Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Ghastly Sight

So we were up and out the door early for DS’s check up this morning. Unfortunately, due to this H1N1 scare, the office was jam packed. Uh Oh. We finally saw the doc after a 45min wait for people to get their shots. At least all is well with my boy! Because he has asthma he ended up getting the shot himself. Well….1/2 of it anyways. At 7 he is too young for the whole dose so I get to go back again in 3 weeks for the other half. DD, who at 10 can get the shot all at once, will also get hers at this time. Oh, I can’t stand the fun. Of course we had some alligator tears, but the doctor made us (not DS) laugh when he declared hockey players the biggest chickens!! LOL!! 100_6964

-1 cup coffee
-1/3 cup oat bran
-almond butter
-carob chips 100_6963

I was glad to have this breakie in my body after the extended wait!

I drove the kids to school at popped into DS’s class to let the teacher know that he had his shot. Guess what she comes back at me with? She informed me that ALL the kids in her class have healthy food in their lunch and all DS pulls out of his is junk. JUNK? Seriously?? Me, pack JUNK for my kids???? Granted DS can be a picky eater, but I do send him with healthy granola bars (Kashi, Nature’s Path), WW goldfish, real juice drinking boxes and if he has a sandwich, it’s always WW bread. He is not a big fruit/veggie eater, so I save that sort of food for at home so I know that it doesn’t get thrown out. I often will pack his thermos with dinner leftovers, too. To say I was offended was an under statement. This teacher does not see him eat oatmeal each morning, nor the salad/cucumbers/chickpeas/lentils, etc that he eats at dinner. I know I’m biased here, but IMO, she was out of line. What do you guys think? Should a teacher dictate what a child brings in their lunch bag? Like I told her, I pack what I know he will eat. Food coming home and/or getting thrown out does not equal food in his belly. Sorry for the rant. I really would love to hear your opinions on this.

No workout today. It was Thursday yoga day. That’s cool, though. I took the hour to pick up my contacts, pull all the bedding off the bed because we bought a new mattress set on the weekend and it was delivered this afternoon, scooped cat litter and played with my fur babies. I also snacked on a Kashi granola bar; 100_6967

Then I looked out the window and saw this nastiness; 100_6973

HAIL! Crap! Then, not long after getting back to work, it got worse…. 100_6977

SNOW! Double crap! Not my idea of pleasantness. Argh…..Lunch rocked, though! 100_6974

Moroccan Chickpea Stew with a healthy dollop of raw hummus. And because my hubby always teases that I take the picture while the food looks nice, this is what happens post shoot; 100_6975

Super awesome, garlic breath and all!! :D After seeing that white stuff out the window, I figured I deserved a hot drink. Enter…. 100_6965

The caffeine had my head buzzing, but it tasted great going down!!

Dinner was a bit hectic tonight with the mattress delivery thrown into the mix. I stuck to the meal plan and mad the Mexican chicken, though! The fam ate their dinner earlier than I wanted so I packed mine up and took it to the rink with me. 100_6981

There’s some green beans and yellow bell peppers there, too. Dessert was this juicy apple; 100_6979

I ate this meal at a small table by myself while reading New Moon. So much more peaceful than what I’m use to! :) When I was done I walked down the hall to the library to get DS some books, grabbed a tea at the cafe then watch the last 20 minutes of DD’s skating lesson. Then , the 2 of us drove over to DS’s practice which was at the rink by our house. Once we got home the 4 of us put fresh sheets on the new mattress set. To say I can’t wait to get into bed is an understatement!! Our old set was 14 years old!!! Once CSI & Vampire Diaries are over, I’ll be tucking myself in!

Candy confession time! 100_6980 100_6978

Bye for now!!


  1. What a biatch! First off, not her place to talk! Second- it sounds like you pack him great lunches. Ugh...I kinda wanna come up there and give her a little smacky for you ;) Hail/snow? Crazy! I love that you put hummus on top of your stew- yum!

  2. Wow, I really don't think that was appropriate!! Im a teacher, myself and couldnt fathom confronting a parent for sending their child with normal "kid" snacks. Give me a break. Ive seen EVERYTHING from a can (yes can.. no opener or spoon etc) of chef boy r dee stuff to NOTHING at all. Stay srong.. she had no right! You know he is a healthy boy, thats what matters!

