Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home Alone

Today marked one of the rare days that I got the house ALL to myself! Two and a half hours, to be exact! DS had hockey practice from 4:45-6:05 and then they drove one of his team mates home. DD went along to hang out with one of the boys sisters who she has taking a real liking to. Don’t get me wrong….I love my family, but it’s a real treat to be at the house by myself once in a blue moon!

On with the eats! 100_6431

  • 1 cup coffee
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend w/ quinoa
  • almond butter
  • Crofter’s ASIA preserves
  • cinnamon sugar


Using coffee is quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I like to use tea, too….I just always forget to brew it the night before. I should get on that when I’m done here!

Work was smoking busy today. I broke at noon to snack on the last (stale) butternut squash muffin; 100_6434

I found this lonely only hiding out in the back of the fridge. Chances are it came home from somebody’s lunch and just got tossed in the fridge (in a baggie, of course!)

I was psyched to get to the gym today because they installed the TV’s….finally! I think I got a little too excited because I was really dragging my ass by the end of the run. I slowed the speed down a bit for the last 5 minutes I was huffing so bad! DOH!

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 168
  • Max Hr: 182
  • Calories Torched: 508
  • Distance: 4.5 miles

I can tell just by those stats that it was a toughie!!

I turned last night’s leftovers into a great lunch. I warmed up the rest of the bell peppers and a small piece of chicken and rolled them up into a flatout wrap that has a LC cheese wedge spread on it. On the side there were some orange slices and grapes; 100_6436

Here’s a close up of the inside of the wrap; 100_6437

Later in the afternoon I had an Earl Grey tea. Here’s my saying for the day; 100_6432

I like that one! Just before leaving for the day I ate the last half of my Clif Bar from yesterday because I knew it would be a while before dinner time rolled around. 100_6438

When I arrived home I changed into comfy, warm clothes, made a coffee and plopped myself on the couch for some Food TV. *bliss* I got started on dinner about 6pm. DS likes pasta in a big way after hockey so I combined some ground beef with a good 4 cups of homemade marinara sauce then combined it with 2 packages of store bought ravioli. That mixture went into an oven safe dish and got sprinkled with a combo of panko crumbs and marble cheese. 30 minutes in the oven and voila! 100_6439

I ate maybe 4 of the ravioli….yummy! That's my pasta limit, though. For myself I baked up some butternut squash fries using one of the squash picked from the garden yesterday and I also made some bok choy with a little Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce. That blob is Dijonnaise; 100_6440

Looky what came in the mail for me! 100_6366

THANKS, POM Wonderful! I can’t wait to try this tea. It looks so refreshing. Well, I just finished helping with homework and now I plan to grab a bit of dessert. I’m thinking a slice of banana butternut loaf with some almond butter. Mmmm!

Bye for now!!


  1. I got a gifty from POM today too! Some new flavors of POM juice- I'm super excited to try them.

    Glad you got some alone time. I'm sure it was heavenly. Your dinner looks so good! I have your homemade sauce still on list of things to make

  2. Ooh, lucky you -- I've been wanting to try their new tea line, too. That creative meaty-cheesey ravioli-casserole looks like a boy's dream!
    PS- Looking forward to the seasonal Clif bars??

  3. Mmm a surprise muffin! It's like finding cash in a couch :) Yum-O lookin' wrap.

  4. agree with you! family is good but sometimes it's also good to be alone, to connect to ourselves.

    that wrap looks yummy~ as well as that ravioli!

  5. OOh, I am so jealous that you have butternut squash in your garden. One of the many downfalls of living in an apartment... I do have some fresh basil on our balcony though ;)

  6. Great "me time" day!! And hooray for getting the internet/blog stuff to work ;)

  7. yumm that wraop looks great!! I am not a huge ravioli person but that looks good!!

    I love having 'me time' as well, theres nothing like having the house tot yourself and doing whatever you want with no one bothering you! so glad you had a couple hours to do that!

  8. I remember always eating tons of pasta back in the sports days--good fuel for sure! And I bet you loved having the house to yourself--there's something peaceful about being alone and being able to hear your thoughts, do what you please, etc! Have a wonderful weekend--any baking adventures planned?!

  9. Haha "Calories Torched" - love that term! Glad you got some 'me' time!! I think I would go crazy without my 'me' time.

    Woohoo for POM! I hope you enjoy them :)

  10. Comfy clothes, coffee, and Food TV is bliss for me too...gotta love home alone time! Happy Friday! :)

  11. Is that a Pampered Chef baking dish I see? I was just at a party, so I'm all over those things now :)


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