Monday, January 18, 2010

A Trip To The Falls

Look who’s here after going AWOL yesterday?! We had such a busy day that by the time I sat down last night I was spent. We started the day off early…6:30am early in order to get to our out of town hockey game. I fuelled myself with a warn breakie just before we hit the road. 100_8127
-1 cup water
-1/2 PC 5 Grain cereal
-chocolate honey
-chopped peanuts 100_8126
The boys lost miserably. They played the first period great and then it turned into a bit of a gong show. *sigh* Meh, what’s done is done! We were only a stone’s throw to Niagara Falls so we made our way there with another family for some lunch and arcade time. I munched on a Quaker Delights bar on the drive over. 100_8128
Most restaurants were closed for the season so our options were limited but luckily a little Italian restaurant was open. Pasta it was! I enjoyed a piece of fresh Italian bread while waiting for my meal… 100_8135
So soft and doughy! Lunch was an order of penne arribiata (a spicy tomato sauce) which was delicious. 100_8137
I ate about half of what you see here. The weather was damp and foggy, but not too cold…4*C/39F….so we wandered up and down Clifton Hill and then went into the arcade so the boys could burn some energy off. Here are some random shots I took along the way… 100_8131 100_8129 100_8130
After the arcade we hit up the candy store! Check out some of the goodies! 100_8148 100_8143 100_8144 100_8147
I bought myself a chocolate covered pretzel road for the road. 100_8149 But before we left for the day I made sure to get some photos for you! I couldn’t get the Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side) because it was just too foggy, but I did get the American ones! 100_8153 100_8152
I’ve always thought that the falls are prettiest in the winter time. The water is such a gorgeous blue and the mounds of ice are spectacular. I’m lucky to live so close to one of the world’s 7 wonders!!

It was nearing 5:30 when we got back to the homestead and we all crashed in different areas of the house…DD on the computer, DS on the Play Station 3, me on the laptop and my hubby in front of the TV. Dinner was random to say the least as none of us were really hungry after our big lunch. Around 7 I made myself an omelette with ½ a red pepper, mushrooms, Allegro spices and herbs cheese, a 1/3 cup of Eggbeaters and a toasted WW English muffin for the side. 100_8154
Then I enjoyed 2 mint chocolate chip cookies that I had made using Mama Peas recipe…with a side of cat: 100_8156
So that was my Sunday! On to my Monday…. 100_8158
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup PC 5 grain cereal
-Enjoy Life Foods trail mix
-Rice Dreams “eggnog” 100_8157
I was lazy this morning and cooked this up in the microwave. I like the consistency it gets after sitting for a few minutes. It’s not something I ever get when I do them on the stove top.

There was not a lick of excitement at work today. I guess that’s a good thing, right?? Here are my snacks: 100_8164 100_8161
Nothing to crazy there. I also had a few of these organic pomegranate candies that I got at the Falls… 100_8160
They’re quite tasty and the ingredient list is nothing to sneeze at! 100_8159

I hopped on the treadmill today and did a bit of interval work. I walked for 5 minutes at 4.4mph and ran for 5 at 6.5 mph, all at a 2% incline. Man, did I get HOT doing this!!!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 158
Max Hr: 188
Calories Torched: 450
Distance: 3.92 miles

Lunch was my very last serving of mango dal. Not only was it the last of the dal, but I was out of any frozen meal for lunches! 100_8163

Read on to see what I made to replenish my stock!

While I was at the Bulk Barn Friday night I saw, to my delight, a BIG bin of cinnamon hearts!! 100_8162
You can be sure that I have (and will) be eating these every day until I can’t find them anymore. My poor teeth.

For dinner I made Some of Erica’s Turkey Quinoa Stew. I used it as a filling for burritos for the fam, but I just ate mine straight with some Allegro cheese grated on top. 100_8166

There was plenty leftover for the freezer as lunches. I also made a big pot of Mama Peas quinoa stew to portion out for lunches. 100_8165

This was before it was all done cooking. I was a busy cooking diva!!! :D

It’s time for me to settle in with a nice, hot tea and a bit of TV.

Bye for now!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out- that stew is delicious and I haven't made it in forever! Thank you for the reminder :) Sorry the boys lost :(- but looks like it was a great trip. The falls are incredible. I've never been there! I love cinnamon hearts. I need to pick some of those up for Valentine's day for myself. Hope the rest of your week goes well :)

  2. I would love to see the falls in the Winter. I was in awe of them over the summer!

  3. I love the pics of the falls! So beautiful! Both stews sound awesome!

  4. The Horseshoe Falls are beautiful!! It reminds me of our many many many trips to Niagara Falls when I was little. Stew sounds perfect right now because I just took a walk outside in shorts and it was rather chilly!

  5. wow what a GREAT day! those pics are beautiful!

  6. I went to see the falls at winter too, it's pretty but soooo cold.. I remember that as I walked closer to the falls, I got freezed inside out!

  7. oh that stew, along with the pasta lunch both look just delicious!

  8. I still really want to try those quaker bars--specifically that flavor!! And how cool to squeeze a little sight seeing in on a game day--I have never been to the falls, but it's definitely on my list!

  9. awww what fun in the falls! i havent been there since i was a little kid but it was such an awesome time. we did all the standard maid of the mist and the whole touristy shibang!

  10. How beautiful! I would to visit the falls.

  11. Yeah, that would be I would love to visit the falls :) Ha, I guess I am out of it today. I am planning a drive across the country in a few days.

  12. The only time I've ever been to Niagra Falls was in the winter as well. Well, technically, it was April, but it was snowing and coooold that day! It was so long ago...1996 I think?

  13. I agree with you the falls in the winter time are beautiful! I hope my man and I get to go there some time for a romantic retreat away :)


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