Thursday, September 17, 2009

Straight and Sleek

I came SO close to calling in sick today, but then my responsible side took over and told me to suck it up. My belligerent side decided to make naughty oats, then! 100_6253

-2/3 cup brewed coffee (from my hub’s morning pot)
-1/3 cup PC 5 Gain cereal
-carob chips
-vanilla truffle coffee creamer 100_6252

Take that, conscience!! Yum, yum, yum…na, na, na! This surely kick started my day.

It was quite cool out this morning, although the sun was shining brightly. When my co-worker and I got back from our 10am walk around the block, I warmed up with a vanilla cappuccino; 100_6254

I know! The treats kept on appearing this morning! And it didn’t stop there! I finally broke into my Maple Nut Clif Bar before hitting the gym! 100_6255

Posing with purple daisy petals, too! I ate the other half after lunch.

I must say, I think all that sugar rally gave me the energy I so needed while at the gym today. I powered through a great 30 minute run and some strength training!

-Time: 50 minutes
-Avg Hr: 163
-Max Hr: 183
-Calories Burned: 469
-Distance: 3.2 miles

I fiddled with the speed a bit while running. I started out at 6.2 and when I still felt good at the 1.5 mile mark, I bumped it up to 6.4. At mile 2 things were still good so I upped it to 6.6 for the remainder of the time. It ended up that my fastest mile was 9:06. :D For strength I did the following;

-3 sets of 20 squats on the bosu
-2 sets of 15 (each leg) lunges with 7lb weights
-3 sets of 15 tricep dips
-2 sets 15 (each arm) tricep curls

I really have to stop packing my lunch as soon as I finish eating dinner. I’m finding that my lunches are pretty blah lately and I’m betting on the reason being that I’m full when I make it so I just throw something in a container and call it a day. Take today for example. While cleaning up after dinner last I combined some leftover TJ’s harvest grain blend with peas and poured a cup or so of chicken stock on top and called it lunch. 100_6256

This was good, but I certainly wasn’t “feeling” it, if you know what I mean. As I was walking to the staff kitchen, I was really hoping to round the bend and see a tray of fresh fruit left from a meeting sitting there. No such luck, but that’s what I really felt like!

At least I had a beautiful Ginger Gold apple to nosh on later in the day! 100_6257

Speaking of apples, here’s the recipe for the Skor/apple dip that my co-worker made for the get together the other day. I had a few requests for it!

1 container light cream cheese (softened)3-4 heaping tbsp of cool whip (light)
3 skor chocolate bars
1 container caramel sauce

Whip cream cheese and cool whip together and put in bottom of dish. Chop skor chocolate bars (save a few pieces for top) and place on top of cream cheese mixture. Cover the cream cheese, skor chocolate bar mixture with the caramel sauce. Sprinkle the few pieces of skor chocolate bars on top. Enjoy with a variety of fruit (apples taste the best)!

The fam had sausages for supper which I don’t care for so I made a toasted Arnold Thin with whipped cottage cheese, sabra hummus and a 1/4 cup of egg beaters. On the side was steamed cauliflower with some Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce on top; 100_6258

My sweet end was the last Skinny Cow fudge bar; 100_6259

After dinner we all piled into the Jeep to go to our hair appointments. DS was the only one not getting a cut because he has no hair! :) I decided to get my hair straightened tonight. I get my hair trimmed and thinned out every 8 weeks and this is the only time I straighten it because my stylist has one wicked ass hot iron. It takes me 45 minutes to do it at home. Her? Ten. No brainer! Anywho, I had DD take a shot of the final product for ya to see;


Smooth and sleek! Well, I’m off to get lunches together and sit down with a few new magazine’s that came in the mail today. It’s FRIDAY tomorrow!! ;)

Bye for now!!


  1. Your hair looks great! I love the angle in the front- very pretty. That apple dip sounds fabulous. Glad you got in such a great workout.

  2. Nice photography skills, DD! And love the hair cut! Those quarter melted carob chips are making my mouth water :)

  3. Your hair looks great!

    I've had my hair straightened once in my life. A hair dresser in Taiwan did it (I don't speak chinese and I wasn't wearing my glasses so I had no idea what she had started to do), it took her 45 minutes AFTER ~30 minutes for the haircut, I was jetlagged at the time and desperately wanted to go home and sleep, and it only lasted until that evening when my hair got slightly damp while having a shower. So not worth it!

  4. Love the hair!

    The dip sounds VERY dangerous... ;) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. Krista, your hair looks beautiful :) So incredibly vibrant! And your hair is like a mirror, soooo shiny!
    I know what you mean about gets pretty blah, doesn't it?

  6. I know what you mean about packing meals when full... then again, hungry, it could be even worse. ;) And I agree with VeggieGirl -- chic style! You could be DD's older sis!

  7. wow ye of the lovely hair :)
    I need to get out my apple cutter thingymabob too as Id forgotten I own it and my 3 yo would love it! have a great weekend!

  8. Your new hair style looks pretty! I love it~~
    I just got an apple cutter too! it makes eating apple more fun~

  9. My mom would love that bowl of oats with coffee (she's a die-hard java lover, me not so much!) Love the straight look--I am gettin 12 inch extensions put in next week, so I am looking forward to playing around w/my long hair!

  10. Maple Nut Clif is one of my favorites - those pecans?! Delicious!! Thanks for the dip recipe! It sounds dangerous :)

    Your hair looks gorgeous! HAPPY FRIDAY!

  11. oh! LOVE the hair :)

    I'm thiiinkin you should make it a 3 day weekend...

  12. Your hair looks so pretty and shiny!

    I used to have the same problem with my lunches. Next time you are eating lunch, try to think about what sounds good at the moment and pack that for the next day.

    Have a great day...hope you feel better!

  13. You look gorgeous! Your 'treats' make me laugh, because they are super low cal and healthy!!

  14. I LOVE your gorgeous! Thanks so much for the Skor recipe, I will definitely be making this! Happy Friday!

  15. These oats look amazing. I always want to add chocolate to my oats. I'm glad I found you here! Your hair is super cute and so are you!

  16. That Skor/Apple dip sounds delicious!

    Your hair looks great!

  17. I totally get my hair straightened when I go to the salon as well, because I don't have any of the tools to do it at home, and you are right, it takes way too long.

    When you do squats on the bosu, do you have the black flat part up so it's super rocky, or do you have the rounded blue part up? Just curious :)


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