Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

***I’m posting this morning because I had some internet issues last night that I just didn’t feel like dealing with. I’ll catch ya all later on today!***

I just want to start off today’s post with a little note regarding my formspring account. I’ve set it up so that when I answer a question it will automatically post to blogger for me. I figure this way everyone can read the Q&A’s and hopefully gain some insight into me, or info on where to find elusive products in my area. So feel free to comment and/or put your 2 cents in!

On to the day! I woke up feeling refreshed after a great sleep, the stiffness is pretty much gone and my tummy seems to be sorting itself out. Life is good! The last Friday of each month is Subway Day at school for the kids so lunches were a matter of a few snacks. Easy peasy. This left me with ample time to enjoy my oats. IMG_0518
-1 cup water
½ cup Quaker oats
-chocolate honey
-walnut pieces IMG_0517
Num-a, Num-a!

I pretty much new as soon as I got up this morning that I wouldn’t be going to the gym so I brought some almonds for a snack: IMG_0519

It was snowing like a bugger today so when I got home at lunch I was feeling some hot chocolate. Enter Bellagio. IMG_0520

I shed a tear because this was the end of the jar. Boohoo!

I brought a serving of quinoa stew for lunch today which I dotted with some herbed Havarti before warming up. The cheese melted perfectly so that I had some with every bite. IMG_0522 IMG_0521

I took a few pictures as I was leaving work so you could see just how crappy it was out: IMG_0526 IMG_0523

I think we’ve gotten more snow in the past 2 days then we have all winter. Ugh…

The boys had dinner and hockey plans tonight so DD and I had a girls night out. We had SO much fun! We went to my favourite restaurant, Einstein’s, to eat some dinner. An old boss of mine who I’ve always remained friends with owns the place with her hubby and they make some of the best food around. Everything is fresh, homemade and delicious. My meal came with a salad which I shared with DD: IMG_0529

DD ordered a penne dish that was loaded with a few different cheeses. IMG_0530

She inhaled this with much enthusiasm. ;) I ordered one of the specials of which I can’t remember the name. It was a mixture of chicken, mushrooms, roasted garlic and cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry. It came with a baked potato, veggies and garlic toast on homemade grain bread. IMG_0531

I ate about half of the “pouch”, all the veggies and the bread. The rest came home for my hubby’s lunch. For dessert we split an apple cranberry pie which was topped with a pecan crumble. SO good! IMG_0532

I took a photo of one of the trees outside the restaurant because it was just so pretty: IMG_0528

After our meal we went to see Valentine’s Day. What a cute movie! I’ve heard a lot of people say that Taylor Swift can’t act, but I think she played the perfect ditsy teenage roll. DD and I both enjoyed it….for different reasons, I’m sure. :)

Well, I’m off to watch some hockey before hitting the sack! Here’s to hoping you all have a fantastic weekend!!

Bye for now!


  1. girls night out with DS seems so fun! I love going out with my mom! she's my best company ever!!! :D

    Krista, how did you make the springme box appear in your blog? I'm trying to figure that out. oh... btw, you can ask me now too!
    have a great Saturday!

  2. So much snow! Stay warm up there! Love that you and your cutie had a girls night out! The dinner looks amazing! I love hometown restaurants. We hardly ever go to chains any more. I want to see that movie, but I will probably end up waiting until it comes out on video. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful

  3. Very crummy weather eh! The snow this morning here is crazyyyyy...very thick!

    I love that you and your daughter had a fun girls night out :) Sounds like the PERFECT date! I really wanna see valentine's day!

  4. Wow, look at all that snow! I want to see Valentine's Day, it looks like a great girly movie :)


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