Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Chess Player???

Hola! Was it snowing where you are today? We were supposed to get this “storm” but nothing really came of it. No skin off my back. DD was ecstatic that the snow pretty much stayed away because her grade traveled to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto today to see the Human Body Exhibit. Had the weather been bad the trip would’ve been cancelled. So, after a few nights of not so good sleep, I rocked dreamland last night and got a solid 7hrs in. Nice! And here’s what I ate to start the day off: IMG_0225
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-PB&Co cinnamon swirl PB
The PB totally made the bowl. Mighty Maple is still my favourite, but this one comes in a close second; which is a good thing because Mighty Maple is one that I can’t find in my area!

My morning snack was a muffin a la blueberry: IMG_0226
I’m still sporting the v-day Ziplocs!! :D

I decided to take today off from the gym. Wednesday’s are a good rest day for me being smack in the middle of the week and all. I had some pants I needed to drop off at the tailor before I went home to veg out with Dr. Oz for a bit. I reheated last night’s leftover stir fry to eat: IMG_0228
I wasn’t 100% satisfied after that so I chomped on 2 Ryvita muesli crackers. IMG_0229 IMG_0230
Then ate this on my way back to work. IMG_0231
Prime example of why I pack my lunch. Had I done that today there would’ve been no crackers or chocolate. Meh.

The afternoon plodded along a bit but my strawberry & orange fruit bowl brightened it up significantly! IMG_0232
Doesn’t that look like a ray of sunshine???

As promised, here’s one of the necklaces that I bought at Smart Set on the weekend: IMG_0233

Purdy nice for $3.99, eh???

Apparently at some point in this school year DS joined the “chess club”. Huh? Who knew? Not us! Anyways, I think that’s pretty cool especially seeing as he “qualified” to advance to the next “level”. Keep in mind that we only found out about all this last night. After school today he had a “practice” in the library from 3:30-5:30 with some kids from other schools. This worked out perfectly as DD’s bus was due back to the school at 5:30 so I was able to grab them at the same time. This also meant that I was child free for 1.5 hours!!! Nobody to pick up after work, no rushing home to get supper started….BLISS! So what did I do? NOTHING!!! And a whole lot of it, too. It was glorious.

Once the kids did get home we had a very simple supper of eggs and toast. Mine was a WW bagel with a LC cheese wedge, Sabra hummus and a 1/3 cup of egg beaters, some of which ended up on the side of my plate. IMG_0235

Dessert was 2 small scoops of bacio (chocolate/hazelnut) gelato: IMG_0237

After dinner it was pool time, then I helped DS write his V-day cards as he needs them for his class tomorrow. I just settled in with a coconut chai tea… IMG_0239

And an unpictured raspberry oatmeal muffin. My plan is to watch Criminal Minds and then hit the sack-a-roo.

How’s your week going so far???

Bye for now!!


  1. haha! how fun that you've got a chess player in the fam :) i hope he kicks butt in some of the tournaments!!

  2. mmm love that kind of chocolate! whoo for chess! im terrible at it!

  3. Reading your blog makes me wanna have kids :) Hahahaha I love that DS joined without telling you...he's such a smartie playing chess!

  4. Ow! I forgot about ryvita crackers! They are sooo yummy. Glad you got some relax time in today and a fabulous Brinner! I had brinner last night too. Weeks been pretty good over here so far! Tomorrow is Josh's birthday and I am throwing a party so....thats been busy!

  5. I wish we could send you some snow... here we can't even get out! I'm so stuck at home!
    it's so cool that you just knew about DS joining chess club... I always wanted to learn that... but never did at the end.

  6. i'm with you - I eat so differently when I pack my lunch and have no other options or when I'm at home grazing all day!

  7. Sounds like you finally got to catch up on a little shut eye--when I am lacking on sleep I just cannot function and my appetite gets SO outta wack it's crazy! Glad DD's trip didn't get cancelled--that darn weather seems to ruin everything!!

    I have never had gelato which is crazy I know!

  8. I LOVE Criminal Minds! My husband and I watch it all the time but we are running out of episodes.

  9. How awesome for DS - I was a math club member myself ;)! Those Museli crackers look good, I have to look out for them!

  10. How is that tea? I just read an article for class about how that brand recently had a "makeover" for its packaging.

  11. Krista, you always have the best looking eats!!! It’s making me crave some oats for dinner, topped with an egg perhaps?? I love that caramel filled chocolate! Have you tried the dark chocolate espresso?? It’s AMAZING!!

  12. I love the cinnamon raisin PB too!! I can not believe no mighty maple where you are : p

    My fiance loves chess, he is really good at it too, so cool your son is playing!!!

    Im loving the icecream, yum!!!

    I hope you had a great day! xoxo


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