Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simple Saturday

Happy Saturday! I enjoyed a nice sleep in today. I just love not having to set my alarm! And being able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. 100_7377

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup PC 5 grain cereal
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • almond butter
  • chocolate honey 100_7376

After breakfast I got some housework done. Unfortunately, my vacuum broke half way through using it. Ugh. I packed everything up, checked the flyers, found a decent looking vacuum on sale and dragged the kids out to buy it. What fun. We also did the groceries so I now have a fridge full of groceries. While putting the food away I snacked on a piece of raw walnut brownie from Manon; 100_7379

This was amazingly smooth and reminded me of cake batter. Mmmmmm. DD ate the other piece and she really like it, too.

Lunch for the kids had to be right at noon because we had to leave at 1pm for DS’s out of town 3pm game. I wasn’t hungry, so I packed mine to go; 100_7382

I put some goat’s brie on a flatout and set it under the broiler until melted. Then I added some sliced gala apple and toasted it up for another few minutes. I folded it sandwich-like before eating it. Very good stuff!

The game was only a few minutes away from Whole Foods so I convinced my hubby that we needed to stop there before going home. I’m sure the lure of samples didn’t hurt! I didn’t buy a whole lot…ground bison, frozen, chopped kale, Sahale nut mix in macadamia nut/hazelnut. My hubby bought some guac, chips, sesame snaps and we got the kids some cheese buns to eat on the ride home. I ate the last pumpkin nut muffin on the drive, 100_7384

It was dark enough at 5pm to need the flash. So sad.

The muffin ruined my dinner appetite , so I ate a bowl of cereal for supper. Here’s the kind I chose.


I dished out a bit more than a cup and poured some USVAB over it;


I imagine I’ll be making a big mug of tea in a bit. First I’m gonna test drive the new vacuum! My hubby brought home the 2012 movie for us to watch tonight. Anybody seen that yet?

I plan on baking some more vegan energy bars in the morning, then we have yet another out of town game. We lost again today so keep your fingers crossed for a win! :D

Bye for now!!


  1. Simple but SPLENDID Saturday :)

    Haven't seen that film yet - please do review it once you've seen it!

  2. Sounds like a great Saturday ... I agree, I have been LOVING the past few days because I've just gotten up whenever I wake up ... ahh ... it's so nice! ; )

  3. For the past week there has been no alarms--stinks that Monday is soon!! At least I have a month of for winter break right?!

    Tell DS I wish him luck and to get a goal! :-)

  4. I've heard great thing about 2012, let me know what do you think.

    I wish I can enjoy a good night sleep someday soon!

    happy Sunday! :)

  5. When you're by a WFs, you just HAVE to go! Glad you got your trip in :)

    Good luck at the game!! Hope his team wins!

  6. hope you had fun at the game :)

    i looove mornings where alarm setting is not required! makes for such a relaxing day!

  7. hope the game went well!

    cant wait t hear about these vegan bars!

  8. Your lunch looks so yummy, I love brie and apples together! And oh my, your oats look incredible, as always!


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