Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What A Day

Today ended up being a very busy day. I’m so relieved to be finally sitting here in my comfy’s, let me tell you! It all started this morning with preparing tuna sandwiches for our dinner on the road. I had planned to use leftover meat from yesterday and Monday, but there was none. It’s all good. Then I sat down to a nice breakfast; 100_7078

-1 cup water
-1/3 cup sunrise blend w/ quinoa
-pumpkin puree
-cashew butter 100_7077

The cashew butter is a bit dried out, but melted perfectly once stirred into the hot cereal. YUM!

Work moved along well. No complaints from the peanut gallery there. My morning snack was a bit different the usual today and I’ll tell you why in a sec. First, here it is! 100_7079

This is ¾ of a cup of goat’s milk yogurt with cranberry sauce. Once all mixed together, you have cheesecake in a bowl! I’m really digging this yogurt. It’s without doubt tangier than cow’s milk yogurt and pairs very well with a sweeter add in. It’s a bit pricy, though, so I make sure the 2 cup container last’s me a good 2 weeks.

So, DS was on the ice at 4:30 this aft in a neighbouring city which meant I had to leave work a ½ hour early, which meant taking a ½ hour lunch. Hence the lighter (than a bar) snack. I still wanted to do something at the gym because I won’t be there for the next 4 days so I hit up the elliptical for 20 minutes.

Time: 20 minutes
Avg Hr: 152
Max Hr: 162
Calories Torched: 172
Distance: 2.1 miles

Better than nothing, right?

I made a quick salad for lunch today. I haven’t had one in a while so I figured it would be a good way to get a few servings of veggies into me. 100_7085

-iceberg lettuce (finished it off)
-red peppers
-can of mixed bean salad with a bit of the dressing

Here’s the bean mix that I used… 100_7082

We had a meeting at work from 2-3:30 so that sucked up the afternoon. I don’t mean for that to sound negative….it was a productive meeting. I got my booty out the door as soon as we were done to go pick the kids up. On the way I ate a honey crisp apple; 100_7083

Oh, honey crisp….why must your season be so short???

We managed to get DS to the ice on time. We even had a few minutes for a photo shoot!! 100_7090 100_7088 100_7089

DS is in blue. His team mate isn’t flipping the bird in the first picture although I know it looks that way!! :D

I ate my tuna sandwich on the way home but can’t post a picture because none turned out. Darn flash!

I had my hubby drop me off at my parents place because we had to go to the funeral home. My bestie’s brother passed away Monday night which really sucks. He had been ill so it wasn’t sudden, but he was SO young. He would’ve turned 40 this coming Sunday. And his kids are small….5, 4 & 2 months….I feel terrible for them and the rest of the family. :(

I then had my parents drop me off at the pool where I caught the last of DD’s swimming lesson. I’m gonna watch Criminal Minds and then get my booty to bed. Yee Haw!!

Candy confession time; 100_7087 100_7080 100_7086

Before I go…to all of you who watch the Biggest Loser….why do you think they showed an update on Dan but not Shay? We were discussing it at work today and I have a bad feeling they didn’t show her because she either didn’t lose any more weight OR she gained some back. What was YOUR take on that? I’d love to hear your theories…

Bye for now!!


  1. Hang in there and rest up, dear Krista!

  2. Did you like goat's milk yogurt? I've never tried it but I've heard it tastes quite goaty...

    I've only seen the first episode but Shay and Dan got voted off!? :(

  3. hang in there lady!!! and love the shots of the boys!

  4. I was wondering the SAME thing! Where's SHAY? I hope she's okay!!!
    I have not tried goat's milk yogurt as I've been staying away from dairy due to my sensitive goat's milk easier to digest? Does it taste tangy like goat cheese?
    I'm so sorry for your prayers are with her!

  5. I hear ya! I had a busy go go go day too. I feel ready to pass out ;) Love that can of mixed beans- I need to find something like that at my store. Sorry to hear about your brothers friend. I realllly want to try the goats milk yogurt. Sounds delicious. Have a good one

  6. goat yogurt? is it good? I've only tried something goat once and it has a disgusting flavor... but if you say it's really good and even tastes like cheesecake I need to give it another try! :)

  7. I think they're saving Shay for a huge dramatic reveal at the finale!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your bestie's brother. My thoughts are with her and his family :(

    Love the action shots of the kiddos getting ready for their practice! Too funny!

  9. That really does look like a little bowl of cheesecake (and a fluffy cranberry-covered cloud!)

  10. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn hahaha I'm watching TBL right now and it's up to the weigh in part so I guess certain people you mentioned go home? Or maybe they don't because they're at the top?

    Umm why is it that everytime I'm reading your blog I get the email you commented on mine at the same time! so funny :)

  11. Your breakfast always look so yummy! x x

  12. Hi Krista,

    I saw Dan and Shay on The Jay Leno Show, right after the biggest loser.. Shay said that she had lost about 150lbs in total, and was about 330lbs-- so an additional 50 pounds after leaving the show. And Dan had lost about 240lbs (total), and looked really, really good!! Not sure why they didn't show Shay at the end of the biggest loser...

  13. I've been eating so many different kinds of beans lately--that canned mix would work fabulous in so many recipes, I will have to keep an eye out for something similar.

  14. Not sure why they didn't have it on the show but NBC did post Shay's transformation online. You can go to to see it.

  15. I don't know why I have never commented, but I am coming out of hiding to fawn all over your bowl of "cheesecake." Cheesecake is one of my favorite things, so I am always looking for healthier alternatives!

  16. My sister and I were thinking the same thing when we watched the Biggest Loser. But maybe we're just reading into it too much? Or maybe they didn't have time? Maybe she didn't want it, and wants to have a big reveal at the finale? Who knows.

    Sorry to hear about your bestie's brother. It's so sad when people pass away so young.


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