Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Great Halloween!

Thanks to an IBS flare up that kept me up until past 2am, I slept until 9 this morning. Ugh…By the time I had a shower and put my face on it was almost time to leave for hockey and I was pretty much out of time for a sit down breakfast. I defrosted an Ezekiel 4:9 English muffin, toasted it and filled it with some egg whites and goat’s cheese mozzarella; 100_6891

Tasty, filling but best of all was that my belly was OK with it!

The game this morning was a lot of fun! The boys won their first game and were super hyper afterwards in the change room. All the parents were pretty proud of them!

Seeing as I missed my oats in the morning, I decided to make a big bowl for lunch! Didn’t think I’d miss my oats, did ya?? :D 100_6905

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup USVAB
  • 1/2 cup PC 5 grain cereal
  • cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup applesauce
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • craisins
  • mocha hazelnut sprinkles

I made a bigger portion seeing as it was lunch. The applesauce and pumpkin were leftover from some baking that I did previous to making lunch so I figured I might as well throw them in the pot! These are the sprinkles I used (which I totally forgot I had); 100_6904

Then some Halloween treats found their way to my mouth; 100_6906

On to the baking I did!!! I made Caroline’s Vegan Pumpkin Bread again using actual pumpkin this time! I used WW flour, 1/2 cup of agave in place of the sugar and a 1/4 cup applesauce instead of the oil. I also liberally sprinkled on some of those mocha hazelnut sprinkles. 100_6908

I let that cool completely while we were running some errands, then enjoyed a piece when we arrived home. 100_6909

DD went off to her friend’s Halloween party at 4:30 and DS had plans to go out with a teammate so the boys opted to grab some pizza for dinner. I’m willing to bet that pizza joints were rocking busy tonight! I pulled a serving of Curried Red Lentil Soup with Chickpeas & Quinoa for myself. I topped it off with a dollop of goat’s milk yogurt; 100_6911

I munched on 3 more little chocolate bars as a sweet end, but no picture. Guess I was trying to hide the evidence! :D

So, the boys and the Dad’s took off for a good hour while I stayed warm handing out candy. There were some pretty cute little ones that came around. Another neat knock at the door came from 2 university students who were collecting non perishable food for the Food Bank. I guess a whole lot of them cover the city collecting food. I thought that was a fantastic idea for sure!!

Now, my hubby has left for hockey and I’ve decided to let the kids stay up until 9:30 to finish watching a movie. The mass amount of candy that they both came home with is safely tucked away and I am enjoying a nice, hot tea. I hope everyone is having a fun Halloween!

Bye for now!!


  1. Ahh hope you feel 100% better tomorrow!!

    Love Caroline's breadrecipe!!


  2. so sorry to hear that IBS has been giving you hard time :( not fun at all!
    great bowl of oats for lunch... big , yummy and comforting! :)

  3. yumm!!! great job on the pumpkin bread my dear! it looks amazingggg

    I hope you are feeling better

    nothing like a big ole bowl of oats for lunch!!

  4. That Pampered Chef mix sounds incredible! Great idea to put it on the bread - yum!!

    Glad you all had a great Halloween :)

  5. oh lord your breakfast looks SO good :) Now I totally want an egg sammie!

    I love love love that teens were going around collecting food for a food bank. what an AWESOME idea for halloween!

  6. Glad the bread came our successfully this time!!! It looks fabulous esp. with the mocha hazelnut sprinkles!!! I'm going to have to persuade Caroline to make me some :)

  7. So cool they won the first game--whoohoo!

    Those pampered chef sprinkles sound awesome--did you get them recently??

  8. I totally should have ordered some of those sprinkles when I was at the Pampered Chef party. Not that I need them, but they would definitely be fun :)


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