Sunday, January 10, 2010

Posting From Home

I am SO glad to be home! We had a really good weekend, but tiring, too. The boys came back from a bummer of a day yesterday and won their game 8-0! They ended up winning the consolation round and placing 7th out of 16 teams. 100_8016

In the change room after the game they got a visit from Curtis Joseph who played net for Toronto and Detroit. All of them received an autograph and team photo. I don’t have a copy yet, but here’s DS with his trophy; 100_8012

LOL! Ya think he likes it??? All in all, it was the perfect ending to the weekend.

I grabbed another WW bagel at the hotel for breakfast this morning. This time I used PB and one half with strawberry jam and the other with orange marmalade. 100_8008

On the way to the rink I went through the Starbuck’s drive thru for a grande NF cinnamon dolce latte: 100_8010

I needed it more then I thought. ;)

We left for home right after the game, but made a pit stop at Subway for lunch to go. Seeing as I ate very little in the way of produce this weekend, I went with a WW 6” veggie & Swiss. 100_8017

There truly are veggies hiding under all that lettuce!!

We had to drive by Knapp’s on the way home and my hubby couldn’t resist stopping for a strawberry rhubarb pie and these white chocolate macadamia nut cookies… 100_8018

I enjoyed one with a coffee once we got home. All of us pretty much chilled for a few hours and then threw some leftovers together for dinner. I sautéed some kale then sprinkled it with a bit of this new (to me) find.


Anybody ever try white balsamic? If not, you should. It’s delicious. Back to dinner, here….I split my leftover pad Thai with my hubby and ate it with the kale. 100_8021

I did have a small piece of pie for dessert, but the picture did not turn out so I’m sparing you. HA! Tonight will be an early one for all of us. I can’t tell you how good my bed is sounding right now. *sigh* What kind of shenanigan’s did you get up to this weekend?

Bye for now!!


  1. whoa starbies has electronic sticker makers for their coffes now? BTW the SF cinnamon dolce is SO good!!! mm kale is da bomb, have you tried kale chips?! you need to they are so good!!
    such a cute pic of yoru son with the trophy!!

  2. DS looks like he's in hockey heaven, lol! Congrats to his team, 7th out of 16 is pretty good!

  3. congrats to DS!! 7th is really good :) glad you're home and can feel more relaxed!

  4. Looks like alot of good traveling snacks & a GREAT hockey turn out. DS looks rockin' in his jersey!! Doesn't it just feel great to come home when you've been gone--after 2 weeks I was so ready to be home.

  5. White chocolate macadamia nut is my FAVE cookie, hands down. Heaven.


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