Saturday, September 5, 2009

To The Apple Orchard We Go!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’ve enjoyed a busy, yet fun filled day. It all started with a 7am wake up call so that we could get ready and eat some breakie before we had to leave for hockey. 100_6021

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • PB2
  • cinnamon honey
  • walnuts


I made a monster coffee to keep me warm and off we went. I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but the past 3 times DS has been on the ice it has been for Triple A Rep tryouts for his division, which is Tyke. Well, the coaches made their final decisions after today’s ice time and DS made the team!!! WOOT! You’re looking (well, you know what I mean) at one proud mama bear today! This is basically a competitive travel team so there are 5-6 different city’s that the team will be playing against. I’m excited for the season to officially begin on September 26.

After hockey I picked up one TIRED DD from her slumber party at the hotel. She had a wicked good time. I’m not surprised a bit! They had the movie “theatre” room reserved and had the pool to themselves. The room was an ensuite so the 6 girls had their own room, bathroom and flat screen TV. They enjoyed a waffle bar for b-fast, as well. Not too shabby at all.

I was pretty hungry by the time we got home so I ate a zucchini nut muffin to tie me over until it was lunch time. 100_6022

These are some seriously tasty muffins. I highly recommend the recipe. Like I mentioned yesterday, I always leave the Splenda out of the Hungry Girl recipes and use agave instead. This has always worked well for me.

When lunch rolled around I was feeling some pizza so I topped a Stonemill English muffin with a piece of pepper jack cheese, a tomato and a few sliced olives and popped it under the broiler for a bit. 100_6025

Once I sat down to eat it, I realized the the muffins were cran-apple and was afraid that they’d taste horrible, but they were GREAT! I also ate a Rachel’s pomegranate acai yogurt; 100_6024

Not sure that I tasted any of the fruit mentioned, but it was pretty good none the less.

After lunch we drove over to Chudleigh’s, a somewhat local apple orchard that we go to every year. 100_6026 100_6027

As you can see from the above sign, it’s a bit pricey to go in. When the kids were small we gladly paid the fee because they enjoyed the petting zoo and the play area. These days we’re content to just browse the store and load up bags of pre picked apples. Today I bought Ginger Gold; 100_6028

And a bag of Sunrise which I’m told are very similar to Honey Crisp, my other fave. I must have accidentally deleted that photo cuz I can not find it now! I also bought 4 yummy sounding jams. 100_6034 100_6030 100_6031 100_6033

As I was putting these away, I realized that I have A LOT of jam in the pantry. I won’t be buying anymore for quite a while! As soon as we got home, DD and I left again to get the grocery shopping done. Nothing exciting there…just a hefty bill. Eeek! September is such an expensive month.

For dinner I ate a SOL veggie burger; 100_6029

…on an Arnold Thin with mayo, chipotle mustard, sharp white cheddar and lettuce. On the side was a crispy apple; 100_6035

The photo came out dark because we lost our sun for a bit later in the day. I was not very impressed with this SOL burger. I liked the Spicy Black Bean ones much, much better. This wasn’t horrible by any means, just not great. I’ll likely not buy these again.

After we were done with dinner, the kids and I took KC for a walk. My hubby is at hockey tonight and I needed to get both the kids out of the house to occupy them. Upon our return I ate a chocolate brownie Z-Bar; 100_6038

And then we left the house again to hit Walmart for more back to school crap. Both the kids needed indoor shoes, hand sanitizer and DS needed a pencil sharpener and a ruler, not to mention body wash. I got suckered into a t-shirt for one and a hat for the other and left the place $75 poorer. Ugh…

Now the kids are showered, watching Hannah Montana and we are not going anywhere else tonight. I’m enjoyed a dark cocoa Camino hot chocolate as I type this out and then I’ll be reading all the blogs that I missed so far today. Then I’m not cat litter duty. Fun times. Hehe!

Before I go I wanted to show you all the new shorts and tank that I ordered online from Lululemon’s “loot” (or on sale) section. I’m pretty excited to get these new beauts on for my next workout!! 100_6013

Bye for now!


  1. MAAAAAJOR congratulations to DS on making the team!! So exciting!!

    Love all the apples and jams :) And the new workout gear is fabulous!!

  2. CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTSSS to DS!!! Glad DD had fun at the party- that sounds like quite the tme. Love fresh apples- they make me soooo happy.

  3. HI Krista - I went to the apple orchard today too with my hubby and his family. We paid $10 USD a person to pick only one variety of apples (Gala) and we even had to pay for my nephews who are under age 6! That didn't even include the "rides" only a 1/2 peck a person. Oh, well that's Chicago for you and I love apple picking so much I didn't mind. What are your plans for the Ginger Gold?

  4. Wow! Awesome job, DS! I want to make those zucchini nut of your muffins get me every time! Love the new workout outfit!

  5. So exciting that he made the team! Traveling sounds like a lot of fun :) That muffin looks delicious!

  6. Pomegranate preserves? Delicious!

  7. Ooh little DS doing what he does best - besides flirting, perhaps? Good for him! So happy for your fam right now. Give Lisa (right?) my congrats on getting a job! We still need to get her to start her own blog! :)

  8. Congrats to DS for making the team!! That's great!

  9. Congratulations to DS!!! I'd be so proud of him too!!! :) That's really awesome!

    So many delicious preserves! I'd have them all!

    Love that white short, so cute! :)

  10. How exciting that DS made the team!!! Congratulaitons!

    The apple orchard sounds like fun... I should really research a bit for the toddler...

    The preserves sound sooooo yummy! :)

  11. LOVE the Lululemon loot! And your bowl of oats look awesome :)

  12. How exciting--sports are so great and even better when you excel like DS--way ta go!!

    Love apple picking! We go every year, but this yr I don't think I will be able to due to college :-( Pick some extra for mee!! :-)

  13. CONGRATS TO DS!!! He (and your family) must be beaming with excitement!!

    Interesting lunch combo! Glad the flavors worked out well!

    Those shorts are so cute!!

  14. Congrats to DS, how exciting!!! I'm so excited that apple season is here! Those jams sound amazing, especially the fig...yum!

  15. Congrat's to DS!!! Awesome! Glad to hear dd had a blast, but really, who wouldn't have?? LOL!!!

    The jams look sooo good! yum!! I bet they're 100x better than 'store' bought too!!

    Love your new outfit, the shorts rock!!!

  16. Congrats to DS! YEAH!

    What a fun day you had! Love the outfit!

  17. Congrats to DS on making the rep team. Should be lots of fun for him!


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