Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pilate’s & Biggest Loser

Well, I made it into work today! I’m SO, so relieved that DD was feeling more like her self when she woke up. Especially after reading THIS article this morning. Those 2 poor babies are right around her age! She ate a good breakfast, took her med’s like a champ and was excited to get back to school. Thank the heavens for that.

I got myself to bed at 9:15pm last night knowing that I needed to catch up on my own zzz’s, but that damn New Moon kept me up until 11pm anyways! Yikes! I must’ve slept enough regardless because I felt pretty good this morning. Breakfast may have been a factor in that! 100_6817

-1 cup coffee
-1/3 cup oat bran
-cashew butter
-Enjoy Life Foods trail mix 100_6816

Seeing as today was my Monday and I had a back log of work to catch up on, the day flew right on by. Pre gym snack of the day was a Clif PB&J dipped Mojo bar; 100_6819 100_6821

JUST like a PB&J sandwich with out the bothersome bread! Loved it.

I’m guilty of trying to talk myself out of a run today and to use the elliptical instead, but then I read Leah’s post about how great she felt after her 4 miler and the deal was sealed!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 161
Max Hr: 181
Calories Torched: 469
Distance: 4.5 miles

And, yes….I was very glad afterwards to have run!

Lunch was some leftover jade grain blend… 100_6822

With some broccoli; 100_6823

All I added to this was a wee pat of butter and some salt. Gotta have those 2 things with anything kind of rice because that’s how my Mom made it when I was a kid. I use to love when she made rice as a base for stew or chili because her rice was always so flavourful. Good ole saltiness!

Afternoon snack-a-roo was a huge honey crisp apple. 100_6824

I only have one left so I’ll be buying more this weekend for sure. I think the season is almost over for them which is too sad for me to even contemplate. :(

We BBQ’d some turkey sausages tonight which I served with the rest of the green beans from the other night. The fam had some packaged noodles, too so I decided to mix up a 1/2ish cup of red kidney beans with a scoop of TJ’s spinach sauce. It turned out fantastic! Here’s my plate;


And just as a reminder, here’s what the jar of sauce looks like. 100_6825

I scarfed back 2 of Allie’s aprican bites on my way out the door to Pilate’s. Hence no photo!

Speaking of Pilate’s…..at some point this class turned into a sweet kind of torture. By the time the hour is up every muscle in my body, but especially my core area, is trembling. OW-WEE! Mind you, that is what I paid for!

I’ve just settled in with 3 strawberry pumpkin coconut bites with some macadamia nut butter; 100_6828

to watch The Biggest Loser. After that will be straight to bed for me. :D

Bye for now!!


  1. ahhhhh twilight...how you leave us all sleep deprived ;) Glad DD is feeling better! Love all the mojos. Huge apples are amazing. I just had a big one with din din ;)

  2. LOVES those little pumpkin bites :)

    ugh New Moon was my FAV its so depressing (hahaha I know its sad the most depressing one was my fav) but seriously it SUCKS you in. hurry up and finish!! hahaha i keed i keed

  3. I am so glad she is feeling better. Kids were dropping like flies at my school today.

    Twilight was something thank goodness I read during the summer. I was up every night until I passed out.

  4. oh twilight...how you've gotten so many to fall for you...!

    and glad DD is feeling better!!1

  5. I'm so glad DD is better!

    Your dessert looks good! :)

  6. Never tried any of the TJ's sauces, but you make them sound delish!

  7. I hope DD keeps improving! good vibes to her!
    a run always make you feel better afterward... I really crave one now!

  8. I'm so glad I could help you get out for that run!! I admit, I never regret a workout!!

  9. SO glad DD is feeling better--with all these crazy sicknesses floating around, it's a bit scary! OMG I want that bar--it looks amazing! Are they new or..?

  10. YAY! Glad DD is feeling better!! I saw that spinach sauce at TJs yesterday. Next time I'll have to pick up a jar and try it with beans!

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  11. I'm glad DD is feeling better! I bet I would love that flavor Clif...I love the flavors of PB&J but hate the bread (especially if it gets soggy!). I'll definitely look for this flavor!

  12. what did you think of the biggest loser?? I was so sad to see abby go, but she has so much support at home!

    those clif bar look INSANE...DIPPED pb&J! wow, I need to find those at whole foods next time i go

    I am glad DD is feeling better!!

  13. that nut butter sounds awesome & i've really been wanting to try those clif bars


  14. What all is in that grain blend? It looks really tasty. And I know what you mean about adding a wee bit of butter to your rice - we always ate it that way too, and I'd always add soy sauce (aka salt). I could seriously eat a whole bowl of rice with just butter & soy sauce and be a happy camper.


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