never had peaches in my oats but it looks great!


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