Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Visit, Shopping and a Birthday Dinner

Hi all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! We had a full, yet good day today. I slept in until 8:30 and then enjoyed myself a leisurely breakfast: IMG_0157

  • 1/4 cup almond milk, 3/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • Dorset cereal IMG_0156

I’m already excited for breakfast tomorrow because I have an empty enough almond butter jar to use!! ;)

After breakie we went out to the farm. It’s been awhile due to DS’s hockey schedule lately. Before going in I went to visit the horses: IMG_0161 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160

That’s just a handful of them. I believe she has 27 of them. Aren’t they gorgeous??? I munched on a Fig Newton with my coffee… IMG_0167

And snapped a photo of their sun seeking Boston: IMG_0170

I tried to get pictures of the pugs, but they weren’t still long enough. LOL!

When we got home I ate a quick lunch of a toasted WW English muffin with egg whites and a LC cheese wedge and some fruit on the side. IMG_0172

Then DD and I took off for the mall. We both had a few gift cert’s to burn up and had fun trying on clothes. I bought this shirt: IMG_0176

And another similar but all black. I like these because I can wear them now with something underneath and in the summer as is. I also bought 2 necklaces for $4 each which I will post about in the next few days. The only other clothing item I bought was a white cotton long sleeve T…..perfect for layering. DD scored some cute “boyfriend” jeans at Aeropostale which she actually wore out of the store! HA! Next we went to the “big” grocery store on the hunt for the new Liberty Greek yogurt I’ve been seeing on Canadian blogs. No luck there though as they don’t carry it either. The one store that I know has it is not in my city. Boo! I did get some other neat treats, though: IMG_0178

Here are some close ups. IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0177

Fun stuff! We’ve tried some of the trail mix and all loved it and I just now ate 2 squares of the chocolate….DIVINE!

Not long after getting home we left again to go to my parents house for Dad’s b-day dinner. His actual birthday is on Tuesday. I convinced him to let me take a pic for the blog!! IMG_0196

HA! He’s too cute. Mom made pasta to start which I stayed away from. I started my meal with salad and a buttered WW bun: IMG_0184

Next I had a piece of pork roast, bulgur salad and green bean salad. I passed on the roasted potatoes and ham, though. IMG_0185

Dad’s cake of choice was a caramel apple one. It was outrageous!!! IMG_0186

I added some Cool Whip after the photo. We hung out there for a few hours and now I’m resting up a bit before I have to get lunches and stuff ready for the morning.

What was your favourite part of this weekend??

Bye for now!!


  1. Happy Birthday Papa Kravings!

    Those horsies are beautiful.

    Put some of those fig newtons in the freeeezer!!!! So good.

  2. omg i love that top!! it's gorgeous!

    yay for pb&co and that trail mix looks delish!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! :) Happy Birthday to your dad! :)

    My favorite part of my weekend was hanging out with my mom.

    Have a great week!

  4. I love how fit you look in that shirt... I'd buy several too! :D
    so many goodies you've got there... oh... Cravings!!!
    roasted pork really tastes goo! :)

  5. Caramel apple cake?! O-M-G. Happy birthday Krista's Dad :)

    I can't wait till my little one is old enough to take to a farm!

  6. Looks like you got some cute clothes and something I really want--the Cinn Raisin swirl PB. I still can't get my hands on any haha! You'll have to let me know how you like it--and that caramel apple cake sounds heavenly! I don't think I have ever had that flavor of cake!

  7. hey girl! you look great!

    I've only been able to find the liberte greek yogurt at whole foods in oakville. The store here..zerzh carries all liberte stuff..except for that greek yogurt!!! I'm gonna ask the manager why ;)...It has basically zero fat and 20 g of protein. Can't beat that!

  8. oh my gosh i hope i look HALF as good as you when im a mom!! i LOVE that shirt on you girl!
    i love horses too! so beautiful!

  9. Happy b-day to your dad! That cake looks so so good. :) Your bfast looks amazing with all of the ingredients you used!

  10. im still on the hunt for the greek yogurt too krista, cant find it anywhere here in T.o!

  11. OH MY GOSH!! That Boston - so cute! Feel free to post a pic of that dog whenever you'd like ;)

    The shirt you picked out is very cute! I like it a lot!! Happy early birthday to your dad!!

  12. What a fun day! Adorable shirt, looks so nice on you! Love those goodies, that tea sounds delish! Happy (early) birthday to your dad! :)


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