Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Shopping Extravaganza

HI! Sorry for going MIA yesterday, but I didn’t get back from the States until 11pm! It was quite the adventure, let me tell you. I started my day off with a typical bowl of oats. 100_7099

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup BRM 7 grain cereal
  • cinnamon
  • carob chips
  • walnut pieces


My sister, Lisa, ended up having to go for an early morning interview, but we were still on the road by 9am. By 10:45 we were ready to do some damage at Target! I didn’t take photos of everything I bought, just some favourites and these earrings were definitely a fave!


Erin was kind enough to do a post on her top 5 loves at Target and one of the items was a gorgeous pair of ear rings. I did find them, but they were a little to heavy for my lobes. :( But I loved this set and as an added bonus they were on clearance for $1.98. No brainer, there! Erin also featured some great jeans and a pencil skirt. I tried both on but my voluptuous butt made for a bad fit at my waist. *sigh* Like I told my Mom, I’m done having kids so I really don’t need the porch door hips anymore! :D I did find a great cardigan sweater, though…


Another blog worthy buy was this Physicians Formula blush; 100_7113

Now, this is a fabulous buy for me because this product is $20 here in Canada and just a tad over $10 in the US. And as an HUGE added bonus there was a $5 off coupon stuck to this box so really, for me, I got this at 75% off. Steal. Thank you SO much, Erin for taking the time to put a post together for me! You’re a sweetie and I really hope we can meet up again some day!! :D

We worked up a monster appetite so our next stop was Panera, naturally! I went with a 1/2 Frontega panini and a 1/2 Fuji apple salad with an apple on the side; 100_7103

I ate the apple on our way home and it was one of the best tasting apples I have ever had. I really wish I knew what kind it was!

Next up was one of the malls we always go to. Mama bought me a great teal purse at JC Penny’s that I now need to forget about until Christmas morning where I will open it with a complete look of surprise on my face! Macy’s was a miss this go around, but I did find a great pair of shoes at Payless; 100_7120

And Lisa was eyeing up a scarf so we used my BOGO to get it for her 1/2 price. Nice. We were seriously parched at this point so we made a beeline for the food court where large amounts of honey flavoured iced tea were consumed. Then we shopped some more and I found another cardigan sweater and a cute shirt. 100_7121 100_7123

These were purchased at Charlotte Russe. Kohl’s was our next stop. I love this store and SO wish we had it here in Canada. Every single item I purchased was on sale, so much so that my receipt indicated a savings of $106.00. Holy cow! I did some Christmas shopping at this store as well as buying another shirt;


And this WAY cute Christmas decoration; 100_7126

The last 2 stops were Wegman’s and the outlet malls. I did a bit more Christmas shopping for my hubby there and also hit up the Lindt chocolate store. Like you wouldn’t have guessed that!! 100_7106 100_7116

Some brown rice sushi was bought at Wegman’s and consumed while driving to outlet mall; 100_7105

And I snacked on this Lara Bar throughout the day for little bursts of energy here and there. 100_7100

I didn’t photograph all the food I bought, but here is some of the more news worthy stuff, IMO! :) 100_7115 100_7111 100_7112 100_7114 100_7117

See that I scored some s’mores zbars??? These were the last 5 loose ones at Wegman’s. You’ll also only see one Clif bar. Very disappointed with that. The cranberry orange nut bread was the only one I found, but when were were purchasing our sushi at the deli, I saw a big display with ALL the seasonal flavours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time, nor did my Mom have the patience at this point, to stand in line to buy them. BOO!!!!! I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that they cross the border this year.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I had fun writing it. It was nice to do up a post that didn’t focus so much on my daily eats. I may have to do this more often! I have a few more buys to show you, but I’ll include them in a post tonight that will summarize all our fun activities that are going on today. Until then….have a great Saturday!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Shop 'til ya drop, I say!! Love all the fabulous purchases :)

    Happy weekend to ya!! Can't wait to see your other buys.

  2. Sounds like a successful shopping day! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a fab shopping trip you had!! SO MANY AMAZING FINDS!! I love that brown cardigan--it looks so comfy yet classy. I want to try those irish creme Hershey kisses.

    I saw a box of those s'mores zbars the other day but totally didn't think to buy the whole box since they will be gone soon. I might have to go back and get them....tonight!

  4. I enjoy sooooo much this post!!! just love seeing your States's purchase.. isn't shopping really fun? specially when you buy tons? <2 dollar for that earring? wooo... such a great deal!
    you really like those bars!!! hahaha..... looking forward to read your reviews on other new items!

  5. What a fab shopping trip. I can't wait to hear reviews on that mango wasabi sauce!

  6. YAY you were able to get the seasonal flavors!! I haven't tried that Clif so you'll have to let me know how it is! Fantastic shopping hauls!

  7. Breakfast looks sooooooo good! x x

  8. Sounds like the perfect day! I love all your loot, especially the adorable Christmas decoration and the Lindt chocolate...yum (it's a fav of mine too)!

  9. FUN shopping. Such good finds. I'm totally looking for that rice nog!

  10. Chocolate Peppermint is one of my two fave kinds of Lunda bars.

    Sounds like the perfect day shopping good friends, good deals and chocolate!

    I LOVE Target... I always come out with more then I came in for!

  11. Love your holiday purchases! I can't wait to get my hands on some rice nog and peppermint stick soymilk!

  12. Wowee! You got lots awesome things--I'd say the shopping was a success for sure! :o) I looove Kohl's too, there is always things on clearance.

  13. I LOVE your picks Krista! Oh my god, how right you are about those earrings - I have decided they are better for less than five hours, ya herd? I wore them the other night and my ears took a beating :/
    Physician's formula is awesome! I only recently tried some of their eyeshadow and it's beautiful :)
    Of course we'll meet up again!
    P.S. I love your hips. Can you imagine if you were straight up and down like a boy? Not a cute look!

  14. Cranberry Orange Nut Bread Clif? Hello, that's new and sounds delicious. You got some great items on your trip. Too bad you live on the other side of the country, it would be fun to head on down to the States to shop together. I never get to go, even though I live so close now!


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