Sunday, October 18, 2009

It’s A Wrap

The weekend, that is! It seems like I snapped my fingers and it disappeared. I enjoyed a bit of a sleep in today and then ate a great breakie; 100_6673

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Sunrise Blend w/ quinoa
  • cinnamon
  • banana
  • blueberries
  • Enjoy Life Foods kaleMountain Mix trail mix


Can you say, “YUM”?!

It was cold enough this morning that we had to pull out our winter coats to go to the farm. YIKES! There was a thick layer of frost on everything, too. Not cool.

Lunch was a pizza! I topped a flatout wrap with TJ’s spinach sauce, leftover chopped up kale, carrots and some pepper jack cheese. I popped it in the oven at 350* for 10 mins. 100_6676

It crisped up enough that once cut into 3 pieces I could hold it like regular pizza. I really liked these ingredients together.

After lunch we made a quick trip to Costco. I’ve been seeing these cute little peppers on Allie’s blog so when I saw them there today I snatched a bag. 100_6677

Too cute! I was a little hungry when we got home and dinner was still 2+ hours away so I snacked on a PB Z-bar; 100_6678

I spent a few hours reading Twilight. Still can’t put the damn book down. DD wants to read it when I’m done, but I’m not convinced that at 10 and a half she’s ready for it. There’s certainly nothing inappropriate in it, but there is definitely a sexual undertone. What do you guys think? Should I let her read it? I’m really on the fence with this!!

This morning we borrowed my in laws carpet cleaner to deal with some pet “spots”. We’ve been here 2 years and for the first had 2 cats, the second, 3 so some areas needed refreshing! While my hubby took care of that I took advantage of the couches being moved out of the way and vacuumed behind them. Aren't I bucket loads of fun?! :D

Dinner was a beer butt chicken and roasted (on the BBQ) potatoes. There were also 3 bella peppers on my plate but I only ate the orange one! 100_6679

Not such good presentation, eh? Eeek! Dessert was a piece of my Banana Cranberry Pumpkin Cake with a dollop of cranberry sauce on top; 100_6680

For the record, this was dessert the past 2 nights in a row. I didn’t post it because by the time I ate it the sun had gone down and the flash did not do it any justice. My Mom loved this, too, and ended up taking 3 pieces home last night. YAY!

I received another awesome award late last week from Faith! THANK YOU!!


Getting awards from fellow blogger who themselves have great blogs always makes me so happy!

The kids just popped Over The Hedge in and once that is over The Amazing Race will be on. Yes, another night spent on the couch. In my defence, here’s what my week’s looking like;

  • Monday: dance & hockey
  • Tuesday: pilates
  • Wednesday: hockey and swimming
  • Thursday: skating lessons
  • Friday: hockey game in another town that’s 1.5hrs away
  • Saturday: hockey game in town

HA! What do your schedules look like this week?

Bye for now!!


  1. Great lunchy pizza- flat outs are awesome. I need that spinach sauce. Fabulous dessert too- nothing says fall like pumpkin and cranberry. That is one crazy week! My week involves a lot of teaching M- Body Step Launch, T- Body Attack launch, W- Teach Body Step, Th- Either teach body step (subbing...if not 10 mile run), F- Body Attack, S- We have a fitness day at the gym

  2. Those little peppers are SO cute! I love coloured peppers... yum! The pumpkin cake looks amazing... I really need to do some baking! lol!

    My week looks like business as usual! ;)

  3. Love the Flat Out pizza! I agree with Erica - I need to try that TJ's spinach sauce pronto! Spinach pizza is my favorite - it's the best of both!

    Hm, Twilight...of course I want her to read it, but I don't know. My advice would be to read the rest of the series, especially the 4th one, before you make your decision. Trust me!

    Banana, cranberry and pumpkin?! Holy yum!

    My schedule this week includes work, work and work - and hopefully a few nights of fun, too. Have a good one, Krista!

  4. Your breakfast sounds great! I love the color!

    And I'm ready for dessert, so I'd like a piece of the pumpkin cake with some cranberry sauce, please! ;)

    Your week sure sounds busy. Have fun! :)

  5. Dontcha love those mini peppers!! So easy and convenient. Thanks for the shout out!!

    My schedule is too scary to post :)

  6. I have decided not to let my daughter (will be 11 in November) read Twilight until next summer. I am still not comfortable with her being mature enough for it. I LOVE the books and read them last summer.

    You have a busy week like me :( Hope you get to take some time to yourself.

  7. Oh! I PB Z bar!? Thatd be delicious :)

  8. congrats on getting another award! You're awesome!!!

    my week will be POM tour and car search! fun, right?

    pizza on that flatout looks good... I need to try that! :)

  9. I have been wearing my winter jacket for about 2 weeks now--eek!

    Love Zbars, my fav is the Graham Cracker flavor

  10. I agree, by the time Sunday night comes around, I can't belive how fast the weekend flew by!

    I love flatout wrap pizzas! The topping on yours looks like a great combo.

    Sounds like a busy but fun week ahead!

  11. I LOVE the TJ's spinach sauce. Isn't it incredible? I never thought of putting it on pizza. Great idea!

  12. The 3rd and 4th books become inappropriate for younger girls but if she just read Twilight I don't think that one would be so bad.


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