Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bar Review and Valentine Day Treats

I had another great sleep last night. That’s 2 in a row! Go me! Actually, the whole day was super productive which leaves me feeling satisfied. I revisited an old favourite for breakfast this morning: IMG_0241
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-chocolate PB2
-carob chips & walnut pieces IMG_0240
I lapped this up with pleasure! :D

I ate a Sencha Green Tea Bar in “Morning Lychee” this a.m. before hitting the gym: IMG_0244
-at first I was very hesitant because I’ve never tried a lychee fruit before and the smell kinda threw me off. I couldn’t quite place it, but it reminded me of some type of alcohol. Not gonna lie, the first bite threw me off, too because it tasted boozy!! But I’m a champ and kept at it. After a few more bites the taste really grew on me. The packaging states “a tropical fusion of lychee berries & sweet coconut”, IMG_0246 I couldn’t taste any coconut at all which was a bit disappointing.
-I love the texture of these bars. They’re chewy like a rice crispy square, but there are loads of seeds to give it a great consistency.
-They’re 220 calories but a good size bar so I feel it’s totally worth it. Because they are thicker and denser than a lot of bars, they take awhile to eat so there’s no rushing through it. IMG_0245 And they are gluten & wheat free which I appreciate even though I don’t have issues surrounding those ingredients.
-1 bar = 3 cups of green tea. Enough said.

**NOTE: This bar was not sent to me for review. I bought them myself to try. See here for my thoughts on the “lively lemongrass” flavour.

The gym was awesome today! I decided to run and did I ever show that treadmill whose boss. BOOYA!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 164
Max Hr: 193
Calories Torched: 501 (!!)
Distance: 4.4 miles

That is hands down the best run I’ve had in a long time; since at least before Christmas. I got into a groove early on and never looked back.

I packed myself a serving of quinoa stew for lunch today: IMG_0247
I always add a little hot water before heating my (thawed) frozen foods in the microwave. It helps to loosen the mix up a bit so it’s not like a glob of paste in my mouth. LOL! I also found a box of cute cookies in the staff kitchen so I helped myself to one: IMG_0248
This was SO freaking good! The base was cracker-like and the chocolate topping was filled with caramel. SO worth it!!!

Just before quitting time I ate a pink grapefruit that I butchered cut up this morning. IMG_0253
Grapefruits are something I’ve always loved, but I hate the pith on any citrus and I find this in particular to be the worst culprit. Cutting and sectioning the fruit, while a pain in the ass, eliminates this problem for me. Oh…I’ve still been eating way to many of these: IMG_0242

My hubby and I put a Valentine’s order in with one of our local high school’s (CHSS) bakery for some treats. This particular school is a trade school so it’s the students that make and decorate all the food. I always support them come “special occasions” such as V-day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc and have never been disappointed with the product. Take a look at this stash that landed at my desk this aft! IMG_0249
This is a 4 layer chocolate/banana cake with chocolate ganache. My hubby ordered 2. Yes, you read that right…2! Next is 6 dozen cookies. IMG_0251

One dozen is my hub’s, the other 5 are for the kids classes. Read on to see what we did with those.

I popped a roast in the crock pot this morning because the boys were on the ice at 4:30 and DD had skating lessons at 5:20. Us gals ate first. Along with my meat I ate a few potatoes that were also in the crock and some mixed veggies: IMG_0254

Once back home the kids and I assembled their Valentines using a cookie, some chocolate and v-day baggies. Here are a few of them….


So right now I’m in the middle of baking mini muffins for a “coffee break” my department is hosting at work tomorrow. I used this recipe for blueberry chia muffins and replaced the blueberries with cinnamon chips. I doubled the recipe but only have 1 mini muffin baking tin so the second batch is still in the oven. I’ll take a picture of the finished product for tomorrow’s post.

Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty exhausted right now. I plan on making a tea and settling in to watch Vampire Diaries. The only kind of candy I want right now is eye candy!! ;)

Bye for now!!


  1. Wow! Now that is a packed day! I love that you place the treat order with the local trade school- just awesome! And the treats look delicious - perfect for the kids classes. I love your tip about adding the water to your stew/chilis before cooking- what a great idea. Enjoy some relaxing and I hope you get a THIRD good night of sleep in a row

  2. Sold! At banana cake. You are going to have to let us know how good it is. Sounds A-mazing!

  3. The treats look amazing!!!

    The lychee bar sounds good. I have never eaten a fresh lychee fruit, but I have eaten it in things, and I know what you mean by the taste being "different." But I like it.

  4. a boozy bar?! hehehe...that's kinda funny!

    and i love the look and flavors of that cake! sounds yummy!

    the cookie goodie bag idea is cute! makes me want to be young again and do valentines!

  5. whoa whoa busy day!..That cake sounds amazing and cute vday bags for the kidlets as well :)

  6. glad that you had good sleep... it's extremely important to have a productive and positive day!!!
    your hubby is so sweet to order cakes and cookies! Lovely~~~ How will you celebrate it?

  7. I've heard of lychee fruit before--sounds like it definitely has a unique taste! Looks like a lot of sweet treats were floating around you! That cake sounds to die for!! I love anything banana flavored and pairing it with chocolate makes it 10 times better!

  8. i've never had a carob chip? What is it?

  9. What a great kiddie valentine's ! im sure your kiddos are going to be quite popular when handing those out.

    its so great that you support the local highschool kids! i wish i could find something like that here, instead of buying over priced bakery cakes and those scary premade chemical cakes!

  10. holy valentines day treats! all those goodies would be in so much trouble at my house i wouldnt be able to resist!

  11. I think you should have a banana cake giveaway ;) It looks amazing! I'll have to look for those bars...


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