Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food for Haiti

Hi everybody! Hope your Tuesday has been good to you. Mine was peachy. I’m on 8:30 start this week so I enjoyed a bit more time under the covers this morning. Always a nice treat. IMG_0459
-1/3 cup flax seed porridge
-2/3 cup water
-scoop of PB&Co cinnamon raisin swirl
-drizzle of agave IMG_0457

This hit the spot today. I just love plump, juicy raisins!

There was to have been a big meeting at work today but it was cancelled due to bad weather. Unfortunately….or fortunately….the caterer already had food for 130 people prepared. Yikes! What they ended up doing was asking anybody that wanted to take some food donate $3.00 to the Haiti Relief Fund. Worked for me. There were scads of cheese, muffins, baked goodies, fruit, salads, lasagnas, etc. I didn’t want to be piggy. I swear some people act like vultures when there’s “free” food around! Here’s what came back to my desk with me. IMG_0462 IMG_0460 IMG_0461
I grazed on the fruit throughout the day. The rest of the treats and cheese went home to the fam. An email went out to let us know that $159.00 had been raised. That would indicate that about ½ the people at the office participated. Not bad.

I did something a bit different in the gym today. I had mentioned sometime last week that I was going to be starting a 4 week plan that I found in the latest Prevention mag and today was day 1. This meant 30 minutes of cardio (elliptical) and 20 minutes of weights (5, 7 & 10lbs). My limbs were pretty shaky afterwards so I’m thinking that I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!

Time: 50 minutes
Avg Hr: 150
Max Hr: 178
Calories Torched: 451
Distance: 3.3 miles

Before going to the gym I snacked on a toasted nuts & cranberry LUNA bar: IMG_0463
Gotta be honest here….I did not like this flavour at all. I found it bland and it left a weird after taste in my mouth. Bletch!

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I packed lunch today, but it was a pretty light one! IMG_0464
That’s about ¾ cup of goat’s milk yogurt with some strawberry/black cherry/blood orange jam on top. AKA cheesecake! Of course I mixed it all up after taking a picture! IMG_0465
This went down fast and furious. I just love the combo! For those of you who may have missed it, this is the brand I adore: IMG_0466

Dinner was an early affair again tonight because on Tuesday’s DD & I need to leave by 5:30 for Pilate’s. I pulled out the George Foreman and grilled some turkey sausages. My sides were WW couscous and steamed veggies: IMG_0470

After taking the picture I added some of this Vidalia onion & peach salsa to my plate for dipping. IMG_0467

I found this at Winners last night and am I ever glad I decided to buy it! FAB-ULOUS! I also picked up this way cute Easter plate… IMG_0468

HA! Loving it! :D

Back to food here….I left the chocolate banana cake in the fridge and ate 2 chocolate chip cookies. One of Mama Peas recipes, of course!


Pilate’s was killer tonight. My regular instructor is in Cuba (!!) so 2 other teachers took over the classes. I find it more challenging to work with other teachers, but in a good way. Before sitting down to do this post I made a half coffee, half Bellagio white hot chocolate:


Damn flash! And nuked a vegan pumpkin muffins which then got smeared with some peanut hazelnut butter: IMG_0475

I just clued in that The Biggest Loser is not on again tonight. Bummer. I’ll be spending a bit of time quizzing DD for a test that she has tomorrow. Yay. ;)

If you love coffee and are looking to maybe score some, you need to go visit Faith at An Edible Mosaic! She’s got some great flavours up for grabs! Also, a friend of mine recently started up a blog called Jess Just Because. I can promise that you won’t regret making her a daily read! At her blog you’ll find adorable lamb and puppy pictures as well as gorgeous produce which she grows and sells at the Farmer’s Market. Why not go and say “hi”???

Bye for now!!


  1. Love the new kick butt gym workout! I love combining weights and cardio. Great job on raising money for Haiti! Thats awesome. And how good does that vegan muffin with the nut butter look? Perfect evening treat!

  2. Hey! Great foods as usual! That was a great idea to donate a few dollars for Haiti and you got alot of goodies out of it :) The desserts would be my fave ;)

    It's nice that you and your daughter can enjoy something active together!!

    I will head over and check out your friends blog now :)

  3. Does the goat milk yogurt have the "goaty" taste? Like goat cheese? I love your friend's blog :)

  4. Thanks so much for the link back, Krista! :) All your treats at work look so yummy...and they help such a good cause! Love that adorable Easter plate!

  5. i didnt like that luna flavor either!
    LOVE the easter plate. can u believe easter is so soon?! gah i cant!

  6. How nice that your work raised money for Haiti with those yummy goods!! Wow the goodies you took back to your desk look delicious!!!!

    I am loving the easter plate!! Target always has cute plates too so Im going to be on the lookout for some easter ones!!!

    I never tryed that yogurt!! Looks good!!!!!

    I have not made that banana bread but need to!!! I love hungry girls recipes!!!

    Have a gnite! xoxo

  7. I'm glad the food was put to good use! The sweets look really good (I'm usually not that much into sweets, but now I really want something sweet. Good think I already brushed my teeth...).

    Cute Easter plate!

  8. There's just something so so so good about white hot chocolate. That and pumpkin anything! Great post.

  9. so cool that you started a new workout... I announced a new one too but really haven't started yet! :(
    those cakes are gorgeous... so nice the idea of fund raising for Haiti! no food wasted and help others.

  10. what a great impromptu fundraiser for haiti!! and look at the goods you got out of it! so tasty looking!!!

  11. That was a good idea to donate money for Haiti--it'd be a shame to see all that delish looking food go to waste!! For three bucks you can't go wrong! I am not a fan of the cranberry nut luna bar either, glad to know someone else notices the funny aftertaste as well.

  12. Thanks for the publicity Krista! It's a lot of fun, isn't it?
    You sure do have a lot of catered events at work! I wish we had more of that. Even potlucks would be great! hmmm...maybe that's a suggestion I'll make soon.

    Thanks again!

  13. yum! your goodies at work look delicious!

  14. Not only did you send out positive karma with your donation, you got some great looking eats there krista!

    i still can't find the goat yogurt or the greek yogurt from liberte - i've searched high and low in toronto. i think im going to venture out to your area next! lol

  15. What a great idea to donate money for Haiti. Those treats look fantastic too so I think the money was well spent :)

    That Easter plate is too cute!! Hope you enjoyed your late start today as well!

  16. Never tried goat yogurt before...but now you've got me curious to give it a taste!


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