Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday’s Make Great Monday’s!

I love that it’s already hump day tomorrow! Aren’t holiday Monday’s great makings for a fast work/school week?? 100_6117

DD started cross country at the school today and had to be there early. In order to get as much shut eye as possible, I planned on cereal for breakfast. 100_6116

This here is the last of my Kashi U. This makes me sad because I loved this cereal and it’s not available in these parts.

Lunch time came quick for me today because I’m on the 11:30 shift this week. I ate a zucchini nut muffin before I went; 100_6118

I brought my new Lululemon outfit to wear today and had a gym buddy take a quick photo of me in it so I could show you guys what it looks like on. Don’t mind all the crap in the background or the poor quality of the photo…it was taken with a camera phone.


Hehe…I can be such a goofball sometimes! This tank was super good at keeping the sweat off me. It definitely helped to keep me cool. Here are my run stats!

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 168
  • Max Hr: 183
  • Calories Burned: 501
  • Distance: 4.63 miles

I ran for 45 minutes and did 5 minutes of really good stretching at the end.

Lunch was a big bowl of Can’t Believe It’s Not Potato Salad; 100_6122

Followed by a pepper jack cheese stick; 100_6127

I buried myself in a spreadsheet for the afternoon and before I knew it, it was almost time to pack up for the day. I decided to eat my grapes before I left to keep me from snacking when I arrived home. 100_6128

Dinner was a yummy one tonight. We BBQ’d a pork tenderloin which I basted with PC Memories of Damascus sauce and some zucchini from the garden. I had mine with a scoop of whipped cottage cheese sprinkled with salt and pepper. 100_6129

Pretty plain looking plate! But, t’was delicious. My dessert was another Skinny Cow fudge bar. 100_6130

These are pretty good going down, but I’m not fond of the Splenda aftertaste that they have. My hubby bought these as a treat for me which was very kind, but I wouldn’t buy them again for this reason.

DD and I just tool KC out for a walk and practiced her spelling for Friday’s test. Lunches were made before dinner with her help so that is all set to go.

Before I sign off to watch SYTYCD Canada, I wanted to give a big SHOUTOUT to my most awesome FIL who is celebrating his birthday today. The kids called at dinner time to sing him Happy Birthday and we all hope he’s had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Al!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Best of luck to DD with the cross-country season and with her spelling test!!

    You're totally rocking the new outfit - work it!! :-D

    Wishing your dear F-I-L a wonderful birthday!!

  2. awwwwwww the outfit is so freaking cute! Great job on the calorie burn too! Yummy grapes! DD has lots going on. Good luck to her on both the running and spelling. Your such an involved mama- I love it ;)

  3. ohhh...cross country!!!! i can't wait to hear more about her races!!! I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY! you're lookin at an old team captain here...;)

  4. Cute cereal bowl and that outfit looks great on you! Ohhh I miss the spelling test days. I agree with Erica, you're such a great Momma!

  5. did you love the shorts??!?! I have several pairs and they are my favorite workout shorts ever... and kind of turning into my fav shorts ever!

  6. Yes, Tuesdays do make great Mondays! ;)

    Love the Lululemon clothes... I actually went to their site the other day but then decided to be "good"... :(

  7. it's such a great way to show your new workout cloth, it looks even better on you! :) (I'll steal this idea to show mine too! )

    that fake potato salad looks scrumptious, I need to get some cauliflower! :)

  8. Cute outfit! I love getting new workout clothes

  9. Looove the outfit :-) I would wear it even though I don't work out lol! I think it's so great how your kids are so athletic! I hope I can be a sports mom someday!

  10. Oh, I like your new outfit!! Getting new work out clothes makes working out more fun!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your FIL :)

  11. Very weird. I have Skinny Cow fudge bars that look like that but they don't have Splenda, I just double checked, no Splenda or sucralose in the ingredient list, I don't like to eat that crap either. The ingredient list is still filled with not great things so I eat them rarely but I wonder if the Splenda is a Canada/US thing or if they just sell two different versions?

  12. Happy birthday to your FIL! :) Love your cute new workout outfit!

  13. I totally didn't even know they made pepper jack cheese strings. Yum! And I wish they had that Kashi cereal up here as well, I want to try it out.

  14. Krista, you look so cute :) You're such a hot fit woman!


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