Friday, February 5, 2010

Jinxed Friday’s

I’m glad you all liked yesterday’s post! I had a lot of fun writing it. I’d like to do more posts like that in the future. Especially when my schedule slows down some and I have the time to put a good amount of thought into it. Does anybody have a theme they’d like to throw out for a future post???

Since getting my new camera last weekend my breakfast photos had been so blah. I’m still trying to figure out the right setting to use in the semi darkness. The other photos have been great, though. Especially the ones that I’ve taken of the kids inside. The Kodak never took good quality pictures indoors. IMG_0119
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Sunrise blend with quinoa
-almond butter
-cherry pomegranate blood orange jam IMG_0118
I think that jam has a BIG name for the BIG punch of flavour it packs!

Here’s what was suppose to be my pre gym snack: IMG_0120
Pre gym because I never ended up making it! My neighbour called me at work to let me know that our garage door hadn’t closed this morning so I had to take care of that at lunch. Something about Friday’s lately has been against the gym! Last Friday I had to go to the school to give DS his puffer now this! Wonder if I’ll make it there next week? LOL!

Although I didn’t get my cardio in, I did manage to get a load of laundry in & out of the machine and into the dryer and another into the machine before I left. I also dealt with some clutter that’s been driving me bonkers. I also had a wee bit of time to finish up a magazine I started at skating last night as I sipped on a vanilla bean latte: IMG_0121
So I guess I got some piece of mind! :D

Lunch = Mama Peas lemon lentil soup. IMG_0126
Huge shocker that I would’ve packed leftovers, I know. I gotta tell ya though…this is one fantastic soup! That girl knows what she’s doing in the kitchen!!!

Later in the afternoon I munched my way through the last of the snap peas. IMG_0127

On the drive home I also ate a raspberry fruit leather… IMG_0129

The fam was having pizza for dinner so I made my own version. I topped a Flatout wrap with some tomato paste, green olives, chickpeas, chicken breast and Allegro cheese. I let it bake for 10 minutes at 425*…


I think mine was MUCH better than theirs! Dessert was a chocolate chip All Bran bar.


After dinner DD and I went grocery shopping. My fridge is now happily stocked with oranges, apples, grapefruits, strawberries and clementines. I had gotten very low in the fruit department. I’m just settling in to watch Criminal Minds on A&E. I’m kinda addicted to that show! What are you all up to this weekend??

Bye for now!!


  1. Have a great weekend. Hope you get some relaxing time in :) Your pizza looks and sounds delish!

  2. ahh i gota find those bars! those sound great
    that pizza looks awesome!
    have a great weekend girl!

  3. there's something with fridays, lately it was against work for me! ;)
    I need to get some flatout to make that pizza.... looks really good!

  4. what a healthy pizza- looks great!

  5. i can't wait to see what other kind of unique posts you come up with!

    that pizza looks amazing! now i want pizza...and it's 7.30am! :)

  6. Getting some of the little to dos around the house always feels so good (even if you had to miss your cardio for it!). All your beautiful snap peas this week looked so good- I actually ran out and got some for myself and snacked on them yesterday. YUM! Hope you have a good weekend

  7. Mom that pizza looks so good to bad i had to have a diffrent kind(DILISIO) yours looked way better!
    Luv Sarah

  8. Those chocolate chip All Bran bars sound really good! I love that DD left you a comment - so cute :)

  9. What an adorable comment from DD! That jam sounds soooo good...and as always, your flatout pizza looks incredible! :)

  10. I got a parking ticket this past Friday--must be a bad luck Friday or something!!!

    I always use Flat Outs for pizza--they are wonderful and bake up perfectly crisp :o)


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