Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Day After

Man was I tired when the alarm went off at 7am! DS had hockey pictures at 8:20 and I was dragging. I tried to put my contacts in but my eyes were too puffy! :) I guess that’s what 10 hrs of fun will get you. And it was so worth it! I was awake enough to make a tasty breakfast, though. 100_7109

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • cinnamon
  • pumpkin butter
  • almond butter
  • chopped hazelnuts


Two things made this bowl extra special. The new bowl from Kohl’s… 100_7110

Just adorable, IMO. And the chopped hazelnuts; 100_7107

These may seem ho-hum to some of you, but I’ve never come across chopped hazelnuts here before. Mind you, I’ve never looked too hard for them. :)

I got caught up on some blog reading when we got home. I’m still way behind but look forward to catching right up very soon. DS had an out of town game today but I didn’t go because DD had a “spa day” birthday party to go to. We’re talking mani/pedi, facial, chocolate dipped strawberries, lasagna & garlic toast for dinner with cake for dessert…..I wanted to stay!! Anyways, her and I went for hair trims at 11. She decided to go curly… GEDC1319 GEDC1321

And me straight;


I’m amazed that her hair curled like that. Usually it falls out right away. Here we are together for a Mother/daughter shot. gedc1326

LOL! I can’t believe that she’s almost as tall as me at 10. And I’m 5’7” ! Seeing as we were on that same side of town as the mall (where we needed to go) I treated us to lunch at Williams Pub. I ordered a 1/2 of a veggie and goat cheese panini with a side of apple gorgonzola spinach salad; GEDC1331

Sorry for the awful photo. I forgot my camera and DD’s was on it last bit of juice. We split a chocolate pecan cookie for dessert and I had a small NF chai tea for the road; GEDC1329 GEDC1332

We made our way to the mall were we found birthday present shopping success. After this I was 100% ready to head home. Not for long, though because DD had to be at the party for 4pm. Then I went and did groceries. Then I decided to treat myself to 2 movies seeing as my hubby has hockey tonight. I rented The Ugly Truth and Twilight. Can’t wait to watch them both.

Dinner was fast because I did not want to cook anything. I mixed some Aztec grain blend with some bean salad and topped it off with pepper jack cheese. That went into the microwave until hot and melty; 100_7129

Manon sent some more raw goodies home with my hubby last night. I dug into one of the bowls for dessert – mini orange cheesecakes; 100_7128

Pure bliss. You would NEVER guess that this was raw. There’s also some broccoli sprouts and banana cashew cookies left. I’ll take care of those tomorrow!

My brother brought my niece and nephew over tonight which was a real treat because I haven’t seen them since September. My niece just turned 3 last Wednesday so I had her present waiting for her. 100_7132

Poor thing has a cold! But that meant extra cuddles for me!

That’s all for today, folks!!! I hope the weather tomorrow is as fantastic as it was today.

Bye for now!!


  1. ah, your hair and DD is so cute!! my curls always fall out too...sadness!

  2. You and DS are beautiful!!!! I love that moose bowl--I'm obsessed with moose :) DS has such fun bday parties--can I be in her group of friends!?

  3. DS's curly hair is so pretty! I love the mom daughter shot, so sweet!
    the new bowl is cute too... I can't believe holiday season is so close!!!

  4. Jealous of that raw cheesecake, it looks so yummy! x x

  5. Love the moose bowl - it's so cute! You and DD look fantastic. That kind of birthday party sounds like so much fun!

    Glad you guys had such a great, family-filled day!!

  6. Gosh, I wish I could have thought of a birthday party like that back in the day! Amazing!! And both of your hair-do's look stunning! My natural hair doesn't hold a curl well, but it seems the hairstylists always have the trick :o)

  7. Ahh The Ugly Truth was SUCH a good movie! Haha well atleast I thought so but I think a lot of people think otherwise! It's funny and a good single girl smack in the face haha.

    DD and you look gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your night girl :)

  8. LOVE the hair do's!!! You look great.

    Also, I really want a cute winter bowl.. your oats look even more amazing with that festive touch! :)

  9. Ya'lls hair looks beautiful :) Krista, I love your glasses!
    Did you know hazelnuts are called filberts in Oregon? :)


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