Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tropical Breakfast

I’m happy, and relieved, to say that today went by at a much smoother pace. I also had a better sleep last night so maybe that has something to do with it. And hey! What was up with The Biggest Loser last night? I was annoyed that the first part of it was last weeks show. Then I missed the last ½ hour because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. BOO TV programming!! At least my breakfast photos look much better today… IMG_0078
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-coconut extract
-1/4 cup crushed pineapple
-mashed banana
-hemp seeds

-shaved coconut IMG_0077
No need to visit the tropics when I can eat this for breakfast! Well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit! :D

I enjoyed one of my Pineapple Flax Muffins pre gym this morning:


I’m gonna have to pull out my bakers hat in a few days because these babies are almost gone. I also sipped on a Stash tea: IMG_0079
The gym was a little on the warm side today and I’ve learned that running in that type of heat sets me up for an upset belly the rest of the afternoon so I walked some at a speed of 4.1mph with a 6% incline and ran some at 6.1 with a 0.5% incline. This balanced out well.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 154
Max Hr: 178
Calories Torched: 416
Distance: 3.8 miles

I brought a serving of quinoa stew with a thin slice of Asiago bread for my lunch today. I’m surprised there’s still some of the bread left! My boys must’ve forgotten about it. And I’m not about to remind them. ;) IMG_0082
Later on in the day I crunched my way through a bag of carrot sticks (which I took the time to cut while making dinner last night) and sugar snap peas: IMG_0081
The peas were amazingly sweet. I could’ve eaten the whole bag if I’d had it with me.

Dinner tonight was roasted pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and bok choy: IMG_0089

I followed Coco’s tutorial on how to cook the bok choy and it came out great!

I just got back from the kids swimming lessons and am getting ready to watch Criminal Minds. I’m feeling a bit hungry too so I’m thinking a small bowl of cereal is in my near future. Then bed. *sigh* LOL!

Bye for now!!


  1. That oatmeal sounds like a beach in a bowl- delicious!

  2. It's like a pina colada in a bowl! YUM! I think I'd much rather have a real pina colada and be laying on the beach though :)

  3. i really should try one of your oat combos...i'm so afraid to try out of my box! you're so inventive!!!

  4. glad to know that the tutorial was helpful! :)
    how you do roast pork? I have some leftover from Star's stay and I dont' know what to do with it.

  5. hey girl..I've given up on watching biggest loser altogether lol...

    That asiago bread sounds right up my ally!! Enjoy it!

  6. Hey Krista! Glad yesterday was a better day for you. And now its Thursday! Aka- almost Friday :) Glad you still have a little of your bread stash left to enjoy. I love veggies as a snack- carrots and snap peas are always good. Great dinner too- I have to try making bok choy- I bet I'd love it. Have a good one

  7. oh pineapple in oats sounds like a fun new one to try! :)

  8. oh ma gawwwd a tropical breakfast!!? i love it! that makes me want summer to come ever faster for sure :)

  9. Your oats look like a little piece of paradise -- the perfect way to warm up on a cold January morning!

  10. I just love pork tenderloin--I enjoy stuffing it with all different things and brushing it will a glaze; it really livens things up a bit! And I've never tried bok choy--I assume it's probably somewhat like kale. Looks good!


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