Sunday, October 4, 2009


We had another wet, dreary day in these parts today. Seems like we’re paying for the very nice first part of September we had. Eh…hopefully next weekend will be brighter and warmer!


Mmmm, pancakes! I was thinking last night that I hadn’t made any in a while, so I whipped up a batch today with a pack of Amazing Grass; 100_6478

I also added a sprinkle of chopped walnuts to each pancake before flipping and when they were done I spread some Crofter’s Asia superfruit jam on them. 100_6480


DD participated in a babysitting course today from 10-4 so we went out to the farm once she was settled in. On the way home we stopped at Knapp’s to buy the “pie of the day”, peach blueberry, which just so happens to be my favourite fruit combination.

Lunch was some more cauliflower barley pilaf with the rest of the buttercup squash; 100_6482

Then I had me a smallish piece of warm pie with the insides oozing out…. 100_6483

You bet I did my fair share of oohing and ahhing while eating this! :D

After getting myself beautified I drove over to Costco for some much needed snacks for school. I find it so much more convenient buying drinking boxes and granola bars in bulk. Here are some of the treats that I bought for all of us to enjoy! 100_6484

The kids are gaga over the chocolate chip Weetabix and I must admit they they are pretty good! I’m eager to try the Maple Pecan Crunch cereal and the Kashi granola bars are ones we’ve had before…7 grain, pumpkin pie spice and toasted almond…but they’re all ones that are safe for the kids to take to school. I also bought some of my favourite turkey sausages for tonight’s dinner; 100_6486

It seems like they had stopped carrying this brand for a period of time and I’m sure glad to see it back!

Once I picked DD up, we came home and I helped her with her homework. They’re learning about politics which certainly isn’t a favourite topic of mine, but I guess I learned along with her! Once that was done I dappled with another ED&BV cookie recipe…Thumbprint Jam Cookies! 100_6489

I went with the hulled hemp seed version and used spelt flour in place of the barley flour. I also polished off the Crofter’s Asia superfruit jam. I got 15 big cookies even though the recipe was to yield 11-13 and they are GOOD! The kids lurve them, too! SCORE!

To accompany the sausages, I made some maple baked beans (from a can) and steamed mixed veggies; 100_6490

Dessert? 2 cookies! YUM-O….

We just got back from my parents house. I nibbled on 2 more cookies while there.but just the packaged ones. Now I’m enjoying a chocolate spice tea and The Amazing Race. I plan on an early bedtime so I’m fresh in the morning….

Bye for now!!


  1. mmm the thumbprint cookies look awesome! I want to try making those. Love your little bowl with the beans in it!

  2. Sorry about the weather :( But hooray for delicious thumbprint cookies!

  3. forget the cookies that everyone is gawking about...those pancakes look amazing!! i can't remember the last time i had pancakes!!

  4. Great lookin' cookies you've got there--you are quite the baker!! I was eyeing that Maple Pecan cereal the other day when I wrote about Costco :) Let me know if you like it!

  5. those cookies look great! i always love seeing your baking creations!

  6. Ooh! Wish I could find those choc chip Weetabix in the States!

  7. Now I want some cookies and some pie! :)

  8. I had pancakes yesterday too but mine isn't that thin and pretty. how do you make yours so pretty and so pancake like? I need to learn.
    I made that cauliflower barley pilaf and it's delicious!!!! I'm so excited to have it today at lunch! :)

  9. I like the idea to add the AG to the pancake mix! That lunch, pie, and those cookies? Yum, yum, yum!! I want to try those Weetabix - I wonder if we have them?

    Hope you got your early bedtime and have a wonderful Monday :)

  10. LOVE your blog.. your cauliflower barley pilaf and the buttercup squash looks super yum. :)

  11. ummm YUMMMM to this post! that thumb print cookie recipe is awesomeeee!!! sos creative and I want to try some of that crofters Jam, i saw it in Whole foods the other day! i just didn't know which one to get but now you make me want to get the asia superfruit!

  12. Isn't fall just the perfect weather for baking? It almost makes me not mind a cold, dreary day if cookies as yummy as your jam thumbprints are involved! ;)

  13. Yay for more baking!! Your recipe creations always look great--I love seein em' and bookmarking them to make in the near future!

  14. I'm a big fan of those sausages as well. I haven't bought any from Costco in ages though.

    Wonder if my Costco has those cereal as well? These chocolate chip Weetabix intrigue me.


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