Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Day of Indulgences

I started off this morning with a VERY naughty breakfast!! I took the kids to 7-11 last night to get hot chocolates to “celebrate” the end of swimming lessons and picked myself up a blueberry tea latte. When I got home I stuck it in the fridge and used it as the liquid for my oat bran this morning. OMG! What a treat!

-1 cup blueberry tea latte
-1/3 cup oat bran
This was certainly an indulgence reserved for “every now and again” only! Two big drawbacks were the “sugar shakes” it gave me for the first part of the morning, and the sugar “kraving” it caused for an hour or so. Unfortunately for me, there were still some chocolate M&M’s in the office bowl and I inhaled 8 of them. Those were chased by a chocolate Timbit. No time for pictures…these sugary delights went down way too fast! Then I pulled the reins in and stuck some minty gum in my mouth. PHEW!

Speaking of the office candy bowl…seeing as I like to help empty it, I will often bring treats to fill it with, too! So, today I brought in some jelly Easter bunnies. **HINT** I always fill it with candy that I don’t like! Is that bad???
On the bright side, I did not drink any of the latte last night. Instead, I stuck with my green monster to keep my 7 day deal with myself going strong. Last night’s version had half the strawberries in it because I added a very ripe pear. I also cut the agave in half. I think I’ll leave it right out tonight.
Um, Yum! I swear, these are so, so good! And let me tell you, they keep things moving! **wink wink** I worked out the nutritional information for the smoothie at Spark People and here’s what I came up with….

Calories: 202.7
Total Fat: 2.9 g
Dietary Fiber: 6.5 g
Protein: 8.1 g

My super duper boss, D, and I went out for my b-day lunch today even though it’s still a couple weeks away. She takes each of us out on our birthdays to a restaurant of our choice. How cool is that? I chose a local café called Einstein’s. The owner is a co-worker of mine from back in the days of my full time waitressing career and her and her hub make fabulous food at the café. I ordered a mushroom and goat cheese sandwich. It had sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese and mixed greens all stuffed between 2 pieces of toasted French bread. It came with a choice of soup or salad and I went with the soup special of the day…Curried Carrot and Coriander.
What a delicious lunch! Sorry the photo is so crappy, but I was trying to be discreet and quick!! I also indulged in a wicked good dessert…Southern Bourbon Pecan Tart.
Check out that hunk of heaven! You better believe I ate it all! Didn’t you know I had an extra stomach when it comes to dessert?? :) I was justifiably stuffed to the gills after this superb meal and didn’t need any sort of afternoon snack!

I left work at 2:30 today because DD spent the night riding the porcelain school bus and even though my hubby was able to stay with her most of the day, he had to start work at 3. I took the opportunity to catch up on the 4 magazine's that I've gotten in the mail this past week and haven't touched yet!

I wasn't really feeling dinner after my huge lunch, so I heated leftovers for DS, made a cup a soup and some crackers for DD and plated myself what turned out to be a very large salad!
This was one romaine heart, 1/2 and orange, a few sliced strawberries, 1/2 cup chick peas, sprinkle of chopped pecans and Bountiful's 3 berry salad dressing. It was very a satisfying salad! I'm pretty sure this bumped up my vegetable needs for the day!! The best part about dinner is that there was virtually no clean up. YAY!

I'm going to be a lazy bum tonight and cuddle under the blanket with my kids in front of the TV. We just have a bit of homework to contend with first! Don't only have until midnight EST tonight to submit a comment on The Great Giveaway!! I will be announcing the winning in tomorrow's post. I am uber excited to see who wins!!! Too fun!

Hope everyone has a fantastic evening! For those of you planning a workout yet this evening, do one extra of everything for me!! :)

Bye for now!!


  1. Cute rabbit candies and lovely tarts!!

  2. Such amazing food!!! I have an extra stomach for desserts too! hehe

  3. I've discoverd my own indulgence oats, with blueberries, banana and honey.

  4. That sounds like a wicked sammy! I bet it would be super easy to make as home as well. I would imagine sourdough bread would go with it. Mmmm. Can you tell I haven't had a sandwich in a long time?

    And I'm planning on heading to the gym to sit on the bike for awhile, so I'll dedicate a couple spins to you ;)

  5. How good is fruit on salad? Also- the peacan tarts loooks amazing! Can't wait to see who wins the contest!

  6. That is one decadent breakfast! There's nothing wrong with filling candy bowls with stuff you don't like!!

    Fabulous birthday lunch as well :)

  7. Those strawberries look so good. I just had some too! But I had mine plain! I just love strawberries! And Blueberries are the Bomb too, except I do NOT Like them IN food! Strange huh?

  8. I love how you put lattes in your oats. I have never thought to do that. Congrats on the green shakes. I have also been doing them at night but don't feel like one tonight.

  9. Another delicious breakfast!

    Looks like a great lunch!

  10. 1. your morning treat looks soooooo delicious soooo blue! love it~
    2. agree about the sugar craving. that's why I think the plain oats or oat bran is the best breakfast idea.
    3. your pecan tart look scrumptious..glad that you ate all of it and skipped snack. that's called intuitive eating. welcome to the club!
    4. really excited about tomorrow's post! who will be the lucky one? :D

  11. oh my gosh i heart your eats Krista. Except I hate goat cheese (sorry!!!) but the sandwich looks gorgeous from above! The color of the soup makes me so happy too. hehehehe

    I think that green smoothie officially has me SUPER intruiged! I wonder what it tastes like.... I hope you're having a rocking weekend!!

  12. bday lunch looks delicious -- what a great boss!! i, too, have a separate dessert stomach :-)

    i'm so amazed that you didn't inhale that latte right when you got it -- great restraint saving it for this morning!


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