Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Appreciation Breakfast, Cheese & Killer Cookies

Work held a “thanks for a great 2009” breakfast this morning for all staff at 9am so before I left for work at 7:30 I ate a small bowl of oats. 100_8052
This was actually one packet of Quaker’s “plain” flavour with some Sahale snack mix sprinkled on top. 100_8051

The breakfast itself was superb. I was totally thinking there would be potatoes and egg bakes…heavy stuff. Instead, they had a cooking instructor/caterer prepare the feast. There was yogurt; 100_8055
Muffins; 100_8054
Fruit kabobs: 100_8053
Unpictured were egg burritos and bacon. I grabbed a chocolate chip muffin, 2 fruit kabobs and a burrito. 100_8056
YUM! I ended up bringing the muffin home. DD has claimed it for her lunch tomorrow. :D There was also coffee/tea and juice, but I passed on those. It sure was a nice way to start the work day!

Anybody out there with dry, chapped hands this winter? Mine are awful, but I found a cream at WalMart a few weeks ago that has helped considerably. It called “Dr. Teal’s Chapped Hand Cream”. Here are a few “before” shots of my hands: 100_8062 100_8061
See how cracked and wrinkly they are? Gross. Here they are after a week of using the cream daily while at work: 100_8065
Just ignore my ring lines!!! Much better, no???

No gym for me today. I had an embarrassing amount of laundry piled up that I started before work and went home to continue. When I did get home my Lululemon hoodie that I bought on ebay was there! Check it out… 100_8071

I adore this. It’s so warm and comfy.

Lunch will be of no surprise. Leftover veggie sauce and quinoa:

Then I ate these… 100_8057

When I arrived home from work yesterday I was greeted by this: 100_8044
What was inside, you ask? CHEESE! Allergo cheese to be exact. The company was more than generous with the samples they sent. 100_8047
There’s Probio 7% soft cheese in the bottom left. Under that is 4% white cheese slices and to the right there is 4% herbs and spices and a block of 4% mozzarella. I’m eager to try all the different kinds and will be writing up a separate post in the near future with my thoughts and opinions. They even sent a booklet with some neat recipe ideas. 100_8068 100_8049


I had some time when I got home from work to get some baking in the oven. I made Mama Peas Vegan Almond Joy Cookie Bars. 100_8070

I cut the batch into 16 pieces once cooled a bit. See end of post to find out what I thought!

I pulled out the George Foreman tonight to cook some pork chops. 6 minutes and the meat was ready to go! I also steamed some broccoli which we sprinkled with this new seasoning that I bought Monday night;


DS even ate his veggies with this to flavour it! A serving of WW couscous rounded out my plate: 100_8075

I ate one of the above bars for dessert and OMG! TO. DIE. FOR!!! Mama pea ROCKED this recipe! I couldn’t stop my hand from reaching over to the counter, grabbing a second one and shoving it in my face. So good! Then I had to leave the kitchen so I didn’t start “cleaning up the crumbs”. I guarantee you that these won’t last long in this house.

I’ll be leaving in 20 minutes to take the kids to swimming lessons…AKA…quiet time for me. *sigh* Two more days to the weekend!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. oh my gosh- my hands are a total dry/chapped mess! I am going to look for this product- your hands look fantastic! What a sweet breakfast ya'll had at work! I'm telling you, your company sounds just awesome. ow and those bars! nom nom!

  2. My hands are totally dry and cracked! I don't think they've ever been this bad..drives me bonkers!

    and I'm loving the quinoa you've been having...question: how much did you rinse it before cooking? I've made it once and when i did it was so bitter i wanted to choke. I must have washed it like 5xs though! any suggestions? maybe soak them first?

    and I want to try those bars...w/o the coconut...or almonds cause i hate both...maybe peanuts and ... another sub for coconut!? hehe!

  3. I LOVE the Lululemon hoodie!!!

    Enjoy the cheese! :)

  4. hey girl! ive been reading your blog and i love it!! ive never tried quinoa..i feel like im missing out on life! great bars too!

  5. My hands hurt SO bad. I put lotion on them every night before I go to bed and it doesn't seem like it's working. I'm headed to Walmart today for some little things so I'll definitely have to pick up some of that lotion :)

  6. I'm soo glad to get back to US and be able to read your posts! :D
    your hand improved a lot... I need to find that cream. the moment I landed, I began to feel dry skin! :D

  7. holy cheese!! you totally got hooked up with serious amounts of cheese! how fun :) can't wait to hear all about them!

  8. It's so nice that they do an appreciation breakfast at work -- and it all looks incredible! Wow, all that cheese looks phenomenal!

  9. HOLY CHEESE! what a fabulous package, so different than the normal bloggie packages out there!! I cant wait to hear some reviews on the delish cheese! that breakfast spread looks so healthy, I love the idea of fruit kebabs at a brunch!! totally stealing that idea :)

  10. I wish someone would send me cheese to review and sample. I kinda love cheese. Mmmm, cheese.

    I will have to check out this bar recipe because, you know, it has coconut. Mmmm, coconut.

  11. What a healthy looking breakfast--I think offices should do that more often for their employees!

    Ooo Almond Joy candy bars are my very fav, so I bet these would be just my kinda bars!!


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