Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nothing New Here

Woot woot!! It’s Wednesday! Only 2 more days until the weekend is upon us. Anybody planning on going to see New Moon on Friday?? We’re going to a hockey game so I won’t be in any crowded theatre. I plan to take DD next weekend when it’s (hopefully) quieter. 100_7207
-2/3 cup coffee
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-cashew baby
-cranberry sauce
-chopped peanuts
-USVAB 100_7206
I still have a few of the cashew babies left so I melted one into the pot today. Yum-o!

I tried a new (to me) bar before the gym today. It was a choco-walla bar; 100_7209
This was great! It had a rich chocolate flavour, dense consistency and chunks of chocolate through out. I’m gonna have to give the other Odwalla flavours a go!

The gym today was rotten. Somebody fiddled with the thermostat and it made for an exhausting run. My legs felt like lead and it felt like I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. It was extremely tough and by the end I felt like passing out, but I finished. By the skin of my chinny-chin-chin!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 163
Max Hr: 185
Calories Torched: 488
Distance: 4.6 miles

I seriously don’t know how you girls who live in hot weather places do it. Kudos to ya!

At least I packed a refreshing lunch! I brought some Fage; 100_7214

And topped it with TJ’s blueberry muesli and fresh raspberries; 100_7216

Dinner was our planned roast in the crock pot. I almost forgot to take the meat out of the freezer again. DOH! I just seasoned it with some Montreal steak spice and let it go for 9 hours. I served it up with some baked potatoes and steamed broccoli; 100_7218

I also had some of this pomegranate chutney on the side for dipping;


We just got back from the pool and I’m thinking about watching Twilight again. My hubby is leaving soon for hockey and there’s not much on TV. What a life! Before I sign off I wanted to tell you all to head over to Coco's blog for a chance to win some Pop Chips!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hey girlie! Way to finish the run! I had issues pushing it with running today too! You get use to the heat ;) Starts to feel normal haha. I def want to see New Moon but not Friday! I can't deal with that many people!!

  2. The roast looked great! Gotta love the crockpot!!

  3. Awesome crock pot dinner! And the chutney sounds great!

    Enjoy your quiet evening... :)

  4. thanks for the shut out dear! :)
    pomegranate chutney sounds delish! I just discovered the world of chutney and they're really great dipping sauce for anything!

  5. I'm actually not into the whole Twilight saga--I really don't have time! OO that pomegranate chutney would be good with/on soo many things!

  6. mmm pom chutney sounds soo great! i have the mango chutney from TJ's but that pom sounds so fab and festive too!!

  7. I love those little spuds you had with dinner! I need to try that Odwalla bar - I surprisingly haven't had it yet.

    Sorry about the gym ickyness!! Way to stick with it though :)

  8. Oooh, your eats today are fantastic, I've to go get my crockpot out for the winter! I know what you mean about exercising in hot saps the energy right out of me!


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