Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mellow Sunday

Hi all! Hope you’ve all had a great Sunday. Can’t believe the weekend is already over, though. Nuts! I enjoyed a pretty low key day….just what the doctor ordered. It all started out with a great breakfast; 100_6190

  • 1/2 cup water/USAB
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend with quinoa
  • cinnamon
  • dried blueberries
  • banana
  • carob chips


Delicious! We spent some time out at the farm this morning. I visited with the baby horses for a bit while my hubby helped my in laws with some settings on their computer. On the way home we stopped at Knapps Country Market for a strawberry/rhubarb/peach pie; 100_6191

I haven’t had a piece yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful! I also bought some cashew butter which I used in my lunch. I toasted a WW bagel and spread some on top. On the side was some watermelon chunks; 100_6192

I didn’t want too heavy a lunch because we had dinner plans at Mom’s place for Lisa’s b-day. After I ate I went down to the garden to pick some veggies. I have SO MANY tomatoes coming! I think I’ll have to bring some to work for people to take home with them because I’m sure I’ll never get through them all. Check out what I picked! 100_6193

There’s probably triple this still on the plants that aren’t quite ripe yet. And I do believe that this will be the last zucchini of the year. The plants are starting to yellow and look generally unwell. Typical for when the season is done.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and blowing my nose. I swear it’s like a tap today but I’ll take it as a sign that this cold is starting to break up. *relief*

At 4 we made our way to the ‘rents place. I was teasing Lisa that her birthday has turned into “Lisa-Fest: A 3 Day Event”! :D She had a good laugh over that! Mom put out a fantastic spread. Here’s my plate; 100_6196

Grilled zucchini, flank steak, pork tenderloin, potato salad, bulgur & bean salad, roasted cherry tomatoes. All super tasty. I never even got to the buns and garden salad….had to save room for dessert. Drumstick Cheesecake!!! 100_6198

A scrumptious mix of cream cheese, Cool Whip. chocolate sauce, PB, Crispy Crunch Bar, crushed chocolate chip cookies to name a few! This beauty makes an appearance at all b-day’s around our family. After dinner my Dad pulled out my uncles old accordion from when he was a kid so he could bring it home with him. The kids were very intrigued by the strange instrument and both had a go at it!

100_6210 100_6208

You can see by DD’s face that she was supremely confused!!

I spent some time talking to my bestie when we got home. She became a third time Auntie this morning and is quite pleased about it! I was happy to hear the good news. Left to do tonight is lunches and preparing school bags for the morning. DD has cross country in the morning so we’ll need to leave the house a little earlier. Also, she starts dance class tomorrow night at 6:15. Oh, Mondays…..the joy!

Bye for now!!


  1. mmmm I wish I worked with you and could have some of those awesome looking tomatoes! What a great relaxing day. Your mamas dinner looks incredible- especially the grilled veggies. Enjoy your night

  2. mmm mmm rhubarb pie! sounds so delish :) Glad you had such a relaxing day and enjoyed time with the fam!

  3. Look at all those tomatoes!! You should make some caprese salad or marinara sauce! Although I'd like to eat those fresh :)

  4. Everything looks soooo good!! Look at those tomatoes, I'd be in heaven! lol! I agree with allie's comment, make some sauce with the surplus and save it.. Yum! Dinner at your moms looks super.. especially the dessert.. Hope you saved me some! ;)

  5. Those tomatoes look so yummy- homegrown ones are the best! I love that cheese cake too!

  6. Wow! The Drumstick Cheesecake looks and sounds amazing...

  7. You've convinced me that I must get some carob chips tomorrow:)

  8. What a super time! Great bounty there. I, too, wish the weekend would never end... it's back to class(/commuting) for me as well. :( Good luck juggling all the kids' activities -- but it seems you're a pro at that. Sunday night: reality sets in... oh, the horror! ;) Never fear, we can do it.

  9. so many pretty produces!!! my mouth is watering.... I might the only person in the world that gets mouth watering looking at fresh produces! :D

    cheesecake! Omg!!! scrumptious indeed!

    weekend was too short. I don't want Monday to come, never!!!

  10. That drumstick cheesecake!! Holy cow that looks insane! Congrats to your bestie! Good luck with your busy Monday :)

  11. Your tomatoes are gorgeous! Wow, that is a fantastic dinner spread...yum! I'm drooling over your Drumstick Cheesecake!

  12. So many tomatoes, I love it! That cheesecake is making my mouth water and I'm not even a cheesecake fan! lol

  13. No better way than to start the day with chocolate! I can't wait for chilly winter mornings, just so I can sip on some hot cocoa!


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