Monday, October 5, 2009

Barley-rific Monday

Happy Monday! A lot of people think I’m nuts, but Monday is my favourite day of the (work) week. It always seems to pass by so quickly. Seeing as the temps have turned much cooler, we’ve added an extra blanket to the bed which has been keeping me very cozy indeed. So cozy in fact, that I’ve been staying in bed until the last possible minute. Hence the coffee in my oats again this morning! 100_6494

-1 cup coffee
-1/3 cup PC 5 Grain cereal
-almond butter
-carob chips

Hit. The. Spot.

Our computer software crashed this morning; thank God it’s not pay week! Anyways, this little blip afforded me the time to read all the blogs I missed over the weekend. By the sounds of it, you all had a good one! Lots of tasty baking happening out there….LOVE it! :D I enjoyed some of my baking pre gym in the form of a thumbprint cookie; 100_6495

Chomp, chomp!

The gym was peachy! Now that we have TV’s in there, I’ve been getting some Rach on while I sweat. My lunch this week starts at 11:30am so I watched the second part of the show first and the first 20 mins of the show second. A little back-asswards, but it works!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 166
Max Hr: 181
Calories Torched: 503
Distance: 4.5 miles

Craig Ferguson was on the show today and boy did I laugh. What an amusing fella! Almost made me want to stay up until 12:35am to watch the show!!

You should not be surprised to see that I brought cauliflower & barley pilaf for lunch today. 100_6497

What can I say? I can’t get enough of it! You’ll be glad to see further on in this post that I finished it off at supper time! Then I got into the chocolate macaroons from the office candy dish; 100_6496

Pretty sure I ate at least that many more!

Now on to a pretty little squash I bought at Knapp’s yesterday. I will admit that I bought it for the pretty orange hue and had NO idea what kind it was. 100_6499

Pretty, isn’t it? I put the internet to good use and discovered that this is called an “ambercup” squash. (scroll down a bit in the link to see the info). It would seem that it is very similar to a buttercup squash…only better looking! I washed it really well, cut it in half, scooped the seeds out, 100_6500

sprayed it with some olive oil and roasted it flesh side down on a greased cookie sheet for 45mins at 375* 100_6504

Oh, la la! I ate a portion of this with a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Remember all those beer butt chickens we’ve been eating? Well, I saved all the bones and on Saturday they spent 3+ hours simmering away with some tomatoes and a whole lot of water. Once the broth cooled off I strained all the pieces out and put it in the fridge for a day. All I had to do tonight was scrape the hardened “fat” off the top and it was ready to roll! I threw in some leftover steamed veggies from last night and made them disappear with my immersion blender. Once boiling, I added a handful of alphabet shaped noodles and a package of ravioli (for the fam). Presto! Here’s my meal for your viewing pleasure! 100_6503

And a soup bowl close up! 100_6501

The perfect end to this meal was a slice of apple butter bread with a smidge of ginger pear jam on it; 100_6476

DD is at dance now and the boys are not back from hockey yet so I have a few minutes to myself. Can’t wait to cozy up under a blanket with a tea later on. I hope everyone has as relaxing an evening…

Bye for now!!


  1. I too watched Craig Ferguson on RR today - hilarious fella :-D

    Apple butter bread with ginger pear jam?? Wowza, so many tantalizing flavors going on there!!

    Enjoy your few minutes of "me time" now!!

  2. That squash looks awesome! I'm hoping to experiment with some new flavors this fall as well.

    Great job on making your own broth- I have always wanted to do that!

  3. that thumbprint cookie looks delectable! ummm i wanna make some. i loved these like ARCHWAY raspberry oat meal cookies...and they're not here in california. sadness.

  4. haha you're the only person I know that loves mondays! you cuhrazy girl in a completely awesome way :)

    mmm mm love acorn squash!

  5. I always want to snatch up random squashies when I go grocery shopping! That one looks beautiful! Mondays used to be my favorite school day in high school because it was the only day I wasn't totally sleep deprived--after catching up on the weekends!

  6. Oh Krista... I swear, I always leave your blog starving to death!! LOL!!! Everything always looks SO good! Your workouts are always awesome!

    I didn't realize you put coffee actually IN your oats! YUMMY!! Do you cook the cereal in it? I'm loving the PC 5 Grain.. it's definitely going to be a "regular" for me! :)

  7. i totally need to try the coffee in my if only i had coffee...hahah!

  8. That's great that Monday is your favorite day of the week!

    Your thumbprint cookie looks soooo good today, even better than yesterday... ;)

  9. The squash looks like a pumpkin! Looks delicious though!

    I bought a little kabocha squash to roast this week. I can't wait. Love squash!

  10. we had the same lunch! it's great! I love it! I'll have it again today! :)

    how that squash tastes? like kabocha or like acorn? it's so pretty, I wanted to buy it but wasn't sure if i'd like it

  11. We are supposed to get our first dose of snowflakes on Saturday--noo!!

    I have been eating squash by the pound. No joke! I can't get enough of it :-) But I microwave mine to get it in my belly faster!

  12. oh my gosh. this post is FULL of amazing eats!! <3

  13. Your breakfasts always make me drool! :D

  14. I've never seen an ambercup's such a pretty color and looks delish! I love alphabet noodles, how fun! :)

  15. Isn't having a TV to watch during cardio amazing? I love it so much :) Your leftovers look so awesome. I might make that pilaf when it cools down here. Let's switch weather systems. I was in a tank top today!

  16. I have some instant coffee in my house now, and I'm thinking I might need to start making mocha oats to keep me awake on my early mornings. HA!


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