Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi guys! First off I’d like to apologize for my lack lustre post yesterday. I really wasn’t feeling my best when I typed it out. I started feeling pretty icky after my hot-as-Hades run; queasy belly, headache, tiredness, etc. Sitting in the humid pool environment for an hour did not help! After posting I crashed in front of the TV and watched Twilight (again). When I got up to go to bed I was really dizzy. Like drank-to-much-wine dizzy. Everything was spinning when I laid down in bed. *ugh* Then I woke up this morning feeling hung over. Too bad I didn’t have any fun to justify it! The headache has lasted all day, but I’m hoping to sleep it off tonight. 100_7223
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup sunrise blend with quinoa
-carob chips & hazelnut pieces 100_7222
This put a smile on my face!

Work plodded on by. I did a lot of keypunching today which was probably a good thing because it doesn’t require me to wear my thinking cap. ;) I munched on some nuts mid morning… 100_7230
No gym time today…it’s yoga day. Doubt I would’ve gone anyhow. I had to zip up to the mall to get a few things so it all worked out. On the way I ate a Kashi bar to tie me over; 100_7234
And I couldn’t leave without hitting up Starbucks. I went with an Erica inspired beverage today… 100_7235
This is a grande 3 pump gingerbread NF misto. Heck of a good brew! I also treated myself to a cute little cup that was 20% off… 100_7236

Lunch came late as that drink filled me up, but when I got to it, it sure was da bomb! Onto a flatout wrap I spread a LC cheese wedge, topped it with the last of my broccoli sprouts from Manon, roast beef and a generous squirt of mango wasabi mustard; 100_7238
Fan-freaking-tastic! I could’ve eaten 2. The mango wasabi mustard adds such a great tang to everything, but I did notice the other night that it contains HFCS. That doesn’t really panic me at all, but I will use it in moderation. Do you panic when you buy something then realize the ingredient list contains an undesirable item? If so, how do you handle it? Just curious!

I bit into a honey crisp apple later in the afternoon; 100_7239

I only have one of these bad boys left until next years crop! BOO!

We all had to be out the door for skating lessons/hockey practice by 5pm. The fam enjoyed an early dinner of chicken fingers and fries. I warmed up the last of Tuesday’s pork tenderloin, Wednesday’s roasted potatoes and some steamed edamame. Also on the plate was some Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce; 100_7240

I ate a piece of my white chocolate coconut Lindt bar for a sweet end.

I’m finally home and changed into my comfy clothes…AKA pj’s….and plan on tuning into CSI Vegas and Vampire Diaries before retiring for the night. Tomorrow will be an early one because the kids are off school for the day and DS has hockey camp across town at 8am. Speaking of my bad ass hockey dude, here he is in his most angelic form; 100_7205

Too tough, this I know! LOL!! And I can’t believe I’m gonna post this next photo because I look positively hideous in it (I must really like you guys!), but Pepper is just too cute in it. 100_7220

He doesn’t appreciate us getting in his face and always blocks us with his paw. Hehe! Of course, his resistance makes it all the more fun!!

Bye for now!!!


  1. Yummy breakfast! I love the addition of the carob chips.

  2. wahoooooooo! Thanks for the shout out. Isn't it so good :) I think I may get one tomorrow. Sorry you didn't feel good last night- do you think you could have just been dehydrated?? CUTE cup- great buy ;)

  3. Awe I love the faceoff with the kitty!

  4. Hahahhaha I so wish my mom had kept a blog while I was growing up so I could look back on pictures of myself growing up! Your son is going to appreciate that one when he's older! I want an A cup SO badly...yours is supah cute!

  5. I'm sorry you didn't feel well. Hope you'll get some good rest tonight and will feel all better by tomorrow!

    I am so with you when it comes to "discovering undesirable ingredients" in food items. It's all about moderation, and it's about "balancing it all out." No need to panic. I look at how often and how much of the food I eat. I have cut out some condiments after taking a closer look at the ingredient list. But in most cases I was able to replace them with similar or better items.

  6. oh... sorry to know that you didn't feel well, I hope you sleep well last night. i hate waking up with headache (which happens often this week).
    when i buy something that has a ingredient that I don't usually consume, it depends how harmful it really is. If it's really really bad, like trans fat, I might throw it away, if it's just high in sodium, I might add other things to make it less for one serving. I don't like throwing out food, but sometimes I feel that it's better that way than comprise my health!

  7. Oh I hope you feel better soon...Sometimes I got this dizziness too, for no reason...but catch up with some sleep at noon probably would help.
    btw, love your way of lunch:-)

  8. What a fun bowl for breakfast! I love the shape and the toppings are delicious!!

    Oh my gosh, that picture of you and the cat is hilarious!

  9. mmm everything looks so great! I havent tried the gingerbread coffee from starbucks yet but we have green mountain at work and today they brought out the gingerbread flavor! IT IS INSANEEE I am so sad I finished it already :(

    feel better sooooonnnn xo

  10. I hope you're feeling better! Awww, pepper is adorable!

    When I find a bad ingredient I'm all about the moderation too...once in a while won't hurt. The only thing is if it's an ingredient that makes me feel sick...for example MSG (which I usually remember to check for before buying, but occasionally I do slip and forget to check!) makes me feel lethargic and nauseous. In that case I would probably just get rid of it.

  11. This really is a crappy time for sickness isn't it? That bug out there must be a doozy! I hope you're feeling a bit better now though, lots of rest and tea maybe??

    Gotta say that mango wasabi mustard sounds oh so good. I rarely read ingredients lists (I know, I know, should probably try getting into that habit) but I wouldn't be too worried about it as long as you're not eating it 3x a day in mass amounts which I doubt you are haha.

  12. Awwww, Pepper! So cute :D If Sienna did that, her claws would be out, and I'd lose an eye. You think I'm kidding, but I'm so not. LOL.

    Mmmm, Starbucks. I've developed a serious problem...damn them and their green tea lattes.


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