    On a side note your chickpea stew looks totally fabulous! :)

  3. I think that teacher was totally out of line and inappropriate!!! it sounds like you pack him great lunches and have your reasons for what you put in them so nothing gets wasted...good on ya!

  4. That teacher seemed way out of line. I'm not sure about Canada, but in the US anything that isn't deep fried would be considered a "healthy" lunch in school. 7 year olds shouldn't have to worry about calories and nutrients yet, give them some time to be kids.

  5. The teacher sounds totally out of line to me. I would have been very upset...

    But I hope you get a great sleep on your new mattress! :)

  6. Oh boy, take it with a grain of salt. Everyone's idea of healthy is something different. If you know you are doing the right thing then don't let anyone make you feel bad for it!

    BTW, the stew looked delicious!!

  7. Great idea to use hummus as a stew topper!

  8. I remember my 5th grade teacher outlawing Lunchables and frosted Pop Tarts, mind you UNfrosted Pop Tarts were fine.
    I think the teacher should be happy all of her students have food to eat. In these tough economic times, she should should just be happy with that. And if not, then she should take it upon herself to buy the student's lunch.

  9. Shots are not fun--I can definitely relate to DS!
    And about the teacher, I would have been floored! I don't think anyone has a right to tell a mom how to raise their children, and that includes how to feed them. Ridiculous!

  10. What the heck?! That teacher is so out of line. I agree with another commenter that she should be happy that her students have things to eat. I worked in an urban elementary school and some of those kids had to come early to school just to get a state provided breakfast. I totally understand why you'd be upset.

  11. I think the teacher is rude to say that! you're DD's mom and obviously you want the best thing for your kid, so she has no right to say such a statement. As you mention, if put whatever you know for sure DD will eat and not a big salad that you know he'll throw it away. And I don't think you put junk for him either.... come on... I don't know any kids who likes veggie.

  12. As a teacher I know what its like to make sure that my students are getting the proper lunches, so in her defense she was probably just looking out for him. BUT, with that said the way she went about it was uncalled for and out of line. She should not have called what you send him to school junk. Instead she should have asked you how his eating habits were at home or maybe taken a closer look to see that what you are sending him is indeed healthy for children. I completely agree with your reasoning for sending him to school with the food that he will eat. Rather than veggies getting thrown out. I see it all the time. Kids like other foods over veg.

    Yes, she was out of line - but I do commend her for being concerned about his eating. Did she speak to you about it like a sensible adult? No.

  13. Wow, I can't believe that teacher said that! It seems completely inappropriate, even if she had good intentions she went about it the wrong way. And poor DS, shots are no fun! :( hailed here yesterday too! I'm not looking forward to the snow that's coming so quickly...

  14. Hey girly :) They sell the artichoke burgers at WFs if you have one of those? Check the five star foodies website if not, they list all the locations they sell at!

  15. I'm pissed for you girl! YOU out of all people pack the right snacks! And who the heck is she to tell you what she thinks is "right" for your kid. ri.dic.u.lous.

    and SNOW! ugh not okay

  16. Krista, that is outrageous. It is one thing that she feels she has a right to say something (which she doesn't), but it's even worse that she felt the need to compare to other people. You should have sat her self-righteous ass down by saying "thanks for the tip, but I am a health food writer and I'm fully capable of managing my son's diet."

  17. I would also like to add that I'm sorry that happened to you, and that if she truly had protective intentions (as some stated above), there are far nicer ways to state concerns than with derisive and inflammatory terms like "junk." -end rant-

  18. Krista- As a teacher I would never make a comment like that. The teachers think I am weird because I send my kids with things like pure bars and sunflower butter sandwiches. At least you know that your kids will grow up and know what is healthy.

  19. I find it odd that the teacher would say that your son only brings junk to school. Obviously, I don't know what all the other kids are eating, but I bet they have granola bars and juice boxes in their lunch as well. Isn't that just standard kid fare? I would have asked her what she considered healthy, and what was so different about the other kids lunches, because without knowing the context, it seems really random to say.


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