Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Old Are You Really?

First up I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Faith over at Food For Thought! For her special day she has decided to run a contest! Go here to see what’s up for grabs!!

I decided to go the coffee route for breakfast again today. Not because I was bleary eyed, I just had a hankering for it! 100_6353

-1 cup coffee
-1/3 cup Windy Hill Farms cremo cereal
-carob chips 100_6352

Such a satisfying meal. I also made a Pumpkin Spice tea to go. 100_6354

This is one of my favourite fall flavours, hands down. The Tim Horton’s by where I work put theirs out a bit early….they weren’t suppose to stock it until October 1, but I’m sure glad they did. I also tried out this Earl Grey tea this morning; 100_6321 100_6320

Each tea bag has a little “saying” on it. Here’s what today’s said; 100_6324


I traded lunch today to take the later time so I could drive over to where DD had her second cross country meet. Before leaving I ate a butternut squash muffin; 100_6357

I also ate on of these before bed last night with some cinnamon honey spread on top. Yum…

As I mentioned, DD had another cross country meet today. She did SO well! She placed 34th. Not sure how many girls there were, but I know for certain that she was in the first half to cross the line. Here are the 3 pictures I snapped….at the start line, half way through and coming across the finish line… 100_6359



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit concerned when she finished. Her breathing was quite laboured and she said it felt like her throat was clogged. I (slowly) walked her back to her school’s area and sat her down with her water bottle and talked to her for a bit. She was OK by the time I left. She doesn’t have allergies, but something irritated her!

When I got back to the office I ate my soup that I had quickly whipped up last night. I used a ½ cup of marinara leftover from the meatballs, mixed it with 1 cup of chicken stock and a ½ cup of chickpeas. Voila…lunch is served; 100_6364

A friend at work directed me to Dr. Oz’s website today. She challenged me to take the “real age” test that’s offered there. You bet I was all over that! After about 5 minutes of answering questions ranging from my weight, how many miles I will be traveling in a vehicle in the next 12 months, how many servings of veggies/fruit/grains I eat in a week, etc, my REAL AGE was calculated and given to me. Seeing as I have no problem disclosing my years, I will share with you that my calendar year is 35.5. According to the test, my real age is 30.4. Yep, I did a jig after reading that. Now, I don’t know how much stock I take in this….I truly don’t think of myself as “35”….but it was fun to do and see the result. I challenge you all to go here and take the test yourself. Leave me a comment letting me know how many years younger/older the test put you at and what you though of your results (you certainly DO NOT have to tell me your age…just the difference). Have fun!!

Seeing as DS had ANOTHER hockey game tonight, dinner was quick. At least the game was in town so we didn’t have to leave the house until 5:15 as opposed to last night’s 4:30. I baked a store bought pizza for the fam and some butternut squash fries for me; 100_6367

Oh, my…these were amazing!! I had some honey mustard for dipping.

I’m being stubborn right now in saying that I refuse to buy take out whenever DS has a game over the dinner hour. That’s a money trap I do not want to fall in to. Here’s where I need YOUR help! Please let me know what your fast, somewhat healthy meals are for nights where you’re on the run. Keep in mind that they should be portable as we will be eating in the vehicle at times. THANKS!!

We just got home and as I type I’m watching CSI and eating a Stonemill English muffin with almond butter; 100_6368

Miss multi tasker here tonight! Anywho, this has turned into quite the long post so I’ll sign off here…

Bye for now!!


  1. I have not yet tried butternut squash fries but yours look so awesome! Now I want to try it next week ;) Yayyyyy for DD. I bet you were one proud mama. Can't wait to find out my real age!

  2. I took the test...My real age is 23 and the quiz said I am 19..haha..crazy.

  3. I'm six years younger. I'll take that! :)

    Your butternut squash fries look awesome!

  4. I love how active your kids are :) And your real age score is awesome! We had to take that when I was in a biology class several years ago. I was older than my actual be. It's hard to calculate mileage traveled, right?

  5. Took the test. Not sure if it's good or bad but my actual age is 23, and my "real age" on the quiz said I was 22.8 Not so much of a change hehe.
    I guess thats good? :)

  6. Tomatoes + Chickpeas= match made in heaven:)

  7. you should get your daughter checked out. she might have exercise induced bronchospasm.

  8. ungnhghhhht that breakfast looks SOOOOO GOOOOODDDD.
    ooo love the packaging that earl grey tea is in! i love dandelion stuff. so cute!
    grats to DD! woo hoo! i wish i had gotten more involved.
    ooo you have one of those leaf plates from walmart?! love those.
    fries look awesome!

  9. I love love love that pumpkin tea! I had it in my yoga retreat center and haven't looked for it in my local store yet. thanks for reminding me!
    congrats to DS, she's super!!!

    I just took the test, my calender age 28.7 and real age 21.6. can you believe it? ahhahha..

  10. Love those little tea tags with the sayings! So creative!

    As for meals on the go, I would highly suggest a slow cooker! When I was in sports, my mom would always put something in the slow cooker in the morning, then after school/work, we could all come home, grab what we needed, and head out again. I would check out the library for slow cooker recipe books!

  11. Ok.. that settles it.. from now on i'm coming to your place for breakfast! LOL!! It always looks SO good! Yum!!!

    Glad your dd was feeling better after resting a bit.. perhaps she just overdid it a bit?

    K... i'm gonna go take that Dr.Oz test... i'm 35.8... (sigh.. older than you... LOL!!) I'll return with my *REAL* age...

  12. I'm back... my 'real' age is 31. I can handle that! LOL!!!

  13. The Butternut Squash fries look so yummy! I am totally jealous.

  14. We were breakfast twins!! Minus the banana though ;)

    Oh my goodness, those bnut fries look amazing!

    CONGRATS to DD!! Scary about the breathing though - hope it doesn't happen again!

    Calendar Age: 22.4 Real Age: 23.2

  15. oh wow that breakkie looks uhhhmazing!! the chips just put the icing on the cake :)

    such a cute pic of your daughter she looks like quite the athlete!


  16. Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! :)

    I've never tried pumpkin spice tea, but I'll be looking for that since I love pumpkin spice coffee!

    For a quick, healthy, portable meal I like to stuff whole wheat pita pockets with veggies meat, and can do any combo of flavors like chicken souvlaki or beef all works! ;)

  17. DD is ROCKIN it in track! awesome job :)

    must. find. pumpkin. tea.

  18. I wish I got into running when I was DD's age!! She looks great in those pics! I get emails from Realage all the time but have never taken the test. I have to take it as my assignment this week for my Health Fitness and Wellness class--what a coincidence that you wrote about it today!!

  19. Aw your daughter did amazing in her race!

    That pumpkin spice tea sounds incredibly delicious. I'm going to have to look for that in the store next time. :)

    PS I moved my blogger Healthy Beach Bum account to Wordpress... so if you're wondering who Tropical Eats is, it's good ol' Healthy Beach Bum hehe.

  20. Apparently I'm not actually 30, but 24.8. With all my grey hairs, who knew? ;)

    I'd have to say any sort of sandwich or wrap is probably the easiest food to eat in the car. As well as smoothies in a good travel container.


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