Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Original Green Pan Cookware

I was fortunate enough to receive a Green Pan rectangular oven tray in the mail last week to test out. IMG_0375

My first impression was that it was a heavy duty, solid tray. IMG_0374

The edges are deep enough so that “juices” will stay put and keep your oven clean! Makes it easy to grab on to, too! :DIMG_0376

This line of cookie sheets and roasting pans are “made of heavy gauge aluminized steel with the patented Thermolon Rocks non-stick interior” The Green Pan products are also stain free so will look good after many uses.

The kids have been asking for homemade cookies so I decided to make Mama Peas vegan chocolate chip cookies and my “test” project. Here’s a picture of them straight out of the oven: IMG_0423

The cookies cooked evenly and did not burn on the bottom. I didn’t use anything to grease the pan with and the cookies slid right off with no difficulty at all. And the clean up was virtually non-existent! This is the pan once the cookies came off…. IMG_0426

You can imagine how easy that was to wipe up! Now let’s talk pricing. This product ranges in price from $34.99 - $79.99. A little costly? Yes. Would I personally purchase this product? Yes. I could tell right away by the sheer heft of the tray that it was good quality and I’m more than impressed with the results of my cookies. For more info on this product, click here to go to the website.


Many thanks to Melanie for the opportunity to try this out! Let me know if you’ve tried Green Pan out and whether or not you liked the product!

Bye for now!!


  1. I don't mind spending more money on a good product that I know will last me forever. That pan will probably be handed down to your grandchildren ;)

    You know what I mean! Even with food. My husband and I both believe in spending a little more for better quality.

    I'll have to look into those pans!

  2. That looks awesome, I'd love to try one too. I hate how cookie sheets bend easily or get burnt so easily.

  3. I have a square grill pan made by Green Pan and I love it. It cleans up easily, cooks beautifully, and looks really pretty. The handle is a bit long for me, but it might just be that my stove is a bit on the small side. Great products! ~Krista

  4. that it oneee heavy duty pan you got your hands on! looks pretty legit to me but sounds uber expensive! someday i'll register for it? haha

  5. Oh fun pan!! One thing I can't stand about pans is when they start to turn funky colors. Great review! Those cookies look delish as well :)

  6. ooo what a good pan!! i need one like that..thanks for the review!

  7. I've never heard of this brand, but it sounds like a great pan! And so do those cookies.

  8. ouch, that's a pretty hefty price for a baking pan. but i suppose if it lasted forever and worked well it would be ok?!

  9. I have a green pan too - an 8" frying pan, it was a gift - LOVE IT!

  10. Looks like an awesome pan and easy clean up, sign me up!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  11. I usually line pans with tinfoil to avoid extra mess, but I am impressed how clean this one is without any barrier between the cookies and the pan. I may have to look into getting one! Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. must be a very solid pan that last for long time, nice choice.
    cuisinart cookware

  13. I have a couple of Green-pan frying pans and love them. But I have trouble finding a source for different sizes of saucepans for sale. Where can I buy GreenPans?

  14. Anon....I have placed an email with the company to ask where you can find the pans. Will get back to you as soon as I hear back....Krista

  15. Anon....In regards to where these items can be purchased. here is the email I got from the company:

    Hi Krista,

    GreenPan Ovenware is sold at gourmet shops nationally. The non-stick frying pans can also be found at Sears.

    I can find out exactly where the ovenware is sold in your reader’s area if you’d like. Where is he/she from?

    Have a good day,


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