Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Chocolaty Wednesday

I must’ve had turpentine up my bum this morning because I was ahead of the game right from the get go! I was out of the shower, downstairs packing lunches, eating breakfast and out the door way sooner than normal! You watch, tomorrow I will be rushing around like a mad woman! LOL! IMG_0366
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup flax seed porridge
-carob chips
-chopped peanuts IMG_0364
I’m really enjoying the addition of kefir to my oats. It makes them unbelievably creamy and lush.

Work whipped along at a pretty decent pace today. I brought a raspberry oatmeal muffin to snack on before going to the gym: IMG_0367
Speaking of the gym; I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do there today. I knew I wanted to go, but nothing was sounding appealing. I ended up starting out with a 20 minute walk at 4.1mph with a 7% incline. Then I ran for 25 minutes at 6.1mph with a 0.5% incline. I finished up with 5 minutes of walking the same as how I started. Turned out to be a great workout!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 157
Max Hr: 177
Calories Torched: 471
Distance: 4.25 miles

I ate the quinoa stew that I had brought for lunch yesterday today. IMG_0368
I chased that with 2 caramel filled chocolates. IMG_0369
Lucky for me that I got 2 of these as they were the only ones left! My kidlets must’ve gotten into the box. HA!

One of the ladies at the office retired today so there was a big do at 3pm for her with cake and squares and funny stories. I helped myself to one of the smaller pieces of chocolate cake and a raspberry coconut square. IMG_0370
Peeps, as much as I lurve me some chocolate in any form, the square kicked ass. I purposely stayed away from that part of the building for the rest of the afternoon because I just knew I’d take another. And that is just being piggy, no?

The only thing on the agenda for tonight was swimming lessons and they don’t start until 7pm so I had some time to roast a pork tenderloin for dinner. I put ½ a big onion and some mini potatoes in the pan, too. I used one of the kids “divider” plates to eat my dinner off of because I also had a small salad with honey Dijon dressing and some pineapple pieces. I am one of “those” people who hates my food touching! Haha! IMG_0378

I took some new reading material to the pool with me: IMG_0377

Doesn’t that avocado look awesome?!

I just got home from the pool and ate a blood orange that I didn’t get to at work while preparing lunches. IMG_0371

And now I have a coffee (and to be honest, a chocolate chip cookie!) and plan to watch a little Law & Order: SVU. How did you spend your evening?

Bye for now!!


  1. Hey, apologies for my recent disappearance! First I was sick but I've since been engrossed intensely watching the Olympics every night with my family, lol, so I just caught up on your posts. That muffin looks tasty -- I'm jealous of all your recent bakes! Thanks for the tip-off about the Bob's oat bar giveaway.

  2. Quinoa stew looks awesome - always jealous of your delish looking lunches. That chocolate cake looks SO favourite kind!

  3. mmmm...... I want that piece of cake.... it seems so good and I'm having a sugar craving because of lack of sleep! :(
    I watched olympic games last night.

  4. Sounds like you really kicked some butt today! Great job- I love days when I feel like I"m really on top of things! I still haven't tried kefir but I know its on sale at my grocery store this week- I may have to give it a shot! The avocado on the front of that magazine does look amazing. Hope you have a nice Thursday

  5. You are inspiring! I find myself getting into a gym rut...when I go that is.

    How are the blood oranges? Ive only heard that they werent as good as the regular....what do you think?

  6. Some mornings I am just go,go,go and on time--others (usually the next morning like you said lol!) I am rushing around and struggling just to get one foot in front of the other!

    It's funny you mention divider plates, because I actually use em' alot myself! I hate everything running together lol!

  7. I love watching Law & Order SVU. I just recently was able to get my husband to start watching it with me:)

    I did hear a sad rumor. Elliott is leaving the show. This just makes me all choked up inside;(

  8. I still need to try quinoa again. i keep putting it off!

    great job getting up and going this morning! my past few have been sluggish with the earlier call times...uh, 5am? i hate that!

    jealous of the blood oranges; i love those things dipped in melted chocolate! seriously, fresh oranges in chocolate are just like chocolate covered strawberries. phenomenal!

  9. ROTFL!! Ok.. I totally wasn't expecting the first sentence on your blog to be about turpentine up your bum! Bahahaha!! I needed the laugh though! lol!!

    Your breakfasts always look SOOO good! Makes me hungry each & every time!

  10. ahhh i loveeee eating well magazine! i had a subscription for about a year and it had some really awesome recipes in there :) let us know which ones you make!

  11. When I read coconut raspberry square I thought to myself that even sounds better than the chocolate cake! Not that I don't love me some chocolate but the coconut thing sounds so interesting :)


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