Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Days of Goodies

Hello, hello! Well, I took a food blogging break yesterday to post a Green Pan product review so we have some eats to catch up on today. Ready, set….GO!!

I had brunch plans with the girl’s yesterday morning but knew my belly would never make it until 11am without something in it so I whipped up a strawberry kefir smoothie: IMG_0428
In this gem we have 1 cup thawed strawberries, 1 tsp of honey and 1 cup kefir. This was the perfect choice in that it kept the hunger at bay but didn’t fill me up so much that I didn’t enjoy my eats.

I love meeting with my girls! The 4 of us used to work together but have since all gone our separate ways. We try to get together for some type of meal every few months. One Chiquita now lives in MI so weekends are obviously best for her. We met at a popular breakfast joint known for its good food and I was not disappointed in the least with my meal. I started out a bit luxurious with a chai tea latte: IMG_0429
OMG is all I have to say about how good this was. Then I went a bit “healthier” with 2 poached eggs, rye toast and a fruit cup. IMG_0430
Good food + good company = a great Sunday morning!

I had about an hour to myself before the fam came home from the farm and my brother came over with my niece and nephew. It was so good to see the kids again…it’s been FAR too long. The kids *just* traded Christmas presents! Granted, they live 2hrs away so such is life sometimes. Better late than never, right? It was warm enough on my deck yesterday (it’s protected from the wind and was 15*C!!) that the kids pulled out the patio cushions and hung out. IMG_0442
LOL! It was wonderful for them to get some fresh air instead of being cooped up inside.

My babes requested pasta for dinner once our company was gone and I had no issues with making such an easy meal seeing as I had a container of sauce in the freezer ready to go! I plated myself 1 cup of high fibre pasta (10g!!!!) and a half cup of marinara. A little freshly grated parm was the finishing touch! IMG_0445
While the pasta was cooking a small piece of pizza from Saturday mysteriously ended up in my hand! IMG_0443
Love cold pizza!

Aside from a few random pieces of chocolate and 2 cookies at my parents place, that’s all she wrote for food on Sunday! I watched The Amazing Race and Criminal Minds while my hubby watched the hockey game. In light of the outcome, I’m glad I skipped it. Meh.

The kids were off school today for a PD day so the usual morning routine was a bit more relaxed. DS spent the day at hockey camp (surprise, surprise) and DD went to the sitter for the morning and then spent the afternoon with my Mom. Lucky bums!

Not only was my breakfast scrumptious today, but it stayed with me forever! I wasn’t even really hungry by 12:30pm! Here’s the deets: IMG_0447
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-warmed up strawberries IMG_0446
Oh lala! And I may not have been very hungry, but there’s always room for chocolate, right? ;) IMG_0448

There was a yoga class in the gym today and I’m late lunch (12:30) so I couldn’t make it in. I went home instead and did a load of laundry. Fun times. The weather today is as crappy as yesterday was nice! Check out my windshield when I got into the Jeep to go home: IMG_0449

Once the laundry was doing its thing I re heated Saturday’s homemade pizza and showed it who was boss: IMG_0450
I picked the bacon off and fed it to my oldest cat who deemed me his BFF….until there was no more bacon, that is! But shhh….my hubby doesn’t like when I feed the cats “people” food! LOL!

Later on in the day I munched my way through a bowl of mixed fruit: IMG_0451

The boys were at hockey from 4:30 until 6 so after I came home from getting DD at my parents place I made a very quick, simple dinner. There was some leftover potatoes, onions and pan juice from Thursday’s pork tenderloin so I popped that into a pan with a bit of water and set a few haddock fillets in to poach. Edamame added colour to the plate. IMG_0452

Here’s dessert!


Can you believe I’m still eating this???? Thank God it’s almost gone! I just got back from picking DD up from dance class. The roads are pretty slick so I’m happy to be off them. I just made a coconut chai tea latte to sip while relaxing on the couch. I used 1 cup of USVAB, 1/2 a cup water and this tea: IMG_0456

Love. Anyways, I’m gonna sign off for now. Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!!

Bye for now!


  1. Your Sunday brunch looks incredible, Krista! But I have to say that your strawberry oats look equally amazing! I agree 100%...there's always room for a little chocolate! ;)

  2. What a good idea to have a smoothie before brunch. I would have probably skipped breakfast and then splurged at brunch. Not a good choice. There's that darn banana cake again!

  3. sounds like a good 2 days of eats! We got alot of snow here too. Bummer :( I just did a review of gypsy coconut chai tea on my bloggie! It's so good eh!? I love it!

  4. bahhh! look at that pizza!!! i want to steal it off the screen!

    and what fun w/ your girls! i always love getting together with my friends after we haven't seen each other in a long time! they like to see me because i bring them cookies/baked goods. haha.

  5. Are you rooting for jeff and jordan? cause I am :).

  6. love your spirit in this post, so positive and cheerful, just what I need to read! ;)
    good food, good company is the best way to celebrate Sunday morning! ;)

  7. Cold pizza = YUM!! Glad you had a great brunch, woohoo for the chiquita living in MI :)

    Hope you guys didn't get the snow we did. It's gross!! Have a good Tuesday!

  8. Brunch is seriously my favorite meal! A great time to catch up and enjoy good eats. The latte looks fabulous. Can't believe how thick the ice looks on the jeeps windshield! Great fresh fruit yesterday- makes me want to run out and buy some pineapple. Deliciousness. Hope your Tuesday is going well

  9. The kiddies lounging on the deck is so adorable. You make motherhood seem like so much fun :) The healthy 'n' hearty bfast you ordered looks does the kefir smoothie (of course).

  10. your breakfast out looks wonderful!

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  12. there is nothing like cold pizza!! the kids are so cute out on the porch!! LOL

    that breakfast..YUM!

  13. That leftover pizza looks SO good. Cold pizza is the best. Homemade makes it even better!

    And warmed up strawberries are SO decadent, I need to make that one of my oatmeal toppings asap!

  14. Spagetti really is such a simple meal, yet it never fails to satisfy, especially with some garlic bread on the side--yum!!

    I cannot wait for spring to get ample doses of fresh air & sunshine. Only a couple more months!


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