Friday, October 2, 2009

Made It

Phew! The work week has finally ended! I’m always glad to see Friday roll around. :D So, I ended up buying more storage space so that I can continue posting hassle free. To post what I did last night I had to delete a folder from Picasa. Unfortunately, the posts those picture’s were in are no longer visible. Grrr… 100_6452


This warmed me up against the cold, wet day we’re having. Fall in Ontario is here.

I got up to no good in the kitchen last night. I’ve been wanting to make Caroline’s vegan pumpkin bread for a while now and decided to just get on with it! Following the recipe I had all my dry ingredients combined in the bowl when I went to get my pumpkin. Turns out I had none left. WTF??? I ALWAYS have a can of that in the pantry and don’t remember using the last one. I scrambled around trying to find a substitute that at least had the same consistency as pumpkin and came up with a jar of apple butter. I figured what the hell, and went with it. The jar was 3/4 of a cup so I topped it off with applesauce. Moving on, I soon realized I was out of oil, too. DOH! I just decided to omit it all together, added a handful of currants and waited to see what happened. Aside from taking and extra 1/2 hour to cook, the bread came out wonderful! Here’s the piece I enjoyed at break time this morning; 100_6454

It is a bit on the sweet side, but considering all the changes I ended up making, I think that’s a non issue!

The gym! Been enjoying those new TV’s!!!

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 155
  • Max Hr: 169
  • Calories Torched: 451
  • Distance (40 minutes elliptical/10 minutes treadmill): 5 miles

Lunch was a massive egg “mcmuffin”; 100_6456

This beast was a Stonehill English muffin with a LC wedge and a 1/4 of nuked egg whites. And it. was. good!

For my afternoon snack I grabbed a long piece of licorice from the office candy dish; 100_6455

And enjoyed an Earl Grey tea with a cute quote. 100_6453

Love that one!! Just before going home time, one of the ladies came around with a box of chocolate from a local candy shop. I choose a dark chocolate coconut piece. 100_6459

Rich, sweet and just the right size.

Look who I caught sneaking a quick after school snack when I came home!


He was dipping Triscuits into the Crofter’s jam! 100_6463

Hambone! We had a “grab whatever you feel like” kinda dinner tonight. I ended up with a serving of vegan chilli topped off with Fage (sorry about the flash…it’s dark out today!) 100_6464

I nibbled on a handful of carob chips to cool my mouth off for a sweet end.

Just before I left to come home a co worker called me up to see if we had plans tonight. He had 4 Storm tickets up for grabs and wanted to know if we could use them. Ummm…YEAH! So, we’ll be off in just a few minutes to take in an unexpected, free game! Enjoy the evening, all!

Bye for now!!


  1. Great improvisation on the baking there!!! Glad it came out great!! I gotta con her into making me some hehe :)

  2. Great pumpkin bread substitutions! How wonderful that it turned out great! It looks really good!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. last minute change on recipes when it comes to baking can be dangerous... glad you succeeded! :) I've had big disasters!

    that egg muffin lunch looks amazing! I'll make something with egg for breakfast then! :)

    have a great weekend!

  4. I always seem to run out of something I thought I had when I go to bake stuff. So now every time I pull the last jar of something out of the pantry I immediately write it on my grocery list--works like a charm! :-) But, hey I wouldn't call yours a failed attempt, still looks/sounds delish!

  5. SO fun that you got to go to the game last night- what a great last minute surprise. Both the bread and the chili look awesome! Yayy for homemade fall foods. Hope you have a great weekend

  6. I love your substitutions to the bread, it sounds fantastic! Homemade egg mcmuffins are the best!

  7. How true is that about the hungry cat? Wilson wakes me up every morning if no one has gotten up before 6:30, because he wants to be fed. Since my room is the first down the hall, I think he just stops there. Also so he can harass Sienna.


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