Saturday, January 9, 2010

Losing Streak

Hello, hello! We’ve had another eventful day at the tournament, that’s for sure! I didn’t sleep very well last night because most of the parents had one hell of a party in a room 3 doors down. Being a hockey tournament virgin, I was totally unprepared for the shenanigans that the parents get up to! Oh, my!! We were up by 6:15 to get ready, grab some chow from the complimentary hotel breakfast and then off to the rink for our 8:30 game. The food available for breakie was sparse so I went with a toasted WW bagel with jam and cream cheese. 100_7998

The boys played 2 REALLY good teams today and lost both games. The morning games score was 6-2 and the 3:30 one was 6-0. :( BUT….I can’t believe I forgot to tell you all that in the second game yesterday DS scored! It was a nice goal, too!! They have one more game at 11:10am tomorrow which works out perfect as we have to check out of the hotel by 11. Then we can head straight home after the game.

I had some time to get to the mall today which has a lululemon in it. I scored 2 pairs of yoga pants that were on sale. Happy me! When I got back to the room I made a chicken sandwich on a bun and Swiss cheese from home and the rest of my chicken from yesterday’s lunch; 100_8000

Not much, but it did the trick! Then I ate the last 3 clementine’s that I brought: 100_8002

There was a big pizza party after the second game, but my hubby and I were feeling like Thai. Another family had tried out a place beside the hotel and enjoyed it so we ordered take out from there, too. We just brought it down to the lobby and ate with the rest of the team. I ordered fresh spring rolls: 100_8004

I also had chicken pad thai which was HUGE!! 100_8003

I barely put a dent in this. The leftovers are in the fridge as we speech…err….type. ;)

After dinner I hit up the “gym”. There wasn’t much there, but a treadmill was all I was after. I hopped on for a 30 minute run/walk and even though it was H-O-T in there, I felt better for it.

I just got back from some socializing and am enjoying a tea: 100_8001

And a few of these sweet potato and beet chips that my hubby bought for me: 100_8006

I’ll see ya from home tomorrow!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Ow! We're going to need to see those yoga pants!! Nice grab! Congrats to DS on the score. You're doing so well with your eats on the road. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. I think hotel food is hit or miss. I usually end up with cereal :) Congrats to your son!!!

  3. WOOHOO for DS's goal - that's awesome! Sorry to hear they didn't win but it sounds like a fun time for all :)

  4. oooh pad thai is the BEST ever. and those spring rolls look mighty good too ;)

    yay for 2 new pairs of yoga pants!

  5. i used to be on a travel volleyball team and i compleeetely understand the shinanigans that parents get into! i've learned to never underestimate the party animalness of parents haha

  6. Sorry that the team didn't win but it sounds like at least everyone is having fun -- and a huge congrats to DS for his goal!

  7. Oh, I know all about the parent shenanigans from skating competitions. Sure, I've never been the parent, but us skaters knew what was going on. Especially once we were older and were drinking with the parents. HA! Enjoy it!


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