Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pancakes Take 2

Hi everybody! First off, I wrote yesterday about the Dr. Teal’s hand cream and then forgot to post the picture! DUH! So, here it is.

Please let me know what you think if you give it a go…

I enjoyed Mama Peas almond joy bars so much last night that I decided to carry the flavours over to my breakfast this morning: 100_8077
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup oat bran
-dash of coconut & almond extract
-2 tbsp chopped almonds
-1 tbsp coconut
-2 tbsp carob chips 100_8076
Bingo bango…..this was a rock star breakfast! Nom, nom, nom! :D

On a more sombre note, I’m sure everybody has heard/read about the terrible disaster that has struck the people of Haiti. A nurse who lived 30 minutes down the road from where I am was in Haiti a whole 90 minutes when the quake struck killing her. 90 minutes!! I can’t even comprehend that. I think that something like this really should make us all take a step back and truly be grateful for all that we have. I am so very lucky to live in an area that is rarely struck by natural disasters. Tornadoes are rare and we don’t get hurricanes, monsoons, earthquakes, erupting volcanos, floods. I am sincerely grateful for this and need to remember that every single day.

Here be my snackies of the day: 100_8095 100_8083 100_8084 100_8094

I didn’t bring my gym bag or lunch to work today because Thursday is yoga day in the gym so we can’t get in. I came to find out at break time that the instructor was sick so yoga was cancelled. So there’s me with no gym clothes or food. Bummer! Lesson learned, though. ALWAYS bring lunch and gym attire to work…you may need it even though you think you don’t!

I’m secretly glad I went home for lunch, though…look what I made for myself! 100_8092
I haven’t enjoyed a big ass salad in a long while. In this we have:
-1/2 an avocado
-red pepper
-4% Allegro cheese
-white balsamic vinegar 100_8093
Behold a thing of beauty!

DS had a 4:30-5:30 hockey practice today and DD had a 6:10 appointment in the next town over so dinner was not a “family” one. The kids wanted tacos from a kit which I reasoned was a good, fast choice for eating on the fly. Before I got started on browning the meat, though, I vacuumed the house. The nastiness of my carpets was driving me nuts! I usually get it done every Saturday but with us being gone all weekend it fell through the cracks. As you all know I have 3 cats, plus we just took the tree down Monday so you can imagine the mess. Just look at how full the canister was once I got done. 100_8098
Gross, this I know! But I feel much better sitting here now with fur free carpet. I might mention that this is 3 floors worth of crap…

Dinner for me was a second attempt at Erin’s All Bran pancake. Still no cottage cheese but I did find some Oikos in the back of the fridge so used that instead. It set up MUCH better than the kefir! 100_8099

I topped them with dried cranberries, pecans and yogurt chips. Yum yum! And let me tell you…these pancakes are f-i-l-l-i-n-g.

After DD’s appointment we stopped at the mall to wander around a bit. I found a kick ass coat that was dirt cheap. Like $170 for $30 cheap. No way was I leaving a deal like that in the store! I’ll get DD to take a picture of me in it tomorrow. It’s too dark right now for a good one. Before leaving I stopped Teaopia for some “cleansing” tea, if ya know what I mean. ;) I also bought myself a NF green matcha latte: 100_8100

So, that’s about it for now. One more work day to go. Amen…

Bye for now!!


  1. You always find the best deals shopping. Love the K mug (I can finally say I have an A mug hehe). I got your goodies tonight!!!!!!!

  2. I bought a FEW super cheap coats last year around this time of year, BEST time for coat deals.

    I'm a little jealous of that Allegro cheese haul of yours... I want! I could also go for a batch of those fluffy pancakes right about now.

    My mom's friend KNEW that nurse in Haiti. So sad.

  3. Fabulous lunch! Totally worth the trip home. Love me a big salad. Glad the mama peas bars came out well. I need to put them on my to make list! And that tea latte looks like the perfect way to end the day. Yayyyy for Friday.

  4. That's very sad about the nurse you knew. I can't even comprehend going through a natural disaster - truly awful.

    Almond Joys were one candy I wasn't fond of as a kid but I think my "mature" adult palate would love it now ;)

  5. I heard about the nurse... it is just so sad :( We are indeed quite lucky to live in East Canada. Yes we have snow and cold weather (and yes I complain them), but they are nothing compared to what you mention.

    Great post!

  6. GREAT pancakes! ive seen so many over the blog world lately.. i gota eat some asap to satisfy my craving!

  7. the K mug is cute! :D I love big mugs!
    yes, natural disasters reminds me how lucky we are and how important is to be present! :)

  8. Natural disasters are so devestatng--my area doesn't get any either. Rarely there'll be a tornado warning or something, but it truly is another thing to be thankful for!! It's cool those pancakes are filling, because a lot of time they don't fill you up!

  9. as amazing and fascinating I think natural disasters are, they also wreck so much havoc, chaos and sadness that it brings things kinda to a halt. Sorry about your friend tho.

    And thanks for the tip on the quinoa! i have the stuff from the bulk bin...probably why it's bitter. boo!

    sure do want one of your homemade bars though...

  10. You are so right, we really should take some time every day to be grateful for what we have and help if we can...

    Thanks for the pic of the hand cream. I have painfully dry hands and always look for a good cream.

    Happy Friday!

  11. those oats look great!

    and Im loving that salad. avocado in salads are like my favorite thing ever!

  12. That salad really is a thing of beauty! I've been eating avocado like crazy since it's been on sale lately...delish! Happy Friday, Krista!

  13. wow your oatbran looks SO good! i love that you whipped up the almond joy bars into your oats so creative :)

    glad the pancakes turned out better this time around!

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