Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Winning Day

Hi! How’s everyone doing? I had a fantastic day today! I got up at 8 and promptly made myself a nice bowl of oats. I found this packet of Justin’s nut butter that I bought at Wegman’s in November and forgot about.


I used half of this as a topper. IMG_0405

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup flax seed porridge
  • cinnamon
  • carob chip & almond butter


After breakfast I got some housework done before showering and heading off to DS’s game. The game was over the lunch hour so I brought a vegan pumpkin muffin for the road: IMG_0414 The boys played great and won 6-2!! Woot! It was one of the best games to watch this season. We had some friends come to the game and DD ended up going home with them for the afternoon. Don’t worry…DS had plans with a friend from school!

Lunch was a quick bagel with egg whites and avocado/LC smash: IMG_0416

And a cookie.


My hubby and I dropped DS off at his friends place and went grocery shopping and then to Costco. Aren’t we cool? LOL! Look what we found on someone’s lawn just by our house! IMG_0418

Isn’t that the coolest??? So creative. Once everything was put away I played a little with my oldest cat, Octavius who was feeling frisky for a 14yr old! IMG_0410 IMG_0409

My hubby and I had homemade pizza for our dinner. I had bought some WW dough at the store and I topped it with marinara sauce, 2 chopped red peppers, 2 pieces of cut up bacon, green olives, cherry tomatoes, cheddar and goat milk brie. Here’s my piece: IMG_0422

I had another about half this size. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this type of pizza and it was good, but not as good as I remember! My taste buds prefer the “lighter” version these days. This is the goat’s milk brie that I used. I bought it at Costco and it is by far the creamiest brie I’ve ever tasted. IMG_0421

After dinner I went to pick DS up and by the time we got back DD was home, too. While the fam watched TV I baked a batch of Mama Peas vegan chocolate chip cookies. I used a new baking tool which I will do a full review on tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peak! IMG_0424

BTW, I updated the blog a bit by adding a recipe page under my header instead of having everything listed down the side. I just figured out how to do pages! HA! I plan on adding a few more and will let you all know as they get published.

Bye for now!!


  1. Def looks like you had a wonderful day. Lots of tasty eats- that lunch bagel sandwich and the dinner pizza both look incredible. And I love the heart shaped cookie <3! Glad you enjoyed some quality time with the man!! Looking forward to the baking tool review. Hope your Sunday is just as fabulous

  2. ah, you need to teach me how you made those pages!!! i've been trying to figure it out in blogger. what gadget did you use?!

  3. I heart Justin's nut butter! And your heart-shaped cookies :o) Those look so yummy!

    That snow creation outside near your house is too cool! Also - Bobby and I often spend our Friday nights at the grocery store or Costco. We're cool, too! ;o)

    Have a great night, Krista!

  4. hahahaha i love the neighbors lympies pride! thats so funny :)

    isn't it the best feeling in the world when you find something you forgot you bought! finding that justins n butter was prob the equivalent to finding 100 bucks in yoour pocket hahaha

  5. Yum! Everything naturally looks awesome! I love the heart cookie!! Yum!

  6. So cool how your neighbors did that ice sculpture thing!!!!

    SOunds like you had abusy day! Its so busy to be a mom!!!

    I love justins Almond Butter Squeeze packs! So great for on the go too!!

    Yay for adding a recipe page, I need to do that, Im not good at the web stuff!! I need to figure that out!!

    love ya!! xoxo

  7. Flax seed porridge, eh? Is this store bought or home made cuz I would definitely like to try some.

  8. I kid you not I scoped out that Goat Brie at Costco yesterday!! I wanted it so badly but I still have several mini bries in the fridge. I'll have to get some when I go home and can depend on some other mouths to eat it before it goes bad.

  9. love the heart shaped cookie :)

    and the tab! on a blogger blog! you'll have to tell me how you did that, i need all the help i can get girl :) LOL

  10. we have a snow man in our complex too, it's so cute! :)
    you finally organized your recipes in one place... hahahah... now it's so much convenient for me... i used to click on your tags and spend quite long to find one that I want. :) thanks!

  11. Mmmm, I adore brie!

    Love the idea as a pizza topper. I was planning on attempting a DIY Pizza this week, so I will definitely give that a try - thanks Kristen!

    P.S. It's great to meet another fellow Ontario blog-ista!

  12. I love Justin's Natural PB, but for some reason my taste buds just won't accustom to almond butter :o(


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