Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Day Done

Well, here we are at the back end of another hump day. Did the day go well for everybody? I imagine a lot of you are still sorting through new class schedules and routines. I know my kids are still bringing loads of information home!



I’m still amazed at how filling this cereal is! Love it!

My morning snack was a Nature’s Valley granola bar; 100_6133 100_6134

This is one tasty bar! And it works well for me as a pre gym snack when my lunch is on the early side.

Today’s gym sesh was a mix of the elliptical and some strength training.

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 152
  • Max Hr: 173
  • Calories Burned: 426
  • Distance (on elliptical): 3.4 miles

I made a sandwich for lunch composed of an Arnold Thin, a SOL veggie burger, honey mustard, pepper jack cheese and red leaf lettuce; 100_6135

I ate the SOL burger cold today and preferred it over hot. Weird, I know. I chased the sammie with the last bag of Yoga Chips; 100_6137

The afternoon dragged on a bit. Near the end of the day I ate my Ginger Gold apple to spark my energy levels back up! 100_6138

When I use the apple cutter at home DS calls the core the “candle”. That comment never fails to make me laugh!

After I picked the kids up we went to the grocery store to buy some fresh fish for dinner. They decided on red snapper fillets and I was A-OK with that! I baked them in the oven at 350* for 15 minutes simply seasoned with butter and salmon spice. The sides for the night were brown rice (which I topped with homemade marinara sauce) and steamed green beans; 100_6143

This was such a great tasting meal. The fam gobbled it up, too! My sweet end was a zucchini nut muffin with some macadamia nut butter on top. 100_6145

On the agenda for the rest of the night?

  • make lunches
  • take KC for a walk
  • make a batch of mini muffins
  • go through school papers
  • watch SYTYCD Canada

I think I’d better get a move on!

Bye for now!!


  1. Ginger Gold apple? I want one! That just sounds delicious. Great job on the workout- as per usual :) Still jealous of those apple chips ;) Enjoy your night (and SYTYCD)

  2. We have one of those apple cutters too--so convenient!! More muffins!? Can't wait to see which kind you decide to make.

  3. Hope your kiddos are settling into the school routine! I need one of those apple cutters - so convenient!

  4. Not weird! cooked veggie burgers are great in a cold sandwich the next day!

  5. I think apple cutters are one of the most genius things ever invented. Oh and your delicious looking cereal :)

  6. I have been wanting a veggie burger for forever...

    Oh, and seeing your beautiful apple makes me want to have an apple cutter... ;)

  7. For a second I thought those were sesame seeds! I've been wanting to try the new Crofter's "Superfruit" line because all their other fruit conserves are phenomenal, but I'm a little scared because they each include acai or yumberry, etc., and I once tried a jam made with similarly 'exotic' fruits and it tasted surprisingly bad! :(

  8. that apple cutter is so cute, i've meant to get one, it's so convenient, right?
    More mini muffin making? yeah~ can't wait to see what flavor you make this time! I need inspirational ideas to make some too! :)

  9. Love that big ol' blob of jam in your bowl! I am craving some homemade jam, but don't have the time as of now to make it :-(

  10. Chewy granola bars are my fav, and that one looks great! DS is right, the core does like a candle...complete with the stem as a wick!

  11. That Nature Valley bar sounds so good - I'll have to see if I can spot it around here! Brown rice and marinara sauce sounds like a great combination!

    Can't wait to see the mini muffins :)

  12. You know, DS is kinda right though - the core does look like a candle. Kids are too funny.

    Ah, macadamia nut butter. I've been neglecting mine lately. Tsk tsk.


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