Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yesterday & Today

Hey, hey, hey….look who went MIA yesterday! By the time I actually sat down last night it was pushing 10pm and I was BEAT. I’ll do my best to keep this 2 day post short and sweet!

My lovely Friday breakfast…


-1/2 cup water/USVAB

-1/3 cup Sunrise blend w/ quinoa
-small scoop of pumpkin butter & almond butter 100_6369

I realize it looks like a puddle of goo, but it was so good that I didn’t want it to end!

Work went by at a nice pace for a Friday. I spent part of the day calling people for interviews which isn’t a normal job function for payroll, but I welcomed the change! I broke at 11am for a Clif Mojo Mountain Mix bar;


I’m almost out of these. Thankfully I have a road trip to Buffalo planned for mid-November!

I was not feeling the gym, but didn’t want to miss it seeing as I didn’t make it there on Tuesday or Thursday so I bargained with myself. I went all out on the treadmill for a half hour and then beat it home for a bit of downtime. Yes, I live that close to the office! :)

Time: 30 minutes
Avg Hr: 165
Max Hr: 179
Calories Torched: 315
Distance: 3.2 miles

I had packed a Fage and muesli for lunch but when I went to the staff kitchen there was lasagna, bread and salad leftover form a meeting. Pasta and bread do nothing for me, but I did forego my yogurt for a big bowl of salad with some tasty balsamic vinaigrette. 100_6372

There were cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, pumpkin seeds and black olives in this mix and it was delicious! I also munched my way through a sweet navel orange; 100_6373

I massacred it while peeling it. I have a real problem with the pith and kept picking at it even after I took the picture, but the orange itself was worth the work!

My hubby had plans with my uncle last night so I ate a quick dinner of a grilled turkey cutlet with Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce and the last of the sweet potato fries with some honey mustard for dipping; 100_6374

Then I enjoyed a Skinny Cow caramel/vanilla bar; 100_6375

I swear, these taste just like frozen pudding! :D

Straight after eating I trucked the kids across town to DS’s coach’s house to pick up his warm up gear and track suit that had come in. They needed them for the game this morning, so that was a must. Then we went to the mall to buy a present for a party DS had this afternoon and to the dollar store to buy supplies to make POM POM’s for the season opener. We even checked out a Halloween store that opened up and tried some masks on. Check it out! 100_6378 100_6376 100_6377

My hubby, the jokester, says that this is what I look like in the morning! :D Lastly, I felt I deserved a tall NF pumpkin spice misto!


We started on the POM POM making festivities as soon as we got home. It took us an hour to make 4 of them. Now, I’m not very creative, but I think we did OK! I used toilet paper rolls, streamers in the team colours and some silver tinsel for flare! Here’s DD modelling them!

We did use them at the game and they were a HIT!


Let’s move on to today, shall we? I started the day out with some kamut flakes; 100_6383

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup kamut flakes
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate PB2
  • raisins
  • maple flakes
  • hemp seeds
  • splash of USVAB


We left for DS’s game at 10am. Thankfully most of his home games are Saturday’s at 11am. They lost 4-2, but put out a great effort. The team they were up against is in their second year of this league and were expected to win by much more. All the parents were quite impressed with our little players!

We rushed home, got some lunch in DS and then I turned around and drove him over to a bowling birthday party. With one kid down, I vacuumed, cleaned cat litter and the laundry room and had some lunch. I baked up the last of my butternut squash fries and dipped them into Dijonnaise; 100_6387

You truly can not beat freshly picked produce. I consider myself very lucky to have the space for a vegetable garden. I also ate a b-nut squash muffin with some macadamia nut butter; 100_6390

Later on in the afternoon I made another batch of homemade marinara sauce. I mixed 3 cups of it with 2 cans drained tuna to make a pasta sauce. I served mine over a pack of Shiritaki noodles, feta and steamed butternut squash; 100_6395


As soon as super was done I got busy making Veggie Girl’s Banana Butternut Pecan Bread; 100_6396

Sorry about the flash…it’s been getting dark here at the un-Godly hour of 7:30pm! Ugh…Back to the bread! I had to make a couple changes due to what I had on hand. Pecans were replaced by almonds with pistachio’s on top and I used a 1/4 cup of butter as I’m out of oil. This is cooling right now, but I’m looking forward to trying a piece later on.

In other blog news…Zesty Cook put up a very exciting post today about a great challenge that he’s part of with Quaker and Go on over for a visit to see what it’s all about and vote, vote, vote for him!!! Good luck, Zesty!

That’s it for now. Bet you’re all breathing a sigh of relief! :D I hope the weekend has been going great so far for all of you…

Bye for now!!


  1. Holy GOODNESS those masks scared me - no joke, haha!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your version of the bread - awesome pistachio addition :) Thank you so much for trying the recipe!!

    Night, dear Krista!! xo

  2. I have a serious craving for some butternut squash fries now! Yours look so good! By the way, your pom-poms turned out adorable! :)

  3. Cool lookin' poms!! That muffin slathered in nut butter is calling my name!!! Don't you just love baking with butternut squash?? I can't wait to do it again.

  4. The Skinny Cow caramel/vanilla bar looks soo good!

    I also have Veggie Girl's bread on my "must make" list...

  5. love all those fries that you had... both look delicious!!!

    great job on baking that bread... I'd love to try the crust... seems just perfect to me! :)

  6. umm wow, this is one foodie delicousness filled post! LOVES it!

    that skinnycow looks fabulous! i have never tried the skinny cows other products other than the ice cream sandwiches, Now i must try those!!

    the bread looks amazing!! and love those pistachios sticking out of the top! :)

  7. mmm pile of goop oatmeal ALWAYS ends up being the best tasting kind :)

  8. Butternut muffin with macadamia butter sounds like an AMAZING combination!

  9. All of your breakfasts lately have reminded me of things in my cupboard like the ruth's chia cereal and hemp seeds. I need to start breaking those out again - I've gotten so lazy in my breakfast making these days!


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