Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Dance

***I started this post yesterday, but got home to late to finish it! LOL! I’ll catch y’all again later tonight!***

I felt completely refreshed this morning after a 9.5hr sleep! I crashed by 10:30last night and rolled out of bed at 9 this morning! I was awake before that, but lounged under the cozy covers for a bit.

My hubby and I attended the kids schools Valentine’s Day fund raiser dance tonight. Here’s a recap from last year if you would like to check out the eats. I kept my eats on the light side throughout the day so as not to get all heavy feeling in my dress. On that note, here’s breakfast! IMG_0275

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup PC steel cut oats
  • cinnamon
  • craisins
  • chocolate honey
  • peanuts


Microwaving sure makes a mess of the bowl!! These are the steel cuts oats I’ve been using:


Aside from the fact that they take so much longer than regular oats to cook, I love’em! And they keep me full for hours.

The next few hours were spent cleaning up the house while the Olympics were on the TV in the back ground. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much going on in terms of events at this point. After showering DD and I left for our 12pm hair appointments. I just got my mane trimmed, thinned and straightened which is the usual for me. I cut my hair really short a few years ago and am trying to grow it back. We made a pit stop at the “big” grocery store afterwards for a few items that will be travelling State side early next week. *wink, wink*. I also found Clif and Luna bars on sale for $1.00 each. Seeing as I’m pretty well stocked with Clif bars, I bought the 5 Luna flavours available in my area. IMG_0270 It was after 2 before we made it home for lunch. The boys had already left for DS’s out of town hockey game so it was just us gals.

I combined a “surprise” that I got in the mail last week… IMG_0123

With a servings of my favourite yogurt: IMG_0276

And a few fresh strawberries to get a delicious bowl of eats. IMG_0278

Here’s the “surprise” cereal that I used: IMG_0125

This cereal was a tad sweet, but mellowed once I mixed it up with the yogurt. I really liked it. I’d buy it again to use as a topper or even to mix in with a blander cereal.

I had a few hours to relax before heading out to pick up the babysitter. I read some blogs and DD and I played a game of Upwards. A mug of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie were also enjoyed….. IMG_0283

You might be wondering about the dance vs. the out of town hockey game. See, the original schedule for hockey read as a 12pm practice so we went ahead and bought the dance tickets. Shortly there after the schedule changed to a 4pm out of towner. YIKES! If it had been a regular season game we would’ve sent DS with another family, but seeing as it’s a play off game, we figured one of us should be there. It all worked out, though, because dinner started at 6:30 and they were back by 6. All my hubby had to do was throw his suit on.

Here we are being goofy! IMG_0303 IMG_0307 IMG_0299

LOL!!! The meal was just meh. To me, anyways. It started out with pasta of which I just had a small scoop: IMG_0293

Then came a plate with some veg, roasted potatoes, salad and chicken parmigiana. IMG_0294

I just picked at this food. I’ve never liked anything breaded so I scraped all that off the chicken and ate about half. I also ate the veg and salad, but that was it. Dessert wasn’t even that great! IMG_0295

I ate abut 3/4 of this. I know the photos are a bit crappy, but I was trying to take them on the sly. ;) We did have a REALLY good time dancing, though so that more than made up for the lack lustre meal. Here’s Mom & I: IMG_0304

We got home about 12:30, but I was awake until 3:30! I’m not a drinker so I had a few cups of coffee and the caffeine did me in. C’est la vie!

Bye for now!!


  1. you look soooo beautiful in that dress and soooo happy in all these photos!!! So glad you had good time last night! I stayed awake until 2.30AM and I'm crushed now. Need to get some more coffee. :)

  2. You and the hubz are ADORABLE!!!! Awww!! And your mom looks so so so so so young. I guess it runs in the family.

    I almost bought that liberte goat milk yogurt the other day but put it back because the coupon I had only worked if I bought 3 and they were pricey at our WFs.

    You NEED to try the Choc Peppermint Stick Luna Bar!!!!!

  3. Glad you got a lot of sleep!

    Love the pics from the dance! Glad you had a great time despite the food not being great...

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  4. Smokin' couple!! You guys look great!! I do the same thing - eat light so I don't feel bloated in a dress, thats the worst feeling!

  5. Look at you party animal! Those pictures are SO cute. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)

  6. Krista! You are one hot mama! Your hair looks incredible and LOVE the dress (a perfect fit for you!) All that "torching" at the gym is paying off ;). Sounds like a fun girlie day!! I used to really dislike lunas...but they're growing on me. I love the lemon flavor. The heart shaped cookie is super cute! Have a great Valentine's Day

  7. you are one hot lady!!!! i love the hair and the dress is so pretty! you look just like your momma!

    happy valentine's day!

  8. At least you have some Luna bars in your area--I will be getting yours out Wed or Thursday this week! :-)

    By the way, your husband and you make a stunning couple!!

  9. ahhh Krista you look so much like your momma!! You guys are SO cute, you have the same smile!! :) I love it when people say I look like my mom. hehehe Hope that's ok with you.

    Too bad for the mehh meal, but GREAT company always makes up for it doesn't it?? :)

  10. ahh we have the same heart cookies! Yeah Guelph!! Which "big" grocery store did you get the Lunas at? I LOVE lemon but can never find them!

  11. Martha....I found the Luna flavours on sale at Zehrs Imperial....


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