Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopping and a Cleansing Tea

Man, was it EVER a struggle to get out of bed this morning! I squeezed in as much under the covers time as possible which resulted in my oats getting done in the nuker. Meh, water off a duck! 100_8102
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-almond butter
-splash of Rice Dream “eggnog” (added after photo) 100_8101
Generally, when making my oats in the microwave, I’ll use my Quaker 3-5mns quick cooking oats. I find these work best with this method of cooking.

I had my head stuck in coding paperwork today which was probably the best Friday job I could ask for. Not much thinking involved. Here are the snacks I consumed throughout the day: 100_8105 100_8104

I made it to the gym today and hopped on the elliptical. I was exciting to get some Rach time in but some moron fiddled around with the TV settings and I couldn’t get the volume to work. %&*(^$#!!! Yes, I was R rated! Shenanigan’s like that annoy me to no end. Anyway, I got my workout in and that’s all that counts, right?

Time: 45 mins
Avg Hr: 145
Max Hr: 166
Calories Torched: 390
Distance: 4.8 miles

I brought the last serving of “white” chicken chilli from the freezer for lunch today. 100_8106

I wasn’t sure how it would freeze up with the milk in there, but it was OK. I just added a bit of water and gave it a good stir before reheating.

I had a co worker take photos of me in my new coat before we left work today. Excuse my dorkiness, K? LOL! 100_8109 100_8108

So, what do you think? Awesome right? Looks good, right? I just love it! HAHA!

I grilled up some fish for supper tonight, rainbow trout to be exact. I flavoured it with some parmesan & herb seasoning, then served it with some sautéed kale and steamed, mashed sweet potatoes which were then sprinkled with salt and pepper and dipped into Dijonnaise. 100_8110

For dessert I had a Mama Pea almond joy bar, but no picture was taken of it. DD and I hit the road after supper for the mall. We both had some gift cert’s burning holes in our wallets and wanted to put them to use! She took so darn long trying clothes on that all I walked out with was 2 new bras and some probiotics that I ran out of yesterday. She scored some good deals at Aeropostale on jeans, tee’s and a hoodie. She doesn’t normally like jeans, but is at an awkward place in that she’s pretty much out grown the biggest “girls” size and because she’s tall with no hips we weren’t sure what ladies size she’d be. She tried a few pairs on and found one that she liked and felt comfy in. Now she knows that jeans can be a comfortable options as well as yoga style pants!

We just got home and as I type I’m enjoying a Teaopia “cleansing” tea. I hope the photo is clear enough to read… 100_8103

Tomorrow for me means no alarm needs to be set! DS has a game at 11am, but it is in town so we’ll gone and back by 12:30. What are you doing to this weekend?

Bye for now!!


  1. it's basically taking a laxative tea. you can also take sennakot, which can be purchased in pill form as well.

  2. I LOVE the jacket!!! so cute!!

    and every time i see your post i want clementines...! so good!

  3. Great jacket! Simply bars are good, but I've been trying to cut my soy recently. This weekend, we're headed to a Buffalo Sabres hockey game! Your family would be so proud :)

  4. AMEN so hard to get outa bed this am!!!
    LOVE the jacket! hot momma!!
    where did you find the simply bars?! they look great!

  5. nice jacket, I like how it fits to you! :)

  6. I hate when the tv doesn't work at the gym! Glad you still got a kick butt workout in though. Ow- I want to try those simply bars! The coat is adorable- def a great find. Have a great weekend- enjoy the sleeping in

  7. Love the jacket, it looks great on you! I need to find some of that tea. I'm assuming it tastes good or you wouldn't be drinking it ;)


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