Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch Treat

Do you ever have a day where your bones are just plain ole cranky? That was me today. Stiff everywhere and for no good reason. Although the damp weather could possibly be the culprit.

I was out the door this morning by 7am to relieve my hubby at the rink and wasn’t hungry in the slightest before I left. I filled my gigantic Starbuck’s tumbler with coffee and off I went. I haven’t done the “coffee in the morning” thing for over 5yrs and my belly was not happy about it. Eeeek! I did pack a 1/2 cup of TJ’s blueberry muesli and a container of Fage to eat when I got to work at 8:30… 100_6406

Not pretty, but very tasty indeed! AND, it kept me full long enough that I didn’t break into my usual mid morning snack.

A good run helped loosen up my stiffness, just like I thought it would. That’s why I went to the gym when I really didn’t feel like it. You never regret going, ya know?!

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 164
  • Max Hr: 180
  • Calories Torched: 475
  • Distance: 4.5 miles

I had a GREAT lunch today! DD’s friend that she was with yesterday’s Mom owns a catering business. But not just any catering business…an authentic East African cuisine catering business! 100_6409

She sent DD home with some spicy lentil stew and a traditional “bread” that I can not for the life of my remember the name of. It was like a tangy, spongy tortilla. Here’s what it all looked like; 100_6411

I didn’t particularly like the bread on it’s own. It was a bit vinegary for my tastes, but eaten together with the lentil stew? Magnificent! I couldn’t get enough of this meal. Here’s a close up! 100_6413

I sure was grateful for this treat. I cooled my mouth off with some grapes that were on their last legs; 100_6408

DS had requested tacos for supper tonight so that’s what the fam had. I’ve NEVER been a fan of tacos. Yucky. Instead, I used up some leftovers (big surprise, I know!) 100_6415

Grilled salmon, green beans and chickpeas mixed with homemade marinara sauce. Hit, The. Spot. My sweet end was 2 cookies; 100_6416

I’ll be jetting out again in 30 minutes to pick DD up from dance. In the meantime, I’m sipping on this Pumpkin Spice tea that I picked up at Tim Horton’s when I took DD to dance; 100_6414

Hot, spicy and perfect for a cold, rainy Monday! Have a great night, all!

Bye for now!!


  1. You are such a busy mama- I have no idea how you have time to cook such great looking meals. Very fun that you got to sample the catering goods! That spicy lentil stew looks awesome. Great job on the run :)

    ps- I was crabby today too

  2. Loading up on coffee can't be a big damage to the stomach. I suffer it sometimes.
    East Africa cuisine? that's so exotic!!!

    pumpkin spice tea? oh... here you're again! I need to get those ASAP!

  3. Hey -

    Just so you know, that "bread" is called injera (look it up on wikipedia for more info).


  4. yum . i loove lentils!

    do you get FAGE in ontario??

  5. That African meal looks incredible! I've never had anything like that before so I'm very intrigued!!

    Boo to weather aches and pains :( Hope you're not creaky tomorrow!!

  6. Can't go wrong with fage :)

    African food, I have never ever thought to try that! Now I think I might have to!

    There used to be an Ethiopian place right down the street from me and I always told myself I would go... but I never did!

  7. Wow! Your schedule sounds busy.

    Your lunch looks and sounds delicious.

    Your tea sounds good; I'll have to look for some fall-flavored teas...

  8. The African food looks interesting! What a nice treat to try that!! :)

    Hope you had a good night!

  9. That bread does look a little different, but I love trying different/unique foods from different cultures. American cuisine is soo boring in comparison!

  10. I love lentil stew, it's so hearty and warming! Perfect for the cold/rainy weather we've been having here!

  11. OMG injera. I love that stuff. I kinda like how fermenty it tastes on it's own. You should try and get the recipe from DD's friend's mom. I would love to know how to make it.

    You are actually supposed to use the bread as your utensils when you eat your stew/curries :) It's fun!


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