Thursday, February 25, 2010

One More Sleep Until The Weekend

I was afraid to move when I woke up this morning but the stiffness wasn’t as bad as I thought. Phew! I did some leg stretching in bed then took an extra hot shower. I had “one of those” mornings with the kids today. Specifically, DD which is odd because it’s usually DS that is moody. Not gonna get into details and I love her to bits, but I was relieved to drop her off at the sitter this morning. Therefore, although breakfast was mighty tasty, it wasn’t all together enjoyed. IMG_0502
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-pb/hazelnut butter
-pineapple jam
-carob chips IMG_0501
Last night DS and I ran to the store to buy a box of crackers and look what else I came home with! IMG_0506
My hubby took one look and asked; “What’s with all the junk?” I told him it was on sale 4/$5.00 and to help himself. Whoppers are my fave, that’s why you see 3 boxes! I did bring a box to work for the office candy bowl, though. LOL!!

I gotta say, up until 11:15 I was all “go gym, rawr, here I come!!” And then it was like my enthusiasm hit a big ole brick wall and my mind took a detour from the whole idea. And that, my friends, is something I do not ignore. Aside from being stiff (I can handle that) I’ve been weirdly exhausted all week and my tummy has been off (IBS issues, nothing new). I made the wise decision to go home and put my feet up for the duration of my lunch hour. I had packed a LUNA bar to eat before the gym, but ended up snacking on some almonds instead. IMG_0503
To me, the Luna is too big of a “snack” when not working out. And while home I ate a few Whoppers and sipped on a Celestial sugar cookie tea. IMG_0508 IMG_0507
I ate lunch a bit later in the afternoon…around 2ish. This is what I had: IMG_0509 IMG_0510
I’ve bought this Ocean’s product before in a Thai flavour so I thought I’d go Italian this time. I liked the Thai better, but this was very good, too. I like the convenience of everything being in the one can, already mixed up. And the tuna is in nice big chunks, not hiding: IMG_0512
The only thing I shoulda brought was some of those crackers I bought last night! HA! C’est la vie…

Going completely off topic here; I ordered some Avon stuff on Monday from a girl at work who sells it and it came in already! Here’s my loot:

P.M. Solutions Night Cream and a Thermal Cleanser. There was a special where you buy one, try another for $0.99. I’m all over deals like that! I’d say when it comes to facial products I use mostly Avon and Clinique. How about you? I’m always up for trying new products that come tester approved. ;)

Ate my bowl of fruit again today! IMG_0514

And a Stash tea a la Allie: IMG_0513

I made dinner to go tonight because DD had skating lessons at 5:30 and I didn’t have enough time, nor did I want, to eat at home. I poached 2 chicken breasts and sliced one into a container then mixed it with some Vidalia peach salsa. In a Ziploc I brought at Flatout wrap, lettuce and a LC cheese wedge. Once DD was on the ice I pulled up a chair in the cafe and prepared my wrap. IMG_0515

Like my Eating Well place mat? Ha! Here it is all wrapped up ready for my belly. IMG_0516

There was also a handful of Reece Pieces that didn’t make the shoot. ;)

I’m off to watch women’s hockey. Canada is leading 1-0…WAHOO! I’ll leave you with a few fun avocado tidbits care of Eating Well Magazine

  • it takes an avocado 12 months to mature
  • avocados do not ripen until picked
  • if left on the tree, they will continue to “put on fat” for an additional 6 months making them even better for you

There you have it!

Bye for now!!


  1. You only ate 5 whoppers!?!? Krista my dear, you are a SAINT. ROTFL!!! For my face I use Baby Dove (unscented, it's the only thing that never dries out my face! I've been using it for years!) and L'oreal Vitamin E SPF 15 & Burt's Bee's Royal Jelly creams. Been using this stuff for years... I have dry & delicate skin and this is what works for me! :)

  2. I had no idea it takes an avocado a year to! That tuna salad looks delish -- a great meal on the go. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is so good, isn't it?! Just like a cookie in a cup. :)

  3. Hi pretty lady ;) How are you? Sorry to hear you've been having tummy issues this week :( Hopefully they go away in time for the weekend. Love your little candy treats. I'm thinking of picking up a little treat for myself this weekend- not sure what I'm in the mood for. owww the fruit looks super yummy (again!). This fact about avocados really makes me appreciate them : "it takes an avocado 12 months to mature"

  4. Haha, this made me laugh: "“go gym, rawr, here I come!!”" I'm glad you listened to your body and took it easy!! That wrap looks fantastic! Cool avocado facts :)

    Hope tomorrow is a better morning!

  5. good that you listened to your body and went home instead of pushing yourself into the gym. IBS issues are not fun at all! Hope you feel better today! :)
    Whoopers used to be my childhood luxury snack! Love it!

  6. Very interesting avacado faq. I'm having a tough gym week as well, I'm tired, lazy and have been snacking like crazy.

  7. Magazines make good placemats!!! Love it!!!

    Ummmmmm yeah whoppers rock my world, I would of ate the whole box and then had the other the next day!!!!

    Oh girl I am so ready for the weekend!!!

    Love u!!!!!!

  8. yum! all your food always looks so good!


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