Saturday, September 12, 2009

LIVE Take Two…

Before I get into the fun and food of the past few days, I wanted to share a photo that I took of Pepper. This cat eats the weirdest things, melon included. When I took this picture I had been chopping up a honeydew melon and had the (full) garbage open beside me so that when I was done I could change the bag. Mr. Pepper decided to treat himself to some of the melon while he thought I wasn’t paying attention! Check it out… 100_6142

Have you ever seen anything like it? What a dork! :D

OK! So yesterday (Friday) my cold wasn't any better. I made myself some oats to power me through the morning; 100_6162

  • 1 cup water
  • PC 5 Grain cereal
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • almond butter
  • cinnamon honey


Worked dragged as I knew it would. Mid morning I ate a Kashi trail mix bar for a snack.


This is one of my favourites! I went home at lunch as there was no way I was going to over extend my energy in the gym. I needed all of it for our dinner plans! I took advantage of the stove and made myself an Egg Beater/Sabra hummus/whipped cottage cheese sandwich on WW toast; 100_6164

Then I ate a Ginger Gold apple. 100_6165 Later in the afternoon I snacked on half a cubed up honeydew melon; 100_6166

Had to make sure to get my fruit into me! 4pm finally rolled around and I shot outta work like a rocket! I whipped home, picked up DD, headed over to the grocery store to pick up some dinner for the kids and the babysitter, picked up said babysitter and bolted home. Once in the door I did a 45 second wardrobe change and my hubby and I were out the door again to pick my sister up for 5pm. See today (the 12th) is her 24th birthday and I decided that we would take her back to LIVE Food Bar in Toronto to celebrate the day. My arm really had to be twisted to go back there (insert sarcasm!).

The drive into the city took longer than we expected so we were good and hungry by the time we arrived. Please keep in mind that my hubby is a full on meat & potato eater so he was feeling a little anxious to be dining at a mostly raw, 100% vegan restaurant! We eased him in gently by ordering a plate of polenta fries as a starter; 100_6168

I can’t express how amazing these are! (I apologize for the flash in the following pictures, but the restaurant was on the dark side and I had no choice.) Hub started to relax once he tasted these golden nuggets! That’s Lisa’s fork…she couldn’t wait! For her main, Lisa ordered the Pecan Tempura Rolls; 100_6170 She had one gone before I whipped my camera out! :D After much indecisiveness, My hubby ordered the “Veggie Pounder” with a side salad. This thing was massive! Look!! 100_6169 He actually had to push it down just to get his mouth around it and, he couldn’t finish the last 2 bites! His thoughts? He said that while it certainly wasn’t meat, he quite enjoyed it! YAY! I went with a wrap that was stuffed with black bean paste, avocado, brown rice, red onions and a few other tasty, yet unidentifiable ingredients! The wrap was an Ezekiel one. I also had a side salad. I think the dressing was a cashew based one. 100_6171

I was very happy with my choice. I ate most of the salad and half the wrap. The other half came home with me. I needed to save room for dessert! I opted to go with the key lime pie; 100_6172

Last time we went to Live, Erin ordered this and gave us a taste. It was so good I knew I needed my own piece this time. I did share, though! ;) My hubby and Lisa both went with the Tiramisu; 100_6173

I snagged a bite and it was heavenly. Very similar in texture to a cheesecake. And finally, here is a pic of the birthday girl and me; 100_6167

So again today, this cold still has me in its grip. *sigh*. Alas, there were things to do and people to see so I got on with it. 100_6177

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • banana
  • crunchy almond butter
  • raisins
  • hemp seeds


This was almost too much for me. Almost. My appetite is definitely off! I ate this while watching DD play some Wii, then I hopped on the computer for a bit. Before long, I had to beautify myself (hard to do with a Rudolph nose!) and drive DD up to the mall to buy a b-day present for a party she attended today. The whole time we were there I felt like I was walking around with my head in a fish bowl. I babied myself a little by treating myself to a grande NF pumpkin spice misto….. 100_6178

Thanks for the idea, Erica!! Going home wasn’t in the cards for me yet, though. Before we left the house (while I still had some oomph in me) I graciously offered to bring my hubby a coffee to DS’s hockey practice. So I went and stood in a cold rink for half an hour. When I found out that practice was going until 1:30pm, I hauled ass out of there and booted it home.

Lunch was the second half of my wrap from last night: 100_6181

That was plenty to fill me up and revive me enough to have the crazy idea to take KC and DD for a walk to my parents place. I know. BUT, my niece and nephew, who live 2hrs away, were there and I wanted to see them. The walk there was not too bad, but I didn’t relish the walk home. After an hour of procrastinating, we set off for home. Even KC was beat!

I sat and stared at the computer for a half hour before I had to leave again to take DD to the party. I came home and crashed in front of the TV with a blanket and Pepper and watched Food TV for almost 2 hours.

My next dilemma was what to have for dinner that I could actually taste. Spicy vegan chilli….YES! I topped it off with some Fage and dove in; 100_6182

An empty bowl and several Kleenex’s later, I ate the rest of the container of Fage (it was one of the small ones) with some agave on top, 100_6186

One more trip to pick DD up and now I am home for the night. *relief*

Now that you’ve put up with all my complaining in the second half of this post, I’ll sign off. I think I’m gonna medicate myself with Neocitron, halls, hot tea and maybe even stick my head over a bowl of steaming water! :D Take care!

Bye for now!!


  1. My cat LOVES cantaloupe! So that is completely normal to me! Haha!

  2. aw- thanks for the shout out! Hooray for the pumpkin spice misto (best drink ever!!) Dinner with your sister looks like a blast! I totally want to try a place like that. I love that you cat loves melon ;) Feel better!

  3. Awwh I'm so sorry you're still under the weather my dear!
    So crazy how much that entire meal reminded me of our one at Live, and then you actually mentioned it - I LOVE IT!
    Glad your husband loved it too. ;) That veggie burger has got to be at least 2" thick, right?

  4. Cool din din! I wish I could find a similar restaurant here! Feel better, Krista.

  5. Those Pecan Tempura Rolls look incredible! Love this restaurant review :) Sounds like a lovely evening!

  6. The restaurant sounds absolutely amazing... I want a bite of all the dishes right now...

    I hope you'll get lots of rest and be better soon!

  7. love that restaurant, I'd devour all your family choices.... they all look sooooo good!!! I wish I could find a similar place nearby.

    HOpe you feel better soon and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  8. My cat eats the strangest things too. I think the only thing he's not too fond of is his actual cat food!

    I love the combo of ingredients you put in that sandwich---love me a sandwich :-)

  9. All of that food looks absolutely delicious! I wish we had a restaurant like that here!

    And as for cats and melon, I think it's actually pretty common. My sister had a cat (a tabby like yours) who adored cantaloupe!

    As for my cat, well, he eats EVERYTHING! If he sees us eat it, he decides it's worthy of eating.

  10. Happy belated birthday to your sis! What a fun and delicious looking birthday meal!

  11. You and I must have had the same cold, because I've felt like a sack of ass all week as well.

    At least you were still able to go out and enjoy the meal with your sister for her birthday. Props to the hubby as well for being adventuresome to try out the restaurant too. I still want me some of those amazing sushi rolls they have. Yum!


